Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Moon Reflects The Sun

It is crazy how a few little non-related things can connect in our minds. That in turn triggers pondering and sets us off on a journey of thought, like a song you can’t get out of your head. I’ve been on a thought journey the past two weeks…still am.

It started with reading Matthew 5, preparing for a Bible study message, Chris Massie’s post on May 19th, a few memories, a T-shirt, and a walk.

I bought a T-shirt a few summers ago, black with glow in the dark letters. The front said, "be the moon" with a picture of the moon and on the back "reflect the Son" with a cross. Your average, cheesey Christian shirt. Still I liked the shirt that’s the reason I bought it. Gave it to my mom but that’s beside the point. My silly logic below, of being the moon, is actually a part of my current thoughts. The closest I have come to a conclusion is John 3:30:

"He must become greater; I must become less".

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Tree, The Moon, And Me

Trees are tall
Trees are green
I am not tall
I am not green
I am not a tree

The moon is smaller then the sun
The moon has a dark side
I am smaller then the sun
I have a dark side
I am the moon

Winners, Losers and Disclaimers

American Idol Wednesday nights has become a weekly ritual for me. Right after I finish teaching my ladies English class I dash over to Steve and Tiffany’s place. We found a station that is only a week behind what is actually going on, the neat thing is we get to watch the performance and see the results all at once. All season I’ve been successful at avoiding the real result so that the show is a surprise when I finially get to see it. Sadly my perfect "in the dark" recorded is marred. I saw who won the final off someone’s blog today. Grr –people should put disclaimers on their posts if it mentions idol out comes. Something like:

*notice this spoils the finals for anyone who is a week behind*

Okay I realize this is unrealistic request. Truth is its not even important. But this is my place to share…even the petty. I just wish I was still be in the dark on who won.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Very Merry May Unbirthday

Just a monthy update on Challenge 25

I tried my hand at one new dish. 24 more to discover. (#6)
Passage of the month is Matthew 5:3-10. (#8)
On page 285 of The Simiarilion. (#11)
Started to sketch a picture but its still incomplete. (#14)
A good friend and I talked about God of crepes and ice cream. (#23)

A very merry unbirthday to you all.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Ode to Big Brothers

Family is a joy. Love mine. And its great having a little sister especially after being an only child for nineteen years. But this is a thank you to three guys who were the closest I ever came to having big brothers.

The start grade nine my dad was away on duty for six months. So few of the boys in the youth group decided to take me under their wing and “adopted” me. Darren, Chris, and Morgan, they were my brothers. I looked up to them. Darren taught me play rugby and coached me during tack season. Chris helped me study. Morgan was brotherly. They really did watch out for me. Gave me advice and tried to protect me. I remember one time they sat down my boyfriend and had “the talk”. I never learned what was said but the poor guy was scared of all three of them afterwards. After I graduated only remand in contact with Morgan, till he moved to Alaska. Made me happy to find that brother has a blog.

Yeah for my brothers.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Challenge #22: "watch a play" can be checked off my list of this year’s to dos. This afternoon I went to see Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew done by International Theatre Company (from London). I really liked it and it wasn’t that hard to follow.

1 down 24 challenges to go.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Just finished talking with my mommy (msn-video-conference-thing). We were reminiscing over my childhood, times together and fun highlights. She remembers when I was two and had a love for hot air balloons (which I still do), I saw one and we chased it in our car for a few hours. Mom says I giggled most of the time. My memories of the day a little fussy so I’ll take her word on it.

I remember when we lived in Kanata (I would have been about four) I wanted to build a fort with some friends so my mom brought out all the spare blankets and helped us build it. It was raining that day so we used everyone’s umbrellas for the door. Mom brought us a snack.

My 6th birthday mom had this amazing dinosaur theme party. It was the best! Dinosaur cake, dinosaur crafts, dinosaur games (pin the tale on the dinosaur). What really stands out is I coloured my dinosaur rainbow colours and a boy sitting next to me told me I did it all wrong. And my mom said that there could have been rainbow dinosaurs.

In grade two my class had a field trip to Port George (one of my favourite places in the whole wide world). Mom agreed to be a parent helper and spent the day jumping on rocks and hunting for crabs with me. I remember she packed this amazing lunch of fried chicken and after lunch we walked to this ice cream shop and played hide and go seek in tall grass.

In evenings I remember mom and I doing the dishes together while dad read to us. First we read Narina, then the Hobbit, then the Lord of the Rings. When the dishes were finished they would take turns reading while we cut out snowflakes in the winter and butterflies in the spring.

I love my mom. No other mother would do for me. There are so many good memories but its more than that, it is the little things, the daily happenings. The things that don’t stand out as a highlight but just were and still are. Like baking cookies together, taking walks, and late night conversations. I remember in elementary school every night mom would read to me from the bible and pray with me. I wouldn’t change my childhood or my family for the world.

Happy Mothers Day Mom
ps. 100th post

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lost and Found

Got an email today which had surprising news. Fall 2003, I returned to Bethany and set to the task of moving into my dorm. First on the agenda was finding all my boxes out of TP storage. Seemed like a fairly routine task, till box four of twelve could not be found. I looked a few different times through out the year. My mom didn’t really believe me so she ventured into the storage room. I think her disbelief went back to when I was a child and would say I looked, then she would come in the room and find the object within a minute. Only this time she couldn’t find. We gave up all hope –no box four.

Till I got the email today letting me know the box had been found. Happy days.