Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sunday, August 02, 2009

4 am Thoughts

1) 4 am is really early
2) Coffee is my friend (even if I don’t like the taste)
3) I don’t sleep well before trips…this isn’t good when you are the responsible adult leading the trip
4) I like the stillness of night before dawn
5) Even after double checking my I am sure I have forgotten to pack something…why is that?
6) For the first time since we began this mission trip planning I actually feel like its is going to happen which is good because it happens in three hours
7) I am nervous out of my mind. At the moment it is the thought of meeting the other youth leaders that is scaring me the most.
8) 4 am is really early

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Toronto Away

The team leaves tomorrow morning, we’ve got to be at the airport at 6am. For months we’ve been planning this week. I can’t believe it is here, at last here, I am going to be in Toronto this time tomorrow.

There have been up and down in the preparation process. There have been surprises and a disappointment. Michael put out his back early this month. Wednesday of this week he stepped down from going on the trip. Thankfully Scott stepped in to join the team, which is great because we had to have a driver and male chaperon.

Keep us in your prayers. I’m off to Toronto.