Friday, November 30, 2012

Victory is Mine!

Let the happy dance of victory begin!

I crossed the 50k finish line in the very wee hours this morning. My story ended with 50,447 words and I am very happy with the results. I think this is the first year I've won with more than 30 minutes to spare before midnight.

Over all this was my least stressful writing month. There were the 20k blues and the panic when my story was done and I had more words to write...which happened three times. The resulting twist were fun and I love the story.

I really want to try and polish it up in the new year. December is going to be a nice writing break. I'm looking forward to Christmas decorating, parties, and seeing my family. Then, after the holidays the revisions will begin. My goal is to be able to have something for beta readers by May. I hope I'm not being too optimistic. For now it is time to celebrate with dancing:


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday: 80-89

I am thankful for:

70. ...stamps camp
71. ...ML day
72. ...friend's I can call at any hour
73. ...lap top loans
74. to retrieve files from a dead lap top
75. ...hope
76. ...laughter
77. ...anticipation
78. mom never signed me up for child beauty pagans (just saw a bit of Toddlers and Tiaras)
79. mother checking up on me
The new Thankful Thursday challenge is to share thousand unique blessings, this is the list so far: 1-31, 32-42, 43-54, 55-59, 60-69, 70-79,

Novel Update: feeling discouraged
Word Count: 38,474 of 50,000

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Pinky is Purple

My pinkie was dyed purple*, I even took a picture for proof. Sadly I left the camera at home so I can't upload the images. Why would I let someone dye my pinky purple? To help raise funds for the New Minas Rotary Clubs campaign to help eradicate polio.
"Rotary International, which committed to ending polio in 1985, has been applauded by nearly everyone, including the United Nations and the Wall Street Journal, for being instrumental in reducing the polio plague to less than 2,000 cases each year today in just four countries—Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and India." (source)

Is your pinky purple?
For more information check out End Polio Now.

*When a child is vaccinated they mark the pinky with purple so that there is not a mix up and a child receives a double dose or another gets missed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Writer's Block

I have it. I don't think it is contagious. And it isn't deadly -except to my story. I've got a through lack of inspiration. I'm not sure what to write or where to go with my adventure.

I hate that I am just staring at the screen watching the curse blink at me as it waits for typing to start. The lack of inspiration has slipped into my blogging. This is all I got.

I'm going to go home and try to write 2,000 words....after I eat supper.

Monday, November 19, 2012

ML Appreciation

Tonight was a great writing night! Well great write in less productive and more social but it was also a surprise (that I knew about it) ML appeciation night. I love being appreciated. And I got a card with a picture of a cake which is almost as good as a real cake. Which made me think of Portal. Which made me think of this song:

I apologize, it will be posted again when I win :)

Word Count: 38,474/50,000

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Simple Woman Daybook 125

FOR TODAY: November 18, 2012
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window....early morning sunshine.

I am do I end my novel?

I am thankful for...the girls

I am pants and a maroon blouse over a black tank up.

I am creating...a novel.

I am write.

I am wondering...what do I want to do with my life.

I am reading....something fun but I forgot the title.

I am be finished my novel by Friday.

I am looking forward to...the TGIO party.

I am hearing...Scott upstairs.

Around the house...for the rest of the week life is the novel. If I managed to feed myself and have clean clothes I will feel ahead of the game...clean dishes would be nice too but I might be expecting too much of my self.

One of my favorite things...Sara Grove's album Conversations.

A few plans for the rest of the week:...writing.

A picture to share:...

