Friday, February 27, 2009

Over and Done ~ Mom Don’t Read For Two Weeks

A year or so ago, I declared that I was going to finish all my “on the go” knitting projects. There were five items waiting to be completed. All had been started in either 2004 or 2005. As a reward for completing/consequence for not I also decided I would not allow myself to buy any new yarn or start any new knitting projects until very thing was done. The commitment got me motivated for about a month. Then projects were shelved (again). I just learned to suffer with my decision. I would drool over the pretty colors and textures till I had to stop visiting craft stores all together.

This month everything changed. The last three projects were finished this week. Thanks largely to the Tuesday night knitting group. Sadly, I was talking to the organizer and learn the group was just a Jan/Feb thing. There is not more knitting club. I will console myself with a long over due stop and the local Knit & Stitch store. Here are my completed projects (Ravelry friends can find project details on my page):

Daisy Stitch Scarf
Done in pink and maroon

Vine Lace Baby Blanket
This blanket is going to a friend’s first babygirl

Classic Ribbed Mittens
Belated birthday present for my mom .
I started them four years ago as a birthday present. She should receive them with in the next two week.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I thank God for…

…free time
…finished projects
…sunny days
…others wisdom

It’s hard to be sad when I think about the good God has done.

Not My Words

I was reminiscing with a friend I met in the summer of 2002 while on summer team. We chatted about camps, teammates and good friendships. It made me miss Amy from Brothers Keeper. So I stopped by her blog to let her know I was thinking of her and I found this great post:

Last week at GEMS I had a wonderful opportunity to (I hope) pass on what I've been learning about jealousy and the gospel. We were talking about memorizing God's Word, and our leader asked the girls if they could think of a situation in which knowing the Bible could help them. One of the girls mentioned that she had been jealous because two of her friends were excluding her. She said she could look up verses that say, "Don't be jealous." Then she paused, and candidly admitted: "But I still feel jealous, though."

What a perfect illustration of how all attempts to conquer sin without applying the gospel are shallow--they do not have the power to inspire us and make us more like Christ! If I am struggling with jealousy, and so I memorize a verse that tells me "thou shalt not covet," how does that help me to overcome the jealousy? I already knew that my jealousy was wrong…

You can find the rest of her post here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Right Choice?

This choice of no media while alone is hard. Moments ago I found myself planning this evening’s activities. They included TV watching and Zelda gaming-ness till I remembered Lent started today. Why did I choose media? This is going to be more challenging than all pervious lent sacrifices and fasts combined, which means it probably was the best choice of things to sacrifice.

There is potential for the next 40 days to completely revolutionize my habits. In the time it has taken me to write and edit this paragraph I have gone from viewing Lent as a burden to endure like a requirement for a spiritual merit badge to a thrilling journey. The right choice, I think yes. May I remember this insight when I miss a beloved show.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pancake Tuesday

Lent begins tomorrow, the season when we give up or add into our lives for the purpose of getting closer to Jesus. Last week I gave a sermon on fasting at Rally in the Valley partly because Lent was so close. Preparing the message was amazing for me. I grew in my understanding of a discipline I’ve participated in since I was a teen. I found this, not sure who said it but it stood out to me, “We give up something –for the sake of something better. A fast is considered a spiritual discipline only when there is an international effort to fill that space with spiritual activity.”

Since the 15th I’ve been thinking about what I’d give up for Lent. I want to be intentional in what I give and active in adding something good so I’ve decided on media while alone. This will mostly be movies at home while I knit but it is also includes gaming (Zelda will have to wait), TV shows I watch alone, and non-research, work, or blog related internet use. Things that are allowed are already established TV nights with friends, movie nights out with friends, and ministry events that may include movie watching. I haven’t completely decided how/what I am going to add into my life.

Now I am off to eat pancakes with friends. Yay for pancake Tuesday and pancakes for supper!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Problems // Bad Problems

Good Problem: The preschool class is too big both for the size of the room and the number of volunteers. We have five possible solutions that could work from moving rooms to knocking down a wall. Next Sunday we are starting with Plan A splitting the class.

Unsure Problem: Sunday, student who attends another youth group but comes to ours on Sunday and shares spiritual successes with me, proudly announced to me that Friday they had their first experience of being drunk in the Spirit. I smiled and nodded and nothing else because seconds later I had to run to the front and speaking to the congregation. The rest of the day I just felt uneasy about the statement and observing him. He was twitching and jerking about and every once and awhile laughing almost to the point of distraction. It is not that I do not think God can move in this way I am just not sure if he is or if it is my place to find out.

Good Problem: The youth group is planning a mission trip to Toronto. We reserved the last 11 spots with the group organizing the trip because that was all there was available. Six students took registration forms which was perfect because there are five leaders who also wanted to go. Only nine applications came back in and three leaders won’t be going. I want more space and there is none to be had.

Bad Problem: I like the new/reused blog layout. However, the banner keeps moving over so you see a line from the original template and I have no clue how to make it disappear.

Fun Problem: I’m playing Zelda Wind Waker. I no longer jump (as much) when bad guys jump out at me and I’ve made it all the way to the first dungeon, which in reality isn’t very far but very good for me. I am here and can’t kill the fire-pede

Bad Problem: I was knitting last night. I set down the knitting to talk on the phone. When I went back to the knitting the loose needle was missing. I checked under, around, and between the couch cushions and it is no where to be found. GRRR! I pout.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Last night I as I was driving from the library to the church it hit me “I have everything I need.” Not just a simple “I don’t have to run to the store because I got everything I need” thing (which I did because I had gone to the store before the library).

