Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pancake Tuesday

Lent begins tomorrow, the season when we give up or add into our lives for the purpose of getting closer to Jesus. Last week I gave a sermon on fasting at Rally in the Valley partly because Lent was so close. Preparing the message was amazing for me. I grew in my understanding of a discipline I’ve participated in since I was a teen. I found this, not sure who said it but it stood out to me, “We give up something –for the sake of something better. A fast is considered a spiritual discipline only when there is an international effort to fill that space with spiritual activity.”

Since the 15th I’ve been thinking about what I’d give up for Lent. I want to be intentional in what I give and active in adding something good so I’ve decided on media while alone. This will mostly be movies at home while I knit but it is also includes gaming (Zelda will have to wait), TV shows I watch alone, and non-research, work, or blog related internet use. Things that are allowed are already established TV nights with friends, movie nights out with friends, and ministry events that may include movie watching. I haven’t completely decided how/what I am going to add into my life.

Now I am off to eat pancakes with friends. Yay for pancake Tuesday and pancakes for supper!


Steph said...

Can we have a phone date this week? Sorry I wasn't home on Monday - it snowed. A lot.

Elizabeth said...

It did snow a lot Monday. I had similar not at home issues made me frustrated and sad. I couldn't go to work because of the snow and I couldn't get back in my drive-way because of the ice so I ended up being stranded at a friends house for four hours. Only good thing was I finished a baby blanket and almost finished a pair of mittens.

I'll call tomorrow (Wed)?

Have you ever knit/finished a pair of socks? I think I might make myself a pair next.

Steph said...

I knit socks frequently. I do them toe up with Magic loop two at a time.
I just ordered a sock blank from knit picks and can't wait to dye it and try it out.