Word Count:...35,687/50,000

Saturday, November 17, 2012

TV Talk: I Heart Meta-Moments

One of my favourite things in a TV show is a good meta moment. Meta moments are those times the writers remind you that these authors where on another show, or pay homage to another show in the same genre. I've mostly seen this happen on sci-fi shows like Stargate, Warehouse 13, and Sanctuary though one of the best examples is Castle:

This isn't the only Firefly nods to be found on Castle. November 5th's episode "The Final Frontier" was great for the meta. With Nathan Fillion saying "shiny," mentioning Joss Whedon, and the case being centered around a showing being cancelled, it warms this Browncoats heart.I loved loved the episode when Castle and Kate encounter two Chinese workers who can't understand English.
Castle says (in Chinese): "My partner is crazy and may start firing at any moment."
Kate asks: "Semester abroad?"
Castle: "No, a TV show I used to love."
Beckett: "Nice job."
Other meta moments that made me smile:

1) SG-1 -Patrick McKenna (Harold Green on The Red Green Show) guest starred as Dr. Jay Felger in the episode "The Other Guys". There is a moment he is packing his gear and just holds up a roll of duct tape.
2) SG-1 -The whole "Worm Hole Extreme" episode but especially the reference to Firefly and Farscape.
3) Sanctuary -when guest star Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson on SG-1) commented on liking Amanda Tapping's character's new look.
4) Warehouse 13 -not sure which episode but Myka said she didn't want to be a red shirt and her partner was excited she knew what that meant.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dark Day

Third week of November is never fun. Self doubt, insecurities, writer's block have all plagued me in past years.This morning, in the midst of a personal moment of despair about life and future my computer crashed and with it my novel. I was a wreck (still am) and cried and cried. Balling to my sweet mother earlier today I might have been quoted as saying,

"Everything in my life is wrong
and I am the common denominator.
I must be wrong"

Which, now I can realize was absolutely not true but in the moment it felt more true then anything else. Why is it so hard to remember the good and truth when things are falling apart? I'm not sure but I don't like how off it made me.

A good friend convinced me that since I had writen over 30k that I wasn't allowed to change my word count to my match my last back up which is something like 20k. The laptop is still non-responsive. I'm going to have to hand write the next 20,000 words unless things change. That scares me. I want to go back to bed and pretend this was all just a silly nightmare.

Novel Update: I want to cry
Word Count: not sure have to count what I wrote.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday: 70-79

I am thankful for:

70. ...Life Group
71. ...Farmer's Market
72. ...Fresh Baking
73. ...the Hobbit
74. ...silly books
75. ...writing books
76. ...good twists in stories
77. ...deep chats
78. games
79. ...Big Bang Theory
The new Thankful Thursday challenge is to share thousand unique blessings, this is the list so far: 1-31, 32-42, 43-54, 55-59, 60-69,

Novel Update: feeling discouraged
Word Count: 32,089 of 50,000

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Moving Adventures - Step 2 to 7

I achieved a "new apartment milestone" tonight. I hosted my Life Group at my place. It was the most people I've had in my place since move day. I love my apartment. It is nice to feel comfortable enough in my new place that I want people to come visit. Also, I love my Life Group so  it was great to have the over.

The visit lead me to two realization. The first, yesterday was my one month anniversary in the new place and second with the move, mum's visit, Trunk or Treat, and now NaNoWriMo I never finished My Moving Adventures. So here goes:

Step 2: Ask For Help
One of my good friends has taken Randy Pausch's advice about the value of your time to heart. If you are ever asked to help someone move, only agree if they can give you the names of four other people. My second step was to ask friends if they would help move and confirm at least five where available to help on move day. I had many say yes, and the nice bonus of two families offering their trailers.

Step 3: Gather Support
In most moves the support comes for the people you ask in step two and your family. My family is two provinces away. So, for me gathering support was picking my mum up from the airport. I was so very fortunate that she was able to come two weeks before the move and stay one week after. It was the icing on the cake. I do not think I would have been ready on move day if she had not arrived. Her being here kept the move from being stressful and made sure I actually ate real food (no fast food for three weeks was wonderful). Also, I just love my mum and it was a joy to be able to spend so much time with her.

Step 4: Pre-Move Moving
I was fortunate that I had access to my new place a week before I needed to be out of the old. Everyday we moved a few boxes over trying to leave only the bigger boxes and furniture for move day. It was great to have the kitchen organized before the move.

