Monday, October 30, 2006

Music to Go

This coming weekend I'm heading to Bethany with the youth group for Booster. The dilemma is that my car (Erwin) only has a tape player. So I've been thinking about making a few tapes for the road. Which got me wondering what songs should I take on a road trip. I am totally seeking others thoughts.

What do you like to travel to?
What are the ultimate road trip songs?
Quote of the Day:

"If we had a tim's in my town, i'd pry be married by now"

Friday, October 27, 2006

Is the glass half full or the glass half empty?

Six months ago today I turned a quarter century. This is my 25th half birthday (meaning its John Sherwood’s real birthday if anyone sees him wish him a happy birthday). For this year I set some goals and challenges. Just a few random (pickles) things I hoped to accomplish this year. I realised that I might not complete all 25 but they were there to motivate me. This is the update on how things are going:

Challenges To Do (and excuses why they aren’t done):

1 Dye my hair blue
-Not really sure how to make that happen, working for a church I could see blue hair being an issue. Maybe some reward for fundraising or something. But I sadly think it won’t be happening. I will have to let the dream go.
2 Jump out of an airplane
-There is a place in Halifax, cost is reasonable but even with that its it might not fit in the budget. Another dream for another day?
4 Learn to snowboard
-Friends want to take me once there is snow.
5 Run a half marathon, which is huge cause I’ve never ran more then 6km
-I ran a km last wee. It was rough. I don’t see this happening this year.
6 Learn how to make 25 new dishes/meals
-To date I’ve tried nine new recipes; four has been in the last month. I could see reaching this goal before the year is out.
7 Fly a kite
-Um….not sure about this one. I need to get a kite.
8 Know/memorise/ really understand 6 biblical passages.
-I’ve been looking at different verses of the year. It wasn’t what I had planned but I think I know more then I did six months ago so I think it’s a success. Not sure what to really do with the goal.
10 Make a snowman with my sister
-Hoping to make it home for Christmas, if so Frosty will be part of the celebrations.
13 Finally put to paper the stories I tell my sister, that’s right Pogo fans the stories maybe immortalised at last
-Still procrastinating. I’d like to give Lee-Ann the stories for Christmas. So I need to get going.
14 Draw 12 pictures, one a month
-I’ve completed three drawings. Meaning nine to go.
16 Climb a tree
-I have none in mind. Maybe I should just do it this weekend.
21 Take a college class
-In the process of signing up for a fun world of His and Dis. Yeah!
23. Have 25 meaningful conversations about God
-A total of eight meaningful talks about God.
24 Do a really challenging puzzle
-I have the puzzle just need to set up a space for it.
25 Host one of those murder mystery dinner parties

Challenges Completed:
3 Climb a mountain
9 Take a long road trip
11 Finish the Simiarilion
12 Have a garden
15 Make some huge castle fort out of Lego
17 Go on an over night hiking trip
18 Take my mom out for a special dinner
19 Visit a city I’ve never been to before
20 Go bowling
22 Watch a play

10 down 15 to go.
A very merry unbirthday to you all!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dancing Kids

Plan B

I've bought mouse poison.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


My Aunt saw this sign in front of a church this weekend and past it on to me. I laughed:

Last night I heard a noise. I was talking on the phone so I jumped up to check it out. I was sure that I had finally caught Howard. Turned on the light, looked down expecting to see the mouse on the floor. Oh, No, he wasn't on the floor. He was on my clean counter running behind the microwave. I admit that in the surprise of seeing a mouse on my kitchen counter I let out a scream. So Howard still lives. After talking it over with a few different people I think we're going to move to plan B.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Genesis 37:19

"Here comes that dreamer!" they said to each other.

So last night I had another of my dreams, and this is how it went: I was in another country (maybe India or China) preparing to return home. There was a group in a large round room similar to a living room but there were sections that were designed for sleeping. There was an airplane gate me and a group of people walked on and got our seats. Then a girl noticed she didn't have her passport. So I decided to walk back and check my things? I went back to the main room near were all my things were. There was a pile of jackets and clothes. I searched and found my drivers license. Searched a second time and found my passport. A man said to me, "That's important you, you'll need that and a ticket to leave this place." I looked again found nothing. Then I panicked about not having a ticket. Tried a last time found an envelop with the paper from my arrival ticket. The man said that will do then kissed me. That was my dream.

On the mouse front. I can now hear them running in the ceiling. This morning there was a snapped trap but no mouse.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I think I am found...I'm still living in NS. It was a bit more then that and thankfully it was a passing moment. Thank your cousin for calling to locate me.

Bought mouse traps yesterday. Set them last night. There was nothing this morning. Maybe Howard packed his bags and moved out.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I feel...



And not the show. I hope this passes soon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

House Guests

Had a surprise tonight when I went to put a new bio bag in my green box. There is a mouse in my house. Actually the evidence hints that there are more then one. I have named them all Howard. I wonder if this counts as a "furry pet" cause that would be grounds for an eviction.

Meet Howard:

Went to see two of my youth play hockey yesterday. The game was tied at 0. It was a good time. I realize I will need to figure out things to scream for future games. Yesterday I used, "Shoot" "Yeah" "Go Team" "Good Play" and "Eat Carrots". I had wanted to add a nice "Bite them" or "Draw Blood" but I was sitting with the mothers and I don't think that would have gone over well.

I have been having very strange vivid dreams this week. Which isn't unusual. It's almost humorous to me. I might share one if there is interest.

Life lesson: Cling Wrap neither clings nor wraps. I think I heard someone else tell me this lesson. And have now experienced it for myself.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Appreciation Month

Did anyone else know that October is "Ministry Appreciation Month"? I just found out, it sounds funny to me. I found out for a Dayspring add. They explain its a time to honour the pastor and his family and closed with "May God bless you as you bless those that minister to you." much as I like "being blessed" is this another marketing thing to get Christians to buy more stuff?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Week

I took Bill back the airport yesterday. The house seems very quiet. I miss having a roommate. Family is good. We had a simple week of just hanging out, driving around, watching movies, and eating food. Had a few adventures on the way.

Thursdays are my busy day, just with youth that night. I love it but feel completely out of my element. This week on our way to the church we locked ourselves out of the house. Called the right people to see if they could come let me in. They were in a meeting and wouldn’t be out till after youth had started. So it was on to Plan B – Breaking and Entering 101: search for creative entrance points. Lessons learned: always know where your keys are and I fit through small windows.

Saturday we drove down to Lunenburg to go whale watching…. no whales were sighted. We did see some birds, seals, and a few porpoise. Still it was a good day out on the water. Continued on to Peggy’s Cove got some good pictures, avoided the seafood restaurants. I like having a living cousin.

After church and lunch on Sunday we went to my favourite place in the whole wide world, Port George. There is nothing there really but I find it wonderful. It was my first visit since I’ve been back in Canada. The tide was in but it was still beautiful.

This is the castle the boys and I made when I was in Hamilton during the road trip. You can't see it but there is also a shark in the indoor pool, a bridge to a slide, and a catapult. Only connection to this past week is Bill finially has his camera back :)