Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wildwood is Here

We just finished the second day of our Wildwood Kid’s Program, the non-VBS VBS (I’m not a fan of the term VBS for a couple of reasons that I won’t rant about now). The children’s program is going so well, better than well. All the flaws from last year’s program have been taken care of. It is well organized and the volunteers are superb.

We’ve even tried some new things too. We’re holding the program is in the evenings. It’s only two hours. The worship team is made up of children, they are so excited to be apart and help.

My Sr. Pastor commented yesterday, “wow this is fantastic but where all the kids?” Yesterday we had six students and today there were seven. The numbers are down, last year there were 20 kids and the year before it was 40. Is it me? Am I doing something wrong? Or do these programs just not fit modern families’ schedules?

Friday, June 26, 2009

I ♥ Epic Adventures

Doodze -A Tiny Epic. It’s like Smurfs meets Lord of the Rings. Doodze have their own site now. Check it out:


Dance Results:
I was surprised that Jason and Caitlin were part of the bottom three. I was not surprised Jonathan and Asuka went home.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Week 3

Watching last night was fun but there was something missing. Very little was rememberable. I thought everyone did better the first two weeks. The only dances that stood out was the contemporary because of the whole “butt” focus and the Broadway because of Phillips leap over the couch which also affected the scores. Comparing the rates I gave last night to the pervious weeks I had to lower most of the scores.

My Top Three
1) Randi & Evan/Contemporary = 8.5
2) Melissa & Ade/Rumba =8.5 (how did they avoid a costume malfunction with that dress?)
3) Janette & Brandon/Hip Hop vs. Rocker = 8.4 (I liked it…still not a fan of the pair)

The Middle
4) Kayla & Kupono/Viennese Waltz = 8.3 (I loved the beauty and the elegance)
5) Catlin & Jason/Paso Doble = 8.3

Bottom Three
6) Janine & Phillip/Broadway = 8.0 (cute)
7) Asuka & Vitolio/Trash Rocker Jazz = 7.2 (they were off a bit)
8) Carla & Jonathan/Hip Hop = 6.5 (lacked risk, danger, and unity)

I think Carla and Jonathan are in trouble. They’ve already been in the bottom once and I won’t be surprised if they go home. I think Jeanine and Phillip will make it into the bottom three this week but that they will both save them selves with their solos.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

An Unconventional Support Letter

Hello friends, family, and random blog readers

I hope that you are doing well and that you are enjoying the beginning of the summer. Life in Nova Scotia is great. Things at New Hope Wesleyan Church are growing and keeping me on the go. I am excited about new opportunities happening in both the youth and children’s ministries.

One of the new youth opportunities is a week mission trip to Toronto with YouthWorks from August 2nd to the 7th. There are eight youth, two adults, and myself participating. We will be working with a number of local ministries, run children’s summer programs, visiting senior citizens, helping guests who are mentally and physically at a rehabilitation center, soup kitchens, and food banks. I am excited to share my passion for serving, missions, and social justice with the students.

This is our group’s first mission trip and my first time leading a trip. We want God to be the center and focus of what we are doing. Would you consider supporting our group in prayer? The thing you could pray for are:
  • Our team building and preparation
  • Eight students going: Jevano, Seth, Brian, Alicia, Lindsay, Sasha, Mollie, Rebeka
  • The leaders (Michael, Becca, and me) to have wisdom and patience
  • Our travel and safety in Toronto
  • The people we’ll meet, serve, befriend, and work with in Toronto
I especially ask that you pray for the financial aspects of this trip. I am not asking for money, my portion of the cost has been paid. I am asking for prayer for the group. We have been working hard with a number of fundraisers and have four more coming up. But deadlines are coming up too and there is still $4277.62 to be raised. I know God can and will provide for the group but at times the numbers overwhelm me. Please pray that everyone’s needs will be met, that our next fundraisers will go well, and courage for me to boldly ask people to sponsor the youth.

Thank you for you prayers,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dance Results

The people spoke, the bottom three So You Think You Can Dance couples were:

1) Catlin & Jason
2) Kayla & Max
3) Ashley & Kupono

I wasn’t surprised at all. The only near shock was who went home for the guys, Max over Kupono.

