Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Problems // Bad Problems

Good Problem: The preschool class is too big both for the size of the room and the number of volunteers. We have five possible solutions that could work from moving rooms to knocking down a wall. Next Sunday we are starting with Plan A splitting the class.

Unsure Problem: Sunday, student who attends another youth group but comes to ours on Sunday and shares spiritual successes with me, proudly announced to me that Friday they had their first experience of being drunk in the Spirit. I smiled and nodded and nothing else because seconds later I had to run to the front and speaking to the congregation. The rest of the day I just felt uneasy about the statement and observing him. He was twitching and jerking about and every once and awhile laughing almost to the point of distraction. It is not that I do not think God can move in this way I am just not sure if he is or if it is my place to find out.

Good Problem: The youth group is planning a mission trip to Toronto. We reserved the last 11 spots with the group organizing the trip because that was all there was available. Six students took registration forms which was perfect because there are five leaders who also wanted to go. Only nine applications came back in and three leaders won’t be going. I want more space and there is none to be had.

Bad Problem: I like the new/reused blog layout. However, the banner keeps moving over so you see a line from the original template and I have no clue how to make it disappear.

Fun Problem: I’m playing Zelda Wind Waker. I no longer jump (as much) when bad guys jump out at me and I’ve made it all the way to the first dungeon, which in reality isn’t very far but very good for me. I am here and can’t kill the fire-pede

Bad Problem: I was knitting last night. I set down the knitting to talk on the phone. When I went back to the knitting the loose needle was missing. I checked under, around, and between the couch cushions and it is no where to be found. GRRR! I pout.


Lavrador said...

Good Night and God bless you!

Robin said...

Your blog looks OK on my browser.

Elizabeth said...

And it looked fine in firefox. Maybe it is just explorer that has the issues...or my computer?

Oh, and I found away past the firepede without having to kill it and am now taking on the dungeon boss.

Steph said...

Ben says hit it and it will turn into a ball, then hit it with the hammer. Then I told him you don't have the hammer. Then he said throw it in the lava once it's in a ball.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Steph,

I threw water at it then carried a jug over threw water at the lava and jumped on the new rock before it could attack.