Friday, April 30, 2010

Feed 2 Birds with 1 Worm*

I enjoy participating in the Sunday Scribbling weekly prompts. It's a fun way for me to focus on a bit of Abby's adventures in Eldamar. As I was looking at the past prompts today I realized I've missed posting five. I began to wonder why. I like writing...but, and this is where it gets tricky. How do I explain this "but"?

I like writing but..."hate writing." The sentence might be finished and feels true some days. It is not the full truth. I don't always like writing but I enjoy when I write. I enjoy the sounds of the keys clicking away. I enjoy watching words fill pages. I enjoy the moments when I craft and then re-craft a paragraph till if fully bring my ideas and concepts to life. What I hate is when finding the words is like pulling teeth. So...

I like writing but..."hate writer's block"? This might be closer to what I want to express but not quite there. I don't actually believe in writer's block. Even when I've been staring at a blank page stumped about what to say I have at some level know what I wanted to say. The concepts were in my mind and I knew approximately what I wanted to say. I just didn't I stared at my computer and allowed my self to be distracted by facebook or something equally silly. So...

I like writing but..."I procrastinate." This is true but it is only a symptom. There are times I want to write and I just don't. I have stories that I want to put on paper and just haven't. I like to write but it takes forever because the truth is I am scared. I'm scared that the words aren't going to come out right, or there will be mistakes, or that what I am trying to say got lost in the process. But my biggest fear is that none of those fears will happen and I share something I've written (be it a letter, a blog, a story, or even just an email) and it just won't be good enough.
I hate adding "enough" because it shows insecurities and seems shallow. Yet when I am honest with myself I put off writing because I am afriad it won't be good enough, not that I am exactly sure what would make it "good enough" or who would rate the writing.

Fear isn't the only reason I haven't been posting as much as I'd like. Things have been busy at the church and when I'm not there I like to see friends, go to movies, watch TV, and read. So I guess I also need balance. Some things don't change. For now here links to short stories based on April prompts I missed:

*I heard Corinne Leigh of Thread Banger use the phrase "feed two birds with one worm" and liked it so I borrowed it because it gave me a Jess Point. Some day I'll blog about my imaginary Jess Points. (Sooner if people are interested so leave a comment).

Beginnings, Clarifications, and Laughter

After reading my 30 Before 30 List, Gina, who remembers my 25 Challenge, noticed that there were a few repeats on this list. She's right, there are about ten things that I've done at some point before. My reasoning is that unless I am intentional some of my favourite activities like star searching, running, or going to plays never happen. I get to wrapped up in the details of routine I forget to enjoy life.

The 30 Before 30 is my attempts at being intentional. I'm Four days into the project and I am very optimistic. Things normally positive at the beginning. I've started five (9, 11, 18, 19, & 28) of the challenges and completed one (24). Check out the fun photo booth pictures.

It's a good start and I have plans to reach the other 29 goals. The following is some clarifications friends wanted regarding the list. Maybe you're curious too?:
  1. Does number four "jump out of an airplane" required the plane to be in the flying -yes.
  2. If I am going to send a letter a week, who is getting the "A"? -I laughed.
  3. You've never gone camping? -I have but I always slept in a tent or a lean-to.
  4. Learn to cook a meal, what's that about and can someone help you? -A chance to learn something new and yes someone could help me cook the meal.
  5. You're going to memorize ALL of James? -That's the plan.
Early this evening I went to see "Shakespeare on Trial" with Donna from my writing group, in Wolfville. The play was hilarious. Our laughter echoed throughout the theater but we couldn't stop laughing. I found this blurb about the play.

"Writer Bill Shakespeare encounters four of his own most famous characters: MacBeth, Iago, Hamlet and Juliet up-close, personal and ticked off, in a new one-man play that explores the Bard’s accessibility and relevance in the world today. A new play by Jeremy Webb."

I haven't laughed this hard in awhile. Going to see local theater is a wonderful experience. If there is a community theater, stage, or show in your area I strongly recommend seeing a show. If money is tight matinees are often cheaper and some theaters have "pay what you can" nights to have an audience at dress rehearsals.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Survivor: The Not Surprising Blindside

I love this season. The Villains have been playing things so well. Way to go Parvati with the double gifting of hidden immunity idols. She gave the "life support" to Jerri and Sandra causing JT to go home. Things are look grim for the remaining 4 Heroes, but not surprised at all by the results.

