Monday, November 12, 2012

Write All Night ReCap

This past Friday night till Saturday morning, 7pm to 7am, was the third Write All Night. It was, I believe, hands down the best Write All Night far. Through, I might be biased I did organize the event. In my defense I organized the first two as well. What made this year so great? Here is a compilation of what we loved in no particular order (some are from the group some are just mine):

1) We were back at Dave's and it is just such a great space to write.
2) More words written then the previous two...and productivity was the point.
3) The continuing traditions of 3am food run.
4) The atmosphere was encouraging and helped every focus.
5) A new hourly individual word goals.
6) Working on a team to achieve word goals and competing.
7) The awesome team names:
  • Avenging Authors
  • Ninja Novelists
  • Warrior Writers
8) The even with the focus it wasn't "work" there was still down time and fun conversations.
9) I actually wrote. Normally I'm so focused on the event that I don't actually participate and this year I increased my word count significantly.
10) The Write All Night poster turned out awesomely awesome.

Novel Update: I finally figured out how the story begins
Word Count: 27,234/50,000


AuroraLee said...

SOOO sorry I didn't get the pic to you in time! It's in your NaNo Mail, but for now, here it is for everyone else to click on: Poster of Awesomeness

Nuchtchas said...

Sounds like a blast, wish I had been there. The poster is so awesome!