Friday, February 27, 2009

Over and Done ~ Mom Don’t Read For Two Weeks

A year or so ago, I declared that I was going to finish all my “on the go” knitting projects. There were five items waiting to be completed. All had been started in either 2004 or 2005. As a reward for completing/consequence for not I also decided I would not allow myself to buy any new yarn or start any new knitting projects until very thing was done. The commitment got me motivated for about a month. Then projects were shelved (again). I just learned to suffer with my decision. I would drool over the pretty colors and textures till I had to stop visiting craft stores all together.

This month everything changed. The last three projects were finished this week. Thanks largely to the Tuesday night knitting group. Sadly, I was talking to the organizer and learn the group was just a Jan/Feb thing. There is not more knitting club. I will console myself with a long over due stop and the local Knit & Stitch store. Here are my completed projects (Ravelry friends can find project details on my page):

Daisy Stitch Scarf
Done in pink and maroon

Vine Lace Baby Blanket
This blanket is going to a friend’s first babygirl

Classic Ribbed Mittens
Belated birthday present for my mom .
I started them four years ago as a birthday present. She should receive them with in the next two week.

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