I think things are going to get very interesting this week on the newly formed "Ying Yang." The previews show so shifting alliances. I think Sandra will flip to the Heroes side which could put a target on her back. Russell is going to be angry over Parvati keeping an idol secret. Is that betrayal going to be enough to put a rift in their partnership?

This Weeks's Predictions:
This is another hard week to predict, it's next to impossible to guess the out come of challenges. I hope Amanda will win individual immunity.

I'm having the same trouble with guessing how this voting will go this week. The previews hint that Russell will go home but I doubt it, people are after Parvati but I can't see her going home. The Heroes are in the most danger unless Sandra flips.

I think Amanda is in danger.

Thankful Thursday #1

This is the relaunch of Thankful Thursdays. As part of my 30 before 30 challenge I am hoping to keep the thankfulness going for the next 52 weeks. Here goes:

It's been a good week so it is easy to think of things I am thankful for:

1) my family
2) telephones that let me talk to my family
3) friends
4) surprises
5) belonging/feeling excepted
6) being apart of God working
7) opportunities to preach.

I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.
-Psalm 7:17

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Fun

Monday was wonderful. It was the this great blend of my favourite things and dear friends (from the area). Here are the highlights that managed to be digitally captured:
The cake was a delicious gift from a lady in my church who has a cake decorating business.
The Best Words Wolfville Crew
I love my writing group!
"Yay I Did It!"
The look of triumphant is because it took me a three tries to blow out all the candles.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook: The Birthday Edition

FOR TODAY: April 26, 2010 @ 12:01 AM & 12:20 PM & days end (11:42). You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...darkness, it is midnight. It's cloudy with hints that the sun might show up this afternoon. It's darkness again.

I am thinking
...Gina and I just got back from the movies, we saw Losers. I still thinking about it. I liked it.
I have the best friends ever. Getting together and having tea is vital to my sanity. And about the 30 challenges I've set for myself this year. After talking about them with the girls I've made a few minor changes to the list.
It's bedtime and I'm blessed.

I am thankful for
....laughter and surprises and the girls and my writing group and Kim and Brent.

From the kitchen...I bought a new cookbook. We have breakfast at Cora's it was wonderful! I really want to make smoothies at home more. Chocolate cake tonight!

I am wearing...bare feet, jeans, red tee, and my Atlantic hoodie. Flip flops, jeans, purple printed flower blouse with white tank, and a jean jacket. I've added a birthday ribbon to my hair.

I am creating...a novel and a full and balanced life and a new blog.

I am...29, today as of 12:01am! I'm still 29, going to bed.

I am reading...Cross Country, The Young Unicorns, When Nothing Matters Any More, Prayer Works, Your First Two Years of Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry in the 21st Century, and Simply Strategic Volunteers. I forgot to add The Silver Door to the list, and From a Monastery Kitchen.

I am complete my 30 challenges before my next birthday. To add colour to my To find my camera's battery charger or I won't be able to take any pictures tomorrow.

I am hearing...normal night noises. Just my computer running. More night noises

Around the house...spring cleaning has begun and will continue all this week. Nothing changed in the past 12 hours. Haven't been home most of the day so I'm hoping things are still the same.

A few plans for the rest of the week…attending the writing group, work on sermons for two youth retreats I'm speaking at, run, clean, and work on the novel. I'd also like to get together with friends a play some boardgames. I'd also like to go for a walk or a run...we'll see.

One of my favorite things...birthdays! I really love birthdays! I love special days and I see birthdays as new starts to adventures. This Monday, it was really the best birthday I could ask for: it was my day off, I had breakfast with three of my dearest friends which lasted till noon, a surprise chocolate cake, new hair colours, photo booth pictures with Gina and Amy, I got to share my cake at writing group and they gave me the most wittiest of birthday haikus, two friends I haven't seen in months were at the cafe the writing group meets, and then I ended the day with two rounds of Thurn and Taxis with Kim and Brent. There is no way this day could have been better.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
The new birthday hair.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

30 before 30

April 26, 2006 I set 25 goals for myself to achieve during my 25th year. It was an adventure that challenged me to live intentionally everyday. I loved having goals and was able to complete 20 of the 25 goals. Today is the eve of my 29th birthday and I have a new list and 365 days to complete 30 challenges before I turn 30.