Step 5: Safely Pack Plates
Right after I knew I was going to be moving I went on Pinterest searching of moving advice. The best pin I came across was The Frugal Girl's advice on how to pack dishes. We used it. It was great.

Step 6: Moving Day!
It was basic enough. Take stuff from old place to new place. The morning was a stress free move. The first couple with trailer was on time. Another family was running late. Yet it was smooth. Everything was over in two trips, minus my huge wardrobe. We set Mum up at the new place to direct where boxes should go. The delayed family arrived just before the first family needed to leave...the dad's figured out how to the wardrobe to my place. After goodbyes more hands arrived. The wardrobe was dismantled and reassembled downstairs. We had lunch. Last helper arrived as the other family needed to leave but all that was left was arranging things. It was a great move day!

If you were one of those wonderful people who helped me move -THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Step 7: Celebration
We went out for all you can eat sushi. It was wonderful!

And that wraps up my move. I apologize. I have yet to take pictures of the new place. I need to charge the camera battery and just keep forgetting to. There are a few things I still need to organize (mostly the bottle in the bathroom and my craft supplies). Yet it feels like home. I'm really excited to decorate for Christmas. It wasn't something I ever did in the old apartment but I love this place and want it to be festive. Must decorating till the novel is finished.

Novel Update: my characters are battling a giant cat
Word Count: 32,089 of 50,000

Monday, November 12, 2012

Write All Night ReCap

This past Friday night till Saturday morning, 7pm to 7am, was the third Write All Night. It was, I believe, hands down the best Write All Night far. Through, I might be biased I did organize the event. In my defense I organized the first two as well. What made this year so great? Here is a compilation of what we loved in no particular order (some are from the group some are just mine):

1) We were back at Dave's and it is just such a great space to write.
2) More words written then the previous two...and productivity was the point.
3) The continuing traditions of 3am food run.
4) The atmosphere was encouraging and helped every focus.
5) A new hourly individual word goals.
6) Working on a team to achieve word goals and competing.
7) The awesome team names:
  • Avenging Authors
  • Ninja Novelists
  • Warrior Writers
8) The even with the focus it wasn't "work" there was still down time and fun conversations.
9) I actually wrote. Normally I'm so focused on the event that I don't actually participate and this year I increased my word count significantly.
10) The Write All Night poster turned out awesomely awesome.

Novel Update: I finally figured out how the story begins
Word Count: 27,234/50,000

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Simple Woman Daybook 124

FOR TODAY: November 11, 2012
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window....many pedestrians.

I am many thoughts. I'm thinking about how my fantasy world works, if I liked Skyfall, which board game I should purchase (you can help me choose), and if it is too early to start decorating for Christmas. Oh, also I was asked how to define God this morning but that might go better under ponderings.

I am thankful for...Justine

I am wearing...jeans, a black blouse over a red tank up, with a black scarf.

I am creating...a novel.

I am write.

I am wondering...what the difference between joy and happiness and if there is how to define joy.

I am reading....a book on writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy, The Camino and the Bible

I am write have 45,000 by Friday.

I am looking forward to...the TGIO party.

I am hearing...the laughter and hum of other people in the coffee shop.

Around the house...novel distracted me last week so the organizing the bathroom had been rescheduled for tomorrow.

One of my favorite movies.

A few plans for the rest of the week:...writing.

A picture to share:...I just saw this and thought I'd share. It made me smile

Word Count:...25,008/50,000

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Boardgame Dilemma

I was recently given a wonderful monetary gift of appreciation which I greatly appreciated. It took me a while to decide how to use the funds. A logical part of me wanted to use it on debt but a wise friend reminded me that it was a gift and gifts should be used for gifts. Her comment allowed me to think about what I would appreciate most.  Half will go towards something special for the new place and the other half a new board game. Only, narrowing the spending options has created a new dilemma.

