Friday, September 23, 2005


I am a nomad. All my life I’ve been moving from one place to the next with no real place to call my hometown. The question "where are you from?" has always frustrated/confused me since I’m not too sure what to say. The place I was born? Where I lived the longest? Where I am living at the time…which often didn’t feel like home. This whole situation makes me feel like I have no roots. Most friends are in and out of my life within three years. And with all the moving I’ve lost contact with so many friends. It’s the norm of me.

My joy is that twice in the past two months I have reconnected with two long-lost friends. The first is my dear friend Anna. In elementary school we were the best of friends, inseparable. We shared a love for books and my little ponys. Great times. I was able to call her just before coming to Japan. It was so good to reconnect, we share so many of the same struggles and thoughts because of being "military brats". Anna put it best when she said, "Hurray! I'm not a freak! Well, alright, I am a freak, but I'm not alone. Which is really what matters." The other friend is from high school, Brian. It’s been five years since we last talked. Crazy cause at one time we shared everything.

Funny how life goes, these were both two of my strongest friendships ever. And yet I lost them both. Why do we do that, lose connection with best friends…people who become apart of our community? Whatever the reason I am glad both are back in my life. They are the closest I come to having roots.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Renewed Goal

Earlier this year I bravely announced that I would run a 10-km race before I turned 25. For awhile I was very faithful to my running regime, that was till May. For a variety of reasons I just stopped. In shame and guilt I thought for sure it would be possible for me to reach my goal. How was I going to find a race while in Japan? It would be impossible.

Or so I thought. I recently learned of a 10-km race that will be happening in February in the next city over. Tiffany and Steve (a couple from Manitoba who are also teaching at Grace) said they would run the race with me. We went for our first run tonight. We’re starting out slow; Tiffany and I ran for 10 minutes (Steve went longer). And with that the training begins….again.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Half Way There

I have reached the half-way point in the 50 book challenge. (And William, to answer your question, "why not 50 movies" because the point is to have a challenge, something that would take an effort to achieve.) These are the latest books to be added to the read list:

18 Salamandastron – Brian Jacques
19 Mariel of Redwall –Brian Jacques
20 Skipping Christmas –John Grisham
21 The Old Man and the Sea –Ernest Hemingway
22 Crazymakers –not sure of authors
23 The Grime Grotto –Lemony Snicket
24 Angels and Demons –Dan Brown
25 Captivating – John and Stasi Eldredge

I have about eight months to reading the remaining 25 books, but the challenge has become harder now that I am in Japan for two reasons. First I have less time to read with the adjusting to a new culture, teaching, preparing lessons and building relationships. Second English books seem to be very rare. I think I am going to have to become very familiar with online shopping.