30 Before 30*:
*Grey indicated challenges that I never started
*Blue indicates challenges that were started but never completed
*Green indicates challenges I consider successfully completed:

1) Read through the Bible
2) Memorize the Book of James
3) Run 5km
4) Jump out of an airplane
5) Learn to cook a new amazing “mouth-watering” meal
6) Double the number of constellations I can find (I currently can locate the Big Dipper, Orion, Cassiopia, and sometimes the Little Dipper and Draco)
7) Learn to crochet
8) Finish my 2008 NaNoWriMo story
9) Edit my 2009 NaNoWriMo story
10) Participate in Nanowriomo 2010
11) Take a class/seminar/course
12) Study a second language (French, Hindi, Japanese?)
13) Sleep under the stars
14) Make a travel scrapbook
15) Read 12 non-fiction books (14/12)
16) Explore a new city
17) Draw/paint 12 pictures
18) Be thankful (52 weeks of Thankful Thursdays)
19) Take photo booth pictures
20) Host a murder mystery
21) Unpack all the boxes in my office/storage room
22) Mail a letter every week
23) Take a whole day to hang out with my sister
24) Watch a play/musical
25) Do something I’ve been putting off: like finish redoing my kitchen chairs
26) Use 100% natural/homemade cleaning products
27) Go rock climbing (indoor or outdoor)
28) Take a picture everyday
29) Reduce as much debt as possible
30) Eat local for a month or with monk like simplicity during lent (I just bought a monastic cookbook)

Edited April 26 @ 12:20: I changed three of the challenges since the list was first posted. After sharing the list with friends I realized I had already achieved those goals and substituted three new challenges in (27, 28, and 30). It also has been suggested I add "go on a date" or "get married" to the list -but I think that is just silly.

"Dinner" -Sunday Scribblings

An Abby and Across Eldamar Story

Time was precious. This elvish version of the Amazing Race was intense and Abby knew she was behind. If she wanted to complete her quest and go home she would have to hurry. She wanted to be airborne and on to the next city as soon as possible but preparations still had to be made.

She had arranged passage by dragon to the next city. It took the least amount of coins and she wouldn’t have to worry about temperamental magical clouds, which normally left her wet and miserable. She also purchased bread, cheese, and dried fruit hoping it would be enough to last her for this leg of the journey before returning to the flight stables.

Abby was glad to see the young dragon Fenwick* waiting for her in the take off clearing. He was busy munching out of a feed bag. As soon as he was done they could go the stable boy told her. The idea of flying made Abby tingle. It was her favourite mode of travel and magical clouds were not the same. And not only would she be flying she would be flying with a dragon she knew. They would be flying together again. So far meeting Fenwick was the best part of her travels. She walked over with the stable hand and gave the young dragon a pat on his flank. He removed his head from the bag and turned to look at Abby.

“Hello Little One” Fenwick’s voice sounded loud but she knew she was the only one who heard.

“He’s finished” the stable hand said, “if you would like I could help you mount.”

“Thank you but I think I can manage.” Abby replied as she secured her gear to the saddle with a leather strap. She would eat her simple dinner in the air to save time. Next she tapped Fenwick’s side and prayed that she remembered how to do mount on her own. She placed foot on a stirrup and swung herself up. She was a natural rider, to those in the clearing she looked like a dragon trainer not a novice who had only been riding a few times.

Abby waved to those who were watching. Some had been kind while she had been with them. It was a pleasant town and if she could stay longer she would. But there were cities to visit and she needed to keep moving. “Up” she yelled to Fenwick and the next thing she knew they were in the air heading north.

Things were good for awhile. Then Abby noticed they were flying lower than any of Abby’s pervious dragon flights. The young dragon seemed to be struggling to stay stay on course. He was dipping and going up suddenly and weaving back and forth. It was almost like he was drunk. Did dragons drink? What would intoxicate a dragon?

“Fenwick are you alright?”

“Noooo.” His voice wobbly and weak.

“What’s the matter? Can I help?”

“I feel…” They dipped again and Abby’s stomach did hip flops. This was worst then airplane turbulence.