What game do I want? There are always few games on my wish list but which one do I want the most? I was able to eliminate a few choices. If another friend owns the game I can play it with them. If I have not played it, watched a video about it, or was interested in it before today it is not the game for this purchase. I also decided that a few games that I doubt others would be interested in playing can wait. There is no point owning games if there is no one to play them with.

With those limitations I have narrowed down the list to three games. All are expansions/variations to Dominion. I did a Rate the Fun review here. The three options will add new kingdom cards and some interesting changes to the game playing. I am not sure which one I want. All have good rating on Board Game Geek, no one I know owns but it also means I have not tried them. So I am asking for your help. Which one interests you? Which one would you want to play? Leave a comment to help me decide.

The Choices:

Dominion: Prosperity

 "Prosperity is the 4th addition to the Dominion game family. It adds 25 new Kingdom cards to Dominion, plus 2 new Basic cards that let players keep building up past Gold and Province. The central theme is wealth; there are treasures with abilities, cards that interact with treasures, and powerful expensive cards."
Dominion: Hinterlands

"Hinterlands is the sixth addition to the game of Dominion. It adds 26 new Kingdom cards to Dominion, including 20 Actions, 3 Treasures, 3 Victory cards, and 3 Reactions. The central theme is cards that do something immediately when you buy them or gain them."

Dominion: Dark Ages

"Dark Ages is the seventh addition to the game of Dominion...It adds 35 new Kingdom cards to Dominion, plus new bad cards you give to other players (Ruins), new cards to replace starting Estates (Shelters), and cards you can get only via specific other cards. The central themes are the trash and upgrading. There are cards that do something when trashed, cards that care about the trash, cards that upgrade themselves, and ways to upgrade other cards."

Word Count: 22,136/50,000

Friday, November 09, 2012

Write All Night

Tonight is the third annual Write All Night, a twelve hour caffeine driven writing marathon from 7pm to 7am. This might be my favourite Valley writing event. It is a tough call. I also love celebrating NaNoEve and the TGIO party is full of joy, celebration, and prizes. What makes the Write All Night is the length, traditions (if three years can have traditions), the word growth, and the bizarre twists caused from lack of sleep.

Something new I am trying this year is to have three teams to compete for different types of writing points. I've had fun coming up with team names, which are -Avenging Authors, Ninja Novelists, and Warriors Writers....who will survive the night? I need to get back to writing. I will leave you with my favourite NaNo Parody created by the Toronto region.

Novel Update: so many words to write tonight
Word Count: 15,087

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Thankful Thursday: 60-69

I am thankful for:

60. ...Van Meekerens!
61. church
62. ...warm blankets
63. ...bananas
64. ...a working cell phone
65. games
66. ...NaNoWriMo
67. ...the NaNo Valley region
68. ...Dave for hosting Write All Night
69. ...plans working
The new Thankful Thursday challenge is to share thousand unique blessings, this is the list so far: 1-31, 32-42, 43-54, 55-59,

Novel Update:

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Trunk or Treat 2012

Last Wednesday was the church's sixth trunk or treat. The theme was "The Great Tomb Raid" I was worried in the weeks leading up to the event about everything. It's funny as the kid's pastor you'd think I'd have basic truths like "worry about nothing" and "cast all your cares upon me" figured out but no...I was stressed. I was worried we wouldn't have enough volunteers, candy, time, supplies. I was stressing about my schedule and planning. I was keeping up and leaving me frazzled. Yet, when I asked people came, supplies were donated, and the place looked better than I could have hoped.

Our trunk or treat always has three elements, the trunks, the upstairs activities, and the downstairs activities. Normally the cars park in a horseshoe so kids can go from trunk to trunk. This year the rain caused the treat giving to be moved inside. After walking through the vines guests were greeted by our pirate and Egyptian.

The year the upstairs activities included gathering candy, a family photo booth, tomb raiders cafe, and everyone's favourite game the dark maze. This year it was called "the great tomb raid." I didn't get a picture of the completed maze but this was the course. The finished maze had paper on the sides to avoid people going off course or between chair legs and we had cardboard on the tops.

