Sunday, April 25, 2010

30 before 30

April 26, 2006 I set 25 goals for myself to achieve during my 25th year. It was an adventure that challenged me to live intentionally everyday. I loved having goals and was able to complete 20 of the 25 goals. Today is the eve of my 29th birthday and I have a new list and 365 days to complete 30 challenges before I turn 30.

30 Before 30*:
*Grey indicated challenges that I never started
*Blue indicates challenges that were started but never completed
*Green indicates challenges I consider successfully completed:

1) Read through the Bible
2) Memorize the Book of James
3) Run 5km
4) Jump out of an airplane
5) Learn to cook a new amazing “mouth-watering” meal
6) Double the number of constellations I can find (I currently can locate the Big Dipper, Orion, Cassiopia, and sometimes the Little Dipper and Draco)
7) Learn to crochet
8) Finish my 2008 NaNoWriMo story
9) Edit my 2009 NaNoWriMo story
10) Participate in Nanowriomo 2010
11) Take a class/seminar/course
12) Study a second language (French, Hindi, Japanese?)
13) Sleep under the stars
14) Make a travel scrapbook
15) Read 12 non-fiction books (14/12)
16) Explore a new city
17) Draw/paint 12 pictures
18) Be thankful (52 weeks of Thankful Thursdays)
19) Take photo booth pictures
20) Host a murder mystery
21) Unpack all the boxes in my office/storage room
22) Mail a letter every week
23) Take a whole day to hang out with my sister
24) Watch a play/musical
25) Do something I’ve been putting off: like finish redoing my kitchen chairs
26) Use 100% natural/homemade cleaning products
27) Go rock climbing (indoor or outdoor)
28) Take a picture everyday
29) Reduce as much debt as possible
30) Eat local for a month or with monk like simplicity during lent (I just bought a monastic cookbook)

Edited April 26 @ 12:20: I changed three of the challenges since the list was first posted. After sharing the list with friends I realized I had already achieved those goals and substituted three new challenges in (27, 28, and 30). It also has been suggested I add "go on a date" or "get married" to the list -but I think that is just silly.

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