“I feel like I’ve eaten dragons’ banes. It’s horrible” Fenwick moaned. “I think someone put dragon’s bane in my food. There is nothing you can do. It will either wear off or kill me.”


“Wear off or kill me. Are you deaf?”

“I heard you, I just can’t…” Abby stopped and realized it wouldn’t help the dragon. “We have to land.”

“I’ve been looking for a place to land but we’re over the Great Forest and there are no clearings in sight. I think we’re going to crash!”

The dragon turned his wings slightly to a gliding position. They were slowing down but not fast enough. Abby was starting to see details of the trees. They were going to crash and there was nothing she could do. Fenwick was struggling just to keep them from dropping like a rock right then and there. Any moment they would fit the tops of the trees.

The End

For more dinner inspired writings visit Sunday Scribblings.

*I am torn between calling the baby dragon Fenwick or Albus. Which name do you prefer? Leave a comment and let me know.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Merging Time

And then there were ten...It is an even split 5 Villains and 5 Heroes. Looks like the new team should be evenly matched but looks can be deceiving.

Last week JT, on behalf of the heroes, GAVE AWAY the hidden immunity idol to Russel? DUMBEST SURVIVOR MOVE EVER! Yes, I am yelling I am very passionate about my TV. This tops James going home with two idols and Erik giving away immunity. Maybe it doesn't top that last one, Erik made a bad play.

Why would JT think about making such a poor play? He thinks the Villains have an all girl alliance. Little does he know that Russel is running the show. Now the Mighty Russel Alliance has two immunity. Craziness!

It's hard to say what's going to happen this week. People are going to flip sides, people are going to betray each other, and someone is going to get blindsided....hard to say who

This Weeks's Predictions:
I think JT will win individual immunity.

If JT doesn't get immunity he's going home and if he does it will be Sandra will be voted out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook 14

FOR TODAY: April 19, 2010
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...grey rain clouds.
I am thinking...I that my computer had to be wiped and rebooted. Yes, all the documents and pictures were saved but my settings weren't and it's annoying re-setting them even more annoying when I realize I got how the setting was set in the first place.
I am thankful for...friends, trust, showers, my bed.
From the –from a local place, another unhealthy week.
I am wearing...flip flops (I don’t care that it was snowing yesterday Summer will come and I will encourage it), jeans, yellow tee, a white and black patterned shirt that doesn’t really match the tee but it was clean, and my nanowrimo hoodie.
I am creating...a short story that needs the word “wonder” in it for Sunday Scribblings.
I am cry –it’s been one of those days
I am reading...Three Cups of Tea (audio book), Graceling (audio book) The Young Unicorns, The Wizard of Oz, Prayer Works, Your First Two Years of Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry in the 21st Century, and Simply Strategic Volunteers.
I am hoping...that is all. I am hoping. Fitting that the kid's memory verse yesterday was Romans 12:12
I am running computer.
Around the house...I want to have a clean home. It’s just not happening and it’s more than a little out of control. How much does a cleaning service cost?
A few plans for the rest of the week…keep appointments, prepare for Kidsworld it is going to be awesome Robin White a missionary to Japan is going to be visiting, and clean my home.
One of my favorite things...silly toys/promo things. Our summer "VBS" box (we do backyard club's instead of VBS)came this week and I love playing with all the little extras.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Mt. Fuji take Summer 2006

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Wonder" -Sunday Scribblings

An Abby and Across Eldamar Story

Abby stood before the enormous doors of the Great Hall. She had been summoned here to meet the King and Queen of this strange world. She took a deep breath in and paused. Her future was uncertain. She hoped these powerful elves would send her back to her world. It was what she wanted but while she was in this elven kingdom she wanted to drink in every detail so she could remember it forever. She placed her had on the door’s detailed carvings. The eight foot doors had images of forests and animals, dragons, and strange creatures. The craftsmanship took Abby’s breath away. There was nothing she had ever seen even her visit to the Louver that compared.

At her touch the door gently glided open and Abby stepped into to the Great Hall and stopped. The room was unlike anything she had expected. The space was as big as a football field. There was a path of silver tiles leading from the door to the dais like a traditional red carpet. On both sides of the tiles was carpet as green as sweet grass. Abby noticed this as thought it was strange that this wasn’t reversed, the floor tiled and the walkway carpeted.

