Thursday, June 25, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Week 3

Watching last night was fun but there was something missing. Very little was rememberable. I thought everyone did better the first two weeks. The only dances that stood out was the contemporary because of the whole “butt” focus and the Broadway because of Phillips leap over the couch which also affected the scores. Comparing the rates I gave last night to the pervious weeks I had to lower most of the scores.

My Top Three
1) Randi & Evan/Contemporary = 8.5
2) Melissa & Ade/Rumba =8.5 (how did they avoid a costume malfunction with that dress?)
3) Janette & Brandon/Hip Hop vs. Rocker = 8.4 (I liked it…still not a fan of the pair)

The Middle
4) Kayla & Kupono/Viennese Waltz = 8.3 (I loved the beauty and the elegance)
5) Catlin & Jason/Paso Doble = 8.3

Bottom Three
6) Janine & Phillip/Broadway = 8.0 (cute)
7) Asuka & Vitolio/Trash Rocker Jazz = 7.2 (they were off a bit)
8) Carla & Jonathan/Hip Hop = 6.5 (lacked risk, danger, and unity)

I think Carla and Jonathan are in trouble. They’ve already been in the bottom once and I won’t be surprised if they go home. I think Jeanine and Phillip will make it into the bottom three this week but that they will both save them selves with their solos.

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