Goodbye: Ashley and Max

Thursday, June 18, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Week 2

Who do you vote off when they are all good? This week the Top 18 performed...
...and I find it hard comparing pairs. Each dancer is great or they wouldn't be on the show. Each has a style they are good at and sometimes the luck of the draw gives them something they have never tried (Phillip's Tango). Then there is the difference of styles. And the greatest issue my own lack of dance knowledge. Some times I really like a piece and then the judges point out all the things they did wrong. Other times I hate a piece either because I don’t get the style, appreciate how difficult it is, or I just don’t like the couple and the judges rave about it. Still I rate:

My Top Three
1) Carla & Jonathan –Contemporary = 8.6
2) Asuka & Vitolio –Waltz = 8.4
3) Melissa & Ade –Jazz = 8.2

Middle Three
4) Randi & Evan – Jive =7.9
5) Kayla & Max –Pop Jazz =7.7
6) Janette & Brandon –Disco =7.5

Bottom Three
7) Caitlin & Jason –Hip Hop =7.4
8) Ashley & Kupono –Hip Hop =7.3
9) Jeanine & Phillip –Tango =7.2

I think contemporary is my preferred style. This is the second week it was my top routin. I really liked this weeks choreographer, a Canadian, she created a beautiful dance.

The actual bottom three is going to be interested because my bottom couples has at least one early favourite. They will get votes just because of who they are. Phillip struggled the most but seems to be the most loved. Janette and Brandon will be in the top three…I just don’t care for them I except them to go to at least the top ten.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weak Walking Week

My steps were down this week, but still over the suggested amount (minimum is 7000 steps). I've also bought my own step counter for $7 from Canadian Tire. It's all fanciful with Km walk and Calories Burned modes. I try not to use either because results are discouraging.

Now off to watch So You Think You Can Dance. Is anyone else following this season?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Three things I realized or found this week:

1) Being the driver makes all the difference. As a child I never understood my dad’s love affaire with long scenic car rides. They were long, boring, and made my tummy queasy. Then Sunday night I took a drive, one of those long boring scenic drives. For those that know Nova Scotia I went out to Hall’s Harbour, back to the Look Off, over Cape Split to see the sunset, that through Canning into Kentville and back to Wolfville. Now I totally understand what my dad enjoyed about all those Sunday afternoon drives…I think I would still dislike them if I was in the backseat.

2) Fun Games Café website has a list up of new arrivals. Wasabi caught my eye. I would really like to play it once. This is the sites description (that I am guessing they took off the back of the box).
You are an apprentice to a great sushi master, and you have spent the last ten years honing your skills in preparation for this day— your final test before earning the title of expert chef: Itamae-San. Sushi is about culinary expertise, and you must always strive to master your skills while serving an array of vivid colors, mouthwatering tastes, and creative combinations. The test will be difficult. You must compete against the other hopefuls, all working in the same confined area to produce recipes of varying complexity. Only one of you will earn the respect of your teacher, and the revered title of Itamae-San!

3) At Zellers today I found a copy of my Big Fat Greek Wedding for $3 –never been watched.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rate the Fun: Pandemic

You can save the world. Or at least help a fictional CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) stops swine flu, SARS, and other global health risks. Pandemic is a cooperative game, the players working together against the board. It’s been nominated for Spiel des Jahres 2009 (the German Game of the Year Award same award as Settlers in 1995) as well as number of other nominations and winnings. It was relased in 2008 by Z-man is a 2-4 person game (but I think could be modified to 5 players).

Players are specialist seeking to cure four global virulent diseases out breaks. The possible roles are the Scientist, Medic, Dispatch, Researcher, and Operations Specialist. Each role has a “special ability” that helps the group better cure and eradicate diseases. The play goes four actions (that help the group), pick up two cards normally good but could be and “Epidemic”, and progress evil by choosing two city cards where the virus springs up next.

The game can go very fast, we lost it in ten minutes when we played Saturday or stretch out to 45 minutes. It all depends on how fast the Epidemic cards come up and outbreaks happen. I’ve played four times (1 win 3 losses). Even defeat is fun, and failed rounds make the victories that much sweeter. I also love the group dynamic and team interaction.

The Scores:
Pandemic = 8.2
The Rate the Fun Scale:

10 = Outstandingly Awesome Game; Always want to play it and I expect this will never change.
9 = Excellent Game; Always want to play it.
8 = Very good game; I like to play. Probably I'll suggest it and I'll never turn down a game.
7 = Good game; Usually willing to play.
6 = Okay game; There is some element of fun or challenge; will play sporadically if in the right mood.
5 = Fair game; Slightly boring, take it or leave it.
4 =Not so good; It doesn't get me but I could be talked into it on ccasion.
3 = Bad; Likely won't play this again but could be convinced.
2 = Extremely annoying game; Won't play this ever again.
1 = Clearly broken; You won't catch me dead playing this.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Week 1