Near the wall there were twelve pillars stretching up to create a high vaulted ceiling. Artisans had carved these pillars to resemble trees with silver bark and golden leaves. The whole room felt alive and peaceful like walking in the woods on a warm summer afternoon. Abby stared at the beauty of the creations till she watched a leaf fall from one of the closer trees fall just in front of her.

Abby picked up the soft gold leaf and discovered the pillars weren’t just carved too look like trees. They were trees, living, growing trees right there in the elves’ grand hall. She stepped off the silver tiles and could tell she wasn’t walking on carpet but rather grass. This was truly a wondrous place. A new question entered Abby’s mind, “if she was able to go back home would she really want to leave?”

The End

For more wonder inspired writings visit Sunday Scribblings.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rate the Fun: Thurn and Taxis

"Because who doesn't want to play a game based on the founding of the German postal system?"

Thurn and Taxis is inspired by the founding of the German postal system in 17th century. It may be a strange concept for a game but it is my absolute favourite board game. I am not the only one who enjoys the game, it won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres in 2006 (same award Settlers won in 1995). The English vision is produced by Rio Grande Games.

It is a "train game" or has route building style like Ticket to Ride or Elfenland. I really enjoy the mechanics of the game play from the use of offices to the thrill of a well planned routes to laying down as many post offices as possible.
From the back of the box:
"In 1490, Kaiser Maximilian I awarded Franz von Taxis the contract to deliver mail between the Kaiser's residences in Innsbruck and Brussles.

He did such a good job, that postal services in the country continue to be connected with the name Thurn and Taxis. With the introduction of postal carriages in the middle of the 17th century, members of the family were raised to Count status and given the hereditary title of Postmaster General. The game begins at this point in history.

Can you emulate the achievements of this family and build a successful postal network? Do you have the talent to connect the right cities to create an effective network and not lose sight of the need to acquire new carriages when they are needed? Plan your moves carefullly and watch your opponents' moves carefully, so you are prepared to respond to them.

The game takes you back in time and gives you challenges that will bring you back to the game over and over."
Visit Board Game Geeks for more about Thurn and Taxis and for more game reviews visit the orignial Rate the Fun post.

The Scores:

Thurn and Taxis = 8.9

The Rate the Fun Scale:
10 = Outstandingly Awesome Game; Always want to play it and I expect this will never change.
9 = Excellent Game; Always want to play it.
8 = Very good game; I like to play. Probably I'll suggest it and I'll never turn down a game.
7 = Good game; Usually willing to play.
6 = Okay game; There is some element of fun or challenge; will play sporadically if in the right mood.
5 = Fair game; Slightly boring, take it or leave it.
4 =Not so good; It doesn't get me but I could be talked into it on ccasion.
3 = Bad; Likely won't play this again but could be convinced.
2 = Extremely annoying game; Won't play this ever again.
1 = Clearly broken; You won't catch me dead playing this.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Tenth Doctor

I adore sci-fi. Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galatica, Stargate (the movie and all the spin-offs), Firefly and Serenity -I love it all. Geeky maybe but it's true. One of my all time favourite series is Doctor Who. I remember watching the Doctor with my dad as kid. I'm not sure how much I actually watched; when I got scared I would run into the other room till everything was okay. I still enjoyed it.

So in 2005 I was so excited when I saw a commercial with the “new” Ninth Doctor. The next season introduced the all time best Doctor played by David Tennant. The Tenth Doctor took on evil for three seasons and a number of special till he met his fate saving a friend. We last saw him as he began to regenerate and the TARDIS was spinning out of control. The new season airs tomorrow night, in Canada, on Space introducing the Eleventh Doctor. I’m looking forward to having the show back but I am going to miss the Tenth Doctor. So here is a tribute list to the Tennant:

1) Right now, Space Online Videos has a few of the recent Doctor Who specials, interviews, and season previews available to help prepare for the start on the new season tomorrow and the introduction of the Eleventh Doctor. Not sure how long the episodes will be up for.

2) Fun "Merry Christmas" Greeting from the Doctor and BBC One:

3) Second fun Christmas BBC Doctor Who clip:

4) Doctor Who DIY knitting pattern for Adipose. Mazzmatazz was the first to create a pattern. There has been issues with the BBC over the patterns.

