Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Trunk or Treat 2012

Last Wednesday was the church's sixth trunk or treat. The theme was "The Great Tomb Raid" I was worried in the weeks leading up to the event about everything. It's funny as the kid's pastor you'd think I'd have basic truths like "worry about nothing" and "cast all your cares upon me" figured out but no...I was stressed. I was worried we wouldn't have enough volunteers, candy, time, supplies. I was stressing about my schedule and planning. I was keeping up and leaving me frazzled. Yet, when I asked people came, supplies were donated, and the place looked better than I could have hoped.

Our trunk or treat always has three elements, the trunks, the upstairs activities, and the downstairs activities. Normally the cars park in a horseshoe so kids can go from trunk to trunk. This year the rain caused the treat giving to be moved inside. After walking through the vines guests were greeted by our pirate and Egyptian.

The year the upstairs activities included gathering candy, a family photo booth, tomb raiders cafe, and everyone's favourite game the dark maze. This year it was called "the great tomb raid." I didn't get a picture of the completed maze but this was the course. The finished maze had paper on the sides to avoid people going off course or between chair legs and we had cardboard on the tops.

Downstairs there were eight different games including tic-tac-toe toss, a ball pit for an animal match up, a mummy wrap-unwrap race, a treasure hunt, and this pyramid puzzle. It seemed everyone had great fun. At different games kids earned stickers to earn a special prize, which was an Adventures in Odyssey sample CD.

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