Saturday, May 14, 2005


I was mesmerized by the boiling oil deep frying fries at work. Being back at work makes me feel like last month never happened. But it did, I’m still recovering from April being whirlwind month of activity.

China was very china-ish. I have so many great amazing things that happened and stories to tell. But as soon as some one asks about the experience I am not sure exactly which story to tell…and end up with a lame “it was good!”

Tuesday the 26th I arrived back into Canada and turned 24. Was able to celebrate with some of my favourite people with ice cream cake –yum! And then that weekend was graduation.

Lee-Ann was my escort to the grad banquet. She was cute with her little fluffy red hair that had just started to go back in. These last two weeks she’s been an intensive chemo treatment and all her hair came out again. The treatment went well but it’s left her blood counts super low. She was given a blood transfusion yesterday and currently has no immune system. Thank you for your continued prayers.