Friday, April 16, 2010

The Tenth Doctor

I adore sci-fi. Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galatica, Stargate (the movie and all the spin-offs), Firefly and Serenity -I love it all. Geeky maybe but it's true. One of my all time favourite series is Doctor Who. I remember watching the Doctor with my dad as kid. I'm not sure how much I actually watched; when I got scared I would run into the other room till everything was okay. I still enjoyed it.

So in 2005 I was so excited when I saw a commercial with the “new” Ninth Doctor. The next season introduced the all time best Doctor played by David Tennant. The Tenth Doctor took on evil for three seasons and a number of special till he met his fate saving a friend. We last saw him as he began to regenerate and the TARDIS was spinning out of control. The new season airs tomorrow night, in Canada, on Space introducing the Eleventh Doctor. I’m looking forward to having the show back but I am going to miss the Tenth Doctor. So here is a tribute list to the Tennant:

1) Right now, Space Online Videos has a few of the recent Doctor Who specials, interviews, and season previews available to help prepare for the start on the new season tomorrow and the introduction of the Eleventh Doctor. Not sure how long the episodes will be up for.

2) Fun "Merry Christmas" Greeting from the Doctor and BBC One:

3) Second fun Christmas BBC Doctor Who clip:

4) Doctor Who DIY knitting pattern for Adipose. Mazzmatazz was the first to create a pattern. There has been issues with the BBC over the patterns.

5) My favourite episode is Blink from season three.

Remember DON'T BLINK

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