Did you watch it? Last night was so good especially for the first night. I tried to rate each pair but it was hard to rank them. There were so many I enjoyed. My top three routines were
1) Melissa & Ade’s Contemporary Piece –it was wow! They surprised me
2) Jeanine & Phillip Hip Hop –loved the story
3) Ashely & Kupono Jazz –this was great, love Wade’s routines. And the robotic dog was cute
My bottom three (and it was hard to make a bottom) were:
8) Janette & Brandon Foxtrot –the jugdges loved it, I wasn’t a huge fan
9) Paris & Tony Hip Hop –something was missing, it just didn’t compare to the other dances.
10) Asuka & Vitolio Broadway –I like Asuka but their was nothing to the dancing and it was forgettable

Thankful Thursday

I've been caught in a time space void in which time seems to speed up and not enough gets done but at the end the start seems like it was a week or month ago. How does time both shrink and stretch at the same time? In the midst of my Star Trek time issues these were things I am thankful about.

-God is bigger than my need (and the pressing need for mission team funds)
-Even though everything is crazy -it's a good crazy
-In two days the golf tournament will be over
-Becca the Amazing who is organized and better than a second pair of hands
-Lindsay the Warrior who defeated the Crazy Room of Chaos and Calamity
-The current children's ministry theme (Knights of the Rectangle) because it's fun and I got to dress up
-Oswald Chambers who inspires and challenges me. Today's words from Oswald that stood out:
"Personal contact with Jesus alters everything."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Walking ~ More Dancing

The Dancing
I was so sad when Fringe and CSI ended. I thought it was the end of TV nights with Doug and Terry. Oh, how wrong I was. Summer has just meant the broadening of show watching to Mental and So You Think You Can Dance. Tonight is the first performance night with the Top 20. From the auditions and Vegas I have a few favourites I hope make it far: Girls =Asuka & Randi and Guys =Phillip & Evan.

Is anyone else going to follow the show this summer?
The Walking
Last weeks step goal was 7,524. Two months ago the possibility of ever averaging 7,000 steps seemed more that impossible. Yet, with a some healthy choices, some important events, and Steph keeping me accountable the goal was not only met but surpassed. I averaged 9,290 steps.
Next weeks walking goal: 10,219

Saturday, June 06, 2009

And Now It Is Time To Put On Your 3D Glasses

I tagged along with Sherri and her boys to watch Pixar’s Up. The night was a mix of joys, disappointment, and disgust. I’ll start with the joys.

I love going to see movies with Sherri. She’s just so much fun. I love that they actually had 3D glasses at our little theater. I loved watching the previews in 3D. I loved the cute Pixar short at the beginning. I loved the start, middle, and end of Up. It was unique and adventurous, thoughtful, and simple. It made me sad and happy. And I laughed a lot. For a movie experience Pixar delivered. Go see this movie!

The movie made up for my disappointment which happened when I tried to buy peanut butter M&Ms, which had replaced the Reese’s Pieces, my traditional candy choice. Only they were “sold out but should hopefully have them in stock my next visit.” I was crushed but could live. I decided to go with the smaller box of smarties, which lead to my disgust.

Did you know that Smarties are now made with “no artificial colours”? I didn’t. When I saw the box I thought it would be a good thing –more healthy, right? They might be better for me but the taste changed and I don’t like it. I believe my first word was “eww gross.” I didn’t finish the box. Yuck. I am actually going to call the 1-800 number on the box. They were not what Smarties are suppose to be.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I love action, things happening, progression, and achievement (and seasons of stillness too). This week has been full of stuff coming together. These are the things that I am both excited and thankful for:

1) The youth group helping at the food bank stock and clean up
2) The youth group hanging out and helping at the drop in center
3) A summer intern (not BBC internship intern) and a high school co-op student started this week. So much good things got gone.
4) One of our youth leaders did something stupid. He then went over and above to set things right and it was awesome to watch.
5) Things are coming together for the mission trip. The cost still has me worried but what is happening is good.
6) I’m connecting with people, making friends, and growing in community.
7) I talked to my best friend and my dad this week. I am thankful for telephones.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wednesday Walking Wondrously

For two weeks I couldn’t find the step-counter. I cleaned and searched and looked in all my “safe places.” It seemed like I was going to have to buy the library a new one. That was until I found it attached to a pair of pajama pants last week.

Not only can we celebrate the finding of counter but also a really great walking week:

If you can't read that I averaged 6840 steps, had two high days (9385 from the parade and 11207 yesterday).

Next week's goal is 7524 steps.