Downstairs there were eight different games including tic-tac-toe toss, a ball pit for an animal match up, a mummy wrap-unwrap race, a treasure hunt, and this pyramid puzzle. It seemed everyone had great fun. At different games kids earned stickers to earn a special prize, which was an Adventures in Odyssey sample CD.

Novel Update -hit writer's block
Word Count: 8,447/50,000

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

10 Ways to Procrastinate

November is always a full month, a very very full month. There is Trunk or Treat recovery, Christmas preparation, NaBloPoMo (blogging everyday), and my favourite challenge NaNoWriMo (50,000 in 30 days). Last year there was HalCon and this year I'm working on settling into my new place. Even with so many things happening I'm finding myself losing hours procastinating. These are the Top Ten:

1. Napping
2. Reading fiction (currently a Pern book)
3. Reading about how to write
4. NaNo Forums -which is crazy b/c I never follow forums except in October and November
5. Deciding where to write (options are mostly between my place, coffee shop, crepe shop)
6. Playing with the kitty
7. Deciding if I am hungry and if so what to make...or do I want to go out?
8. Texting
9. NaNoToons
10. Chatting with friends at writing events

Some of those are good breaks, I still need to relax. It's when reading for a few minutes turns into three hours that I need to worry. So, what are your favourite ways to procrastinate?

Novel Update:
Word Count: 7,399/50,000

Monday, November 05, 2012

The Simple Woman Daybook 123

FOR TODAY: November 5, 2012
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window....a leave-less forest.

I am thinking...about the source of the ideas of dragons.

I am thankful for...New Hope Wesleyan Church

I am wearing...jeans, ML "I'm in charge" tee, and a green hoodie.

I am creating...a novel.

I am writing group.

I am wondering...what the next story twist should be.

I am reading....The Renegades of Pern, Freedom, and the Bible

I am write another 2000 words today.

I am looking forward to...vacation and the Write All Night.

I am hearing...the hum of my computer.

Around the house...going to tackle organizing the bathroom tomorrow.

One of my favorite things...inspiration.

A few plans for the rest of the week:...writing.

A picture to share:...from Trunk or Treat:

Word Count:...5,755/50,000

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Feeling Loved!

Today was a beautiful day. I love what I do. I truly believe being a youth and children's pastor at this church is exactly what God wants me to do and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Days like today remind me of that...and get me through some of the darker or stressful times. Today was our church's Pastor Appreciation celebration. The whole things was wonderful but there are two moments that stood out:

1) Someone wrote an acrostic for Liz, expanding on each word but it went:

2) A family shared with me a conversation with their son:

Son: Today's Pastor Appreciation
Parent: Yes
Son: I have two pastors, Pastor Scott and Pastor Liz
Parent: Yep
Son: I have an upstairs pastor and a downstairs pastor.

For this downstairs pastor, it was a good day.

Novel Update:
Word Count 4,109/50,000

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Rate the Fun: Zombie Dice

On Tuesday, a game I ordered back in May, finally arrived. I am the proud owner of Zombie Dice. I am not one to buy a game I haven't played before, the exceptions have been after watching a review or strong recommendation.

For Zombie Dice I had both in the form of Will Weaton's Table Top. The youtube show is a mix of Guess Whose Coming to Dinner, Celebrity Poker, and board games. I love the idea; it is geeky greatness. In Episode Three, Wil Wheaton (played Wesley Crusher on TNG), Ryan Higa (youtube video creator), Freddie Wong (another youtube video maker), and Rod Roddenberry (son of Gene Roddenberry the creator of Star Trek) play three shorter games one of them was Zombie Dice.

Zombie Dice is a quick 10-20 minute game for 2 or more players. It includes a dice cup, which is all the game "box", 13 dice, and the rules. The explanation from the game site, "The 13 custom dice are your victims. Push your luck to eat their brains, but stop before the shotgun blasts end your turn!"