5) My favourite episode is Blink from season three.

Remember DON'T BLINK

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Survivor Thoughts

Half of my last week's predictions came true, the Heroes won! Continuing the four win streak. It was nice watching them win however the best moment was when the villains thought the tribes were going to merge. The packed up their whole camp, hiked it to the challenge only to be disappointed, and then had to take everything back after losing the reward challenge. I think I have a mean streak but it made me laugh.

After losing the immunity challenge villains tribe seemed to implode on each other. I was surprised Coach was voted off becoming the first member of the jury.

This Weeks's Predictions:
This week is hard to make predictions because everything depends on the merge. It is coming and it is coming soon but is it coming this week?

If there is no merge, the Heroes will win the both challenges. Their tribe is working well together where as the Villains seem to be self-destructing since they voted Tyson off.

I am going to keep last weeks voting predictions:
If Villains go to tribal council they'll vote out Courtney.
If Heroes go to tribal council they’ll vote out Amanda.

If there is a merge Courtney will go home.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook 13

FOR TODAY: April 12, 2010
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...almost totally blue skies and a forest with signs of new buds.

I am thinking...about lurking (the act of visiting a blog and not commenting). I love reading other daybooks and I want to add comments but never know what to say. Anything I want to add sounds (to me) silly. So I just don't comment at all. I hate it -so know that I do read blogs...even if I don't comment.
I am thankful for...Mondays. I love Mondays! I know it sounds crazy and it's not everyone's best day (a few of you I'd imagine are even shaking your heads at me) but it is mine for three reasons 1) it's my day off. 2) I get to have morning tea with the girls which is the most wonderful time of chatting, sharing, and connecting. My friends are the best! 3) writing group is tonight (we meet on the second and forth Monday of the month).
From the kitchen...ate out again...but I am going to make a menu plan for the week after I finish this post.

I am wearing...clogs, jeans, white tank with a white shirt, Atlantic hoodie.

I am plan, a clean and organized home, and a novel.

I am have a productive day.
I am reading...Three Cups of Tea (audio book), The Young Unicorns, The Wizard of Oz, Prayer Works, Your First Two Years of Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry in the 21st Century, and Simply Strategic Volunteers.

I am find some beta readers (people to read and give thoughts on the story/grammar suggestions). There is a month and a half before the next novel deadline. The novel needs to go from pre-rough draft to proof copy before July 1st.
I am hearing...not much.

Around the house...I wasn't home much so it's the second week of next to nothing getting done. But all that changes today. Today I'm cleaning everything! The walls, the floors, behind the couch. No space is safe this week! And then comes the purging of useless stuff.
A few plans for the rest of the week…write, read, sleep, and purge stuff. Oh, and I just remembered Doctor Who's new season starts Saturday (in Canada) Yay!

One of my favorite things books.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Steph and me on Steph's birthday, April 9, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Deadline" -Sunday Scribblings

Tick...tick...tick. Do you hear that sound? I do. is the continual sound of each passing moment marking ongoing the march of time. It haunts my down time and reminds me that the July 1st “NaNoWriMo proof copy” deadline is closer than I think. I’ve tried blocking out the ticking with reading, TV watching, sleep, and hanging with friends.

For the past three years I’ve participated in the annual National Novel Writing Month challenge. The goal is to complete a 50,000 word novel over the thirty days of November. A self-publishing company has offered “winners” a free proof copy of their novel. They give six months for writers to edit, improve, and finish their stories before claiming the proof copy.

I have never attempted to claim the proof copy before. I’ve “won” all three year and had about 100 pages of a very scattered “pre” rough copy to show for my effort each time. The first story (2007) was about college roommates. It was weak and I shelved with no plans of looking at again. My 2008 story was a fantasy. I liked it; it had a neat concept but huge plot and world issues. It has also been shelved for now. I loved my 2009 story “Across Eldamar”. It was about a human girl (Abby) who on her 21st birthday is transported to the elven world of Eldamar. On discovering her elvish ancestry is required to complete the elves’ rite of passage.

