Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For the Love of Yarn

After Steph’s encouragement I requested a Ravelry membership. I got my invitation on Monday. I am in love with the site; it was a one-stop shop for all things knitting online. I foresee much time being wasted looking at patterns. There are so many great projects, free patterns, and yarn goodness. The line of projects I want to do is getting very long. The only thing stopping me from buying mountains of wool to begin is my personal resolve not to start any new projects till I finish the ones I have started (only two left).

The best part of Ravelry is that other knitters noticed the beautiful sweater on Fringe two weeks back. One member is working on making a pattern from a screen shot. By the time the pattern is ready I should be done everything I currently have on the go.

In other knitting news, I returned to the Knit one Purl two this week. It isn’t what I was looking for. The group is small but it is good to make time for something I enjoy and connect with the other two knitters. I’ll be posting finished projects soon.

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