Monday, April 30, 2007

Day One: A tale of woe and a guessing game

When packing there is always something forgotten. Yesterday I rode up to Bethany with friend; we are both taking seminars this week. She’s in the developmental psychology class and I’m taking James. My alarm clock did not make into my bags so I borrowed a one from one of the few remaining students on campus. There is a tick to setting it so the lender set it up for me. Worked like a charm, I woke this morning, did my thing and made it to breakfast early.

Due to series of unfortunate events not involving Count Olaf caused the start of the seminar to be delayed till 1:30. After lunch I returned to my room to read while waiting for the session to begin. At 1:25 I decided it was time to head across the street to class, not early but not late. I was surprised that there was no one else rushing to class. Walked down the hall and could here classes started. Confused I entered my classroom, which was Stairs 205 so everyone noticed me walk in late. Looked up at the clock 1:35. The clock was 10 minutes slow! Frustration and embarrassment. It is now set as ten minuets fast. If I am late tomorrow it will be totally my fault.

The class was good; I liked it. We discussed the topics normally found in an introduction to biblical books such as the historical setting, approximate time it was written, and authorship. I recognized the importance of these details before today but hadn’t really given them much thought. I accepted that James wrote James…but which one? Have you thought about it? Which James wrote the book of James or was it even a James? I’ll give the classes conclusion tomorrow.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #13

I am thankful for…

-Golden Birthdays
-Long drives
-Time’s alone
-Warm days and beautiful weather
- Sugary candy
-Jo’s friendship
-My Daddy, he’s a great man.
-Invitations to dinner
-Friends and food
-Teaching children memory verses. It’s helps with my learning.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Last Day

Time seems to be speeding up. This was my last day as 25, how did it come to an end so soon? The year has been a wonderfully full with adventure, challenges and opportunity. I’m thankful for this year. I’ve met 20 of my 25 goals a few many happen in the future.

1 Dye my hair blue
3 Climb a mountain
4 Learn to snowboard
7 Fly a kite
8 Know six biblical passages
9 Take a long road trip
10 Make a snowman with my sister
11 Finish the Simiarilion
12 Have a garden
13 Finally put to paper the stories I tell my sister
14 Draw 12 pictures, one a month
15 Make some huge castle fort out of Lego
16 Climb a tree
17 Go on an over night hiking trip
18 Take my mom out for a special dinner
19 Visit a city I’ve never been to before
20 Go bowling
21 Take a college class -continuing learning
22 Watch a play (high school, local or Broadway)
23 25 meaningful conversations about God

Challenges Unfinished:
2 Jump out of an plane
5 Run a half marathon. Sadly I had to put on hold because of my asthma; I might try again some time in the future, maybe even this summer.
6 Learn how to make 25 new dishes. I did try nine new dishes this year.
24 Do a really challenging puzzle. I’ve started one but it appears that it will take much longer that a year to complete.
25 Host one of those murder mystery dinner parties. Friends and I had had plans to have such a party earlier this month.

Me up the tree I climbed

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My friend Kelly is hosting a “Remember When” party this Friday. It’s going to be a blast from the past this with crazy times and partying like it’s 1999. The invitation ask use to come with a picture of taken during the 90s and dressed in decade related trends. Tomorrow I am planning to go hunting for the picture, hopefully I’ll find my cell phone that has been MIA for three weeks in the process.

I'm still unsure about a decent outfit that reflects 90s fashion. Currently I have a pair of jeans with holes in them set aside. What else screams 90s? Help! Anyone got some suggestions or thoughts?

Stewart Little

While with my youth group at an event I heard the following conversation between the two guys standing next to my right.

“Man, you’re short!”
“Why do you say that?”
“I can actually see all of Liz’s head over yours”

Surprise -I am taller than one of the twenty kids in the youth group…the rest tower over me.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #12

Time seems to be speeding up. This week has gone so fast. From the bits I remember these are the joys and things I am thankful for:

-Future plans and set dates, its nice knowing where you’re heading
-Being apart of something bigger than me
-Our new youth material, we started tonight and it seemed to fit us and the needs
-Not having any exams, mid-terms, or papers. It wonderful being done school.
-That my cell phone is only misplace not stole, which also gives the hope the it might be found, though doubtful since its been missing for two weeks

I enter the last week of being 25. weird.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thankful Thursdays as Written by My Sidekicks

Matthew and Aaron arrived Wednesday afternoon arguing over who was the sidekick. Matthew believed that since this was his adventure it was obvious that Aaron would be the faithful sidekick. Aaron’s option is that since he had the car, did the driving, and has the girlfriend (the hero always gets the girl) it was clear Matthew was the sidekick.

They helped me with youth Thursday night. So with the debate still going strong we took it to the kids for a vote. They agreed on their own that the boys were equals. Equal sidekicks for me (which they come up with that idea without any prompting from me).

So I have two sidekicks. Yippee. It’s a fun thought and I put them to work. Last night we were hanging out so I missed the Thankful Thursday post. So I put the sidekicks to work. The following is the list the boys came up with (things I am thankful for)…

-working keys (on laptop, the d key is missing)
-glass fish
-neighbors with cable
-a new TV
-Matthew and Aaron
-three small bowls
-rubber duckies
-the brilliance of the show “The Office”
-new Frisbees and Kickballs
-a four square court (made by the sidekicks)
-The Bulk Barn
-Sabers 4-1 victory
-two working TV stations, I could have zero

I guess I’m really thankful this week. It was a good few days with the sidekicks. I had a great time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's a money maker

I was talking with two of the guys about violence in sports, mostly just hockey but a little rugby. During the conversation we came up with a t-ship type logo. It made me giggle:

I don’t give blood
I take it

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #11

I am thankful...

that is all


I long for a Japanese meal (other than sushi) with mouth-watering desire. It’s the little things you miss when they are impossible to have. I never truly appreciated what I had till I was leaving. Ah…Japan, I miss thee…and your food. Okonomiyaki…..

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Day After

One of the youth proudly shared with me that she gave her father a coffee in bed yesterday morning. It took him two slips to realize she had used salt instead of sugar. Sadly I missed prime "foolish" targets, didn’t realize what yesterday was till it was half spent. If I had of I would have planned something. The truth is it might have taken awhile, pranks have never been my cup of tea. It came to me tonight that I should have called my family and told them I had eloped, now I have to wait till next year and since they read this they will be prepared…unless I really do elope next year on April 1st. Anyone have a shinning April Fool’s moment?