I love the story. I’ve only editing a few sections, small parts that fit with Sunday Scribblings prompts. Procrastination isn’t helping and the deadline is looming close every second. But I will overcome and the story will be finshed! I'm not the only one with a deadline:

An Abby and Across Eldamar Story

Abby stood still, trying to focus. She had heard the King’s words but their meaning had escaped her. Adulthood in Eldamar was achieved by completing a mandatory rite of passage. Young elves had forty days to travel to all twenty elfenland cities. To prove success a gem had to be collected from each local and returned to the capital before sundown on the last day.

Abby was now caught up in this challenge. Her new family’s hopes and honour where tied in her success. In forty days she would be an adult or a failure. What would failure mean?

The End

For more deadline inspired writings visit Sunday Scribblings.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Not Impressed with Survivor

Is there any point to continue watching Survivor? Boston Rob was voted off last week. He was my favourite player and with him gone some of the shows fun is also lost. I will still faithfully watch, more for the social time with friends. But the villains have completely lost my interest and support (because my cheering and yelling at the TV helps the teams win just like sports fans yells affect the aired TV games).

This Weeks's Predictions:
Heroes will win everything two weeks in a row...however every time I predict a teams victory they maybe I should predict the villains win.
If Villains go to tribal council they'll vote out Courtney.
If Heroes go to tribal council they’ll vote out Amanda.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook 12

FOR TODAY: April 5, 2010
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...sunshine and beauty, it is a glorious day!

I am thinking...the busy week ahead.

I am thankful for...friends, eating meals together, and board games.

From the kitchen...ate out and have and invitation to at friends.

I am wearing...flip-flops, jeans, purple tank ad a purple/pink/gray flower printed blouse.

I am creating...stories.

I am friends, then a meeting, then home.

I am reading...Prayer Works, The Ruby Key, and Simply Strategic Volunteers.

I am take a walk/hike this week.

I am TV.

Around the house...nothing really got done last week, so it needs to be done this week.

A few plans for the rest of the week…plan the summer programs.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Monday, April 05, 2010

"Mentor" -Sunday Scribblings

An Abby and Across Eldamar Story

The landscape of Eldamar spread out like a giant map as far as the eye could see. From this altitude Abby’s view was the same as from an airplane. Below the fields, trees, and rivers looked like tiny miniatures. Only Abby wasn’t sitting safely buckled into an airline seat, she was trying to stay seated on a magical cloud.

A few hours before Abby had been standing the high towers of the ancient elven city of Du’Disbard listening to a crash courses in cloud riding. Being human learning the finer points of cloud travel was complex. She paid close attention to everything her instructor had said and now knew the principles of flight, basic methods for steering, and magic that prevented riders from slipping through clouds.

Now she was floating above the earth trying to real all the lessons while caring on a conversation with the cloud. Everything was so strange. Even as child playing pretend, Abby had never dreamed clouds could talk but she also had never imagined herself riding one so she forgave her younger self lack of imagination.

Drifting through her memories Abby had allowed the conversation with the cloud to fall silent. A thunder crack startled her back into the present. The cloud was seething from being ignored. It was then Abby remembered her mentors last bit of advice, “Always avoid conflict and arguments a magical cloud. Clouds’ feelings are easily hurt and emotional especially nimbus which are prone to erupting into thunder over the smallest injury. If you’re not careful you could have a very wet flight.” Turns out that more than half of the mountain storms were due to moody clouds. But the advice was recalled too late, by the time they arrived at the Granagor Abby was shivering, soaked, and considering renaming the nimbus cloud Imbecile.

The End

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Jokes On You -Boston Rob

If you missed last week's Wednesday episode you missed a good one. Both tribes arrived at the immunity/reward challenge only to learn that they were competing for individual immunity AND both tribes had to go tribal council -craziness.

After both teams had a winner the heroes winner-Candice competed against the villains winner -Rob. Villains won reward, which was hot dogs and a chance to listen into the other teams tribal council (giving insight into the groups dynamics for the upcoming merge).

The best and most frustrating part was watching the villains prepare for council. Rob had the perfect fool proof plan. He explained it, he explained how Russell would counter. The six all agreed to follow the plan. Rob even warned Tyson...Tyson listened to Russell and went home. Grr. It was hard to watch Rob's alliance lose a strong player.

This Weeks's Predictions For Next Week’s Show:
Villains will win everything -again!
If Villains go to tribal council they'll vote out Parvati.
If Heroes go to tribal council they’ll vote out Candice.