What I like about Zombie Dice is:
  • It is easy to explain.
  • It is quick to play which makes it perfect between other games game.
  • There is really no limit to the number of players.
  • It is fun...even when you are lose (of the three games I played yesterday I came in last in all of then).
The Score:
Zombie Dice = 8.9

The Rate the Fun Scale: 

10 = Outstandingly Awesome Game; Always want to play it and I expect this will never change.
9 = Excellent Game; Always want to play it.
8 = Very good game; I like to play. Probably I'll suggest it and I'll never turn down a game.
7 = Good game; Usually willing to play.
6 = Okay game; There is some element of fun or challenge; will play sporadically if in the right mood.
5 = Fair game; Slightly boring, take it or leave it.
4 =Not so good; It doesn't get me but I could be talked into it on occasion.
3 = Bad; Likely won't play this again but could be convinced.
2 = Extremely annoying game; Won't play this ever again.
1 = Clearly broken; You won't catch me dead playing this.

Novel Update:
Word Count: 3,749/50,000

Friday, November 02, 2012

Reading Challenge Update

I realized I haven't done this for awhile, three months, which isn't so bad since I've only read nine books. Which has pushed me over last years book total.

In other more exciting news NaNo Word Count: 3237!

And the reading challenges standars are:
1. Name: 2012 Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge VICTORY!
Books Read: 7/5

2. Name: Finishing the Series 2012 VICTORY!
Series Read: 11/3

3. Name: Mystery and Suspense Reading Challenge 2012 VICTORY!
Books Read: 14/12

4. Name: Mount TBR Reading Challenge
Books Read: 10/12

5. Name: 2012 Audio Book Challenge VICTORY!
Books Read: 17/12

6. Name: 2012 Dystopian Challenge VICTORY!
Books Read: 8/4

7. Name: Speculative Fiction Challenge VICTORY!
Books Read: 34/24

8. Name: 1st in a Series Challenge VICTORY!
Books Read: 8/6

9. Name: 2nds Challenge VICTORY!
Books Read: 13/12

10. Name: New Authors Challenge 2012 VICTORY!
New Authors Discovered: 25/15

11. Name: Read the Bible 2012
Books Read: 0/66 -using One Year Bible so far no books finished but keeping up with the daily reading

12. Name: 2012 Young Adult Reading Challenge VICTORY!
Books Read: 25/12

13. Name: What's In A Name 5
Books Read: 2/6

14. Name: All the Books of Pern Challenge 2012 VICTORY!
Books Read: 6/6

15. Name: Game of Thrones Reading Challenge 2012
Books Read: 0/5

16. Name: 2012 Women's Murder Club Reading Challenge VICTORY!
Books Read: 5/5

17. Name: 2012 Chunkster Challenge
Books Read: 3/4

18. Name: Tea and Books Reading Challenge
Books Read: 0/2

19. Name: Outdo Yourself 2012 VICTORY!
Books Read: 11/11

20. Name: The Reading Challenge Addict Challenge VICTORY!
Completed Challenges: 14/1-5

Thursday, November 01, 2012

So It Begins...

NaNoWriMo is a upon us again.

For those new the acronym, NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. An international challenge to write a novel of 50,000 words in 30 days. It comes out to being 1,667 words a day. Last night two writing friend joined me to count down till midnight at which point we all began frantically writing. I was about the daily goal before I went to bed.

This is my 6th year participating and hopefully my 6th win. I am feeling very confident about my story but I always do the first day. NaNoWriMo is stressful fun. It will be a different story mid month, around the 30,000 word mark. The world is a lot dark at 30k, as explained in one of my favourite NaNoWriMo Songs "The NaNoWriMo Song." Talks With Snakes made an updated version of the song:

With NaNo here it also means the return one of my favourite things -NaNoToons :) The site has the archives of past nanotoons and 15 October Prologue to tie last years story with this years story. Much fun. Yay November, it might but my favourite month.

Novel: The Muse's Mix-Up
Word Count: 2,215/50,000