In that moment I came to a realization that I like my life -both who I am and where I am at. It was this beautiful, simple, satisfying, spiritual moment. There was no praying or singing but I was one of the best moments of worship for me because this my life is a blessing for God. I don’t think I have ever been that completely content with everything about me before. I have everything I need…that is my thankful Thursday thought this week.

Life is good!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Next?

I love to read; I’m just not sure what I should read next. I just got back from the library set down my new book next to my three recently purchased books and looked at the bookshelf behind me full of books yet to be read (there are 28). I have two books on the go at home five at the office. Then will come the borrowed ones...then what? There are too many good books to read.

My shelf of books to read sorted by binding colour.

***Addition February 19, 2009***

On the Book Shelf:
1) Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions –George Barna
2) Every Woman’s Battle (and the workbook) –Shannon Ethridge
3) Miniskirts, Mothers & Muslims –Christine A. Mallouhi
4) Do They Run When They See You Coming? –Jonathan McKee
5) This Beautiful Mess –Rick McKinley
6) A Fish Out of Water –George Barna
7) Why Not Women? –Cunningham & Hamilton
8) You Don’t Have To Cross The Ocean to Reach The World –David Boyd
9) Getting Honest With God –Mark Littleton
10) The Discipline of Grace –Jerry Bridges
11) The Pursuit of God –AW Tozer
12) Unveiling Mary Magdalene –Liz Curtis Higgs
13) Red Moon Rising –Greg & Roberts
14) Emotionally Healthy Spirituality –Peter Scazzero
15) Faith Teaching –Wamberg & Conaway
16) Can’t Wait for Sunday –Michael Walters
17) Litlith –George MacDonald
18) Leadership Essentials for Children’s Ministry Craig Jutila
19) Effective Youth Ministry –Fawcell & Nylen
20) After You Drop Them Off –Jeramy Clark
21) Amir sSalaam –Qawii
22) Leading from the Second Chair –Bonem & Patterson
23) Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry –Doug Fields (I’ve read about a quarter and I’m almost in my into my third year…)
24) Do Fish Know They’re Wet? –Tom Neven
25) The Ripple Church –Phil Stevenson
26) Walking on Water –Madeleine L-Engle

Removed from the Shelf:

27) Operation World –it’s more of a resource like a dictionary or encyclopedia
28) Lords of the Earth –it was miss shelved; I already read it two years ago
29) Evangelism: God’s Most Excellent Adventure –Mike MacNeil, I found this in the church library last year with it’s wonderful purple cover. It’s an older version of the Personal Evangelism text Born To Raze Hell.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Space Reflects Learning

Things have been good at the church. Little things are coming together , like having decorations that match the children’s ministry series. This month it’s a car mechanic theme. January’s theme was a ranch-western titled “Beefeians” from Kidmo. Two wonderful women are helping make all the theme upping happen. Here are some of the pictures from last month that I just uploaded to my computer:

My Best Valentine Ever!

One of the children made this for me:


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Attitude Check

Morning came too early today. It would have been nice if 7 o’clock could have been postponed a few hours. The edge of the bed was a mirage and I was willing to give up the quest for waking up but there was a huge interchurch ladies breakfast (cooked by the men) at the church.

I after the delicious meal with good friends I was more than a little tempted to slip off to my office and work (or take a nap) and skip the music/speaker worship. I didn't want to go. No desire at all. But I did. I am glad. It was a long song set 8 songs I think…it only took the first four or five to change my mood, refocuses my thoughts, and renew hope and life in my. I’m learning that the thing I really don’t want to do is often the best thing for me.

Friday, February 13, 2009

True Story

Some one shared Amena Brown’s Masterpiece with me. I had never heard of her before last week, I have since searched youtube for more of her spoken word poetry and this one stood out:

From being religious to getting real…wow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for storm days.

Yes I am.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For the Love of Yarn

After Steph’s encouragement I requested a Ravelry membership. I got my invitation on Monday. I am in love with the site; it was a one-stop shop for all things knitting online. I foresee much time being wasted looking at patterns. There are so many great projects, free patterns, and yarn goodness. The line of projects I want to do is getting very long. The only thing stopping me from buying mountains of wool to begin is my personal resolve not to start any new projects till I finish the ones I have started (only two left).

The best part of Ravelry is that other knitters noticed the beautiful sweater on Fringe two weeks back. One member is working on making a pattern from a screen shot. By the time the pattern is ready I should be done everything I currently have on the go.

In other knitting news, I returned to the Knit one Purl two this week. It isn’t what I was looking for. The group is small but it is good to make time for something I enjoy and connect with the other two knitters. I’ll be posting finished projects soon.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

After Ministerial

Tonight was one of those odd nights at youth when everything seems wrong. I left Moncton right after the last ministerial session (11ish) and arrived at Becca’s at 5:15pm because I stopped in Halifax to visit Heidi B. I was tried and not in the mood but at the same time excited for a chance to share the message God had given me.

It wasn’t the disaster I expected. There was the normal grumbling and complaining but two leaders noticed they listened to the message even if they pretended not to.

Things to be thankful for this Thursday:

-comfy beds with duvets
-yummy ribs (gotta love Montanans)
-my Missions Buddy (the lovely Selinda)
-hugs from Dee
-prayer with pastors
-great talks with friends, mentors, and people I respect
-encouragement (especially to finish my nanowrimo novel)
-home cooked meals when I don’t have to do the dishes, thanks Becca!
-my church family