Monday, June 30, 2008

I Just Compared Life to a Video Game

I was driving one of our recent grads home, talking about facing post-high school challenges when I made compared facing the a new boss in a video game to new challenges. I never expected me to use video games as an illustration; I not much of a gamer but the metaphor worked.

The student and a few other grads were at my house for a fun congratulations pizza night. Right now there is avoid in things for post-youth group young adults. We want to help them stay connected to their faith and church. Does anyone have something that is working at their church or maybe suggestions they have heard about?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Conflict I Caused

I’ve been thinking through some ideas about ministry recently. They aren’t complete thoughts just me processing some transitions that I could (maybe) see working in the fall. Tonight, while sharing a fully prepared thought to a leadership team, I made a rabbit trail comment connected to the loose unfinished thoughts.

It was this statement that consumed the rest of the discussion. I attempted to explain and defend something I hadn’t totally defined to myself. I totally messed up in explaining myself. The words I choose where poor and did not communicate my heart or intentions or even why I thought these changes would be a benefit. Most got what I was trying to saying but not all. A dear friend heard something completely different from what I was trying to say. A heated discussion began that I wasn’t expecting because we were actually talking about two different things only I had not yet clued into the fact that there had been a misunderstanding (yet). When I caught that what I was trying to say had not been heard the way I intended it I tried to fix my mistake. The situation became a case of me digging myself into a deeper hole. Before I reached China, I was interrupted (an act of God maybe?) I had to get something out of my office for a friend, which was a good thing. I realized how emotional I was getting; I cried; the friend prayed; and I went in search of the other friend whom my words had hurt. I wanted to rectify the situation only the person had left because the meeting was over and they needed to be somewhere.

Life is complicated. I am in the wrong. I have hurt someone and must fix what I have broken. And that is my tale of my big mouth. I am still planning to post about time with family...should be soon before the trip becomes old news.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Omnipotent Liz?

A mom & preschooler playgroup meets Wednesday mornings at my church. The children play in the nursery area while the moms chat. After an hour or so they have a group snack then they join me for a Bible story/game/craft/colouring time. Today we were learning that Jesus calmed the storm and that we can ask Jesus for help in times of trouble.

For the game/story we acted out being in a boat. We pretended to sleep like Jesus. We pretended storm was rocking the boat. We made loud noises to be the wind and the rain. Then I stood and explained that Jesus told the wind and the waves to be still and everything became calm. Our colouring page showed a picture of Jesus in the boat calming the storm. One of the boys told me, “I like learning about Jesus.” It was a great time. We (about six kids) chatted about the picture and the story while we worked.

After we finished colouring they went and showed their moms their pictures. As a review I asked the children to tell their moms’ who had calmed the storm. No one spoke up so the mom’s encouraged them by asking their children “who calmed the storm?” Two of the little girls proudly announced in unison… “Pastor Liz did!”

Cute answer but I am going to have to rethink how we do things. What is the best way to commmunicate the message of the story so they hear more than facts and understand it?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Space Mystery Solved

I’m back. The week was amazing. I love my family! I’ll share about the visit later. Right now I what to share how the internet my sanity has been saved. The flights there and back were fair. West Jet surprised me with personal satellite TV. On the way to Ontario I channel surfed till I found Star Trek: The Next Generation (mixed with Jon and Kate Plus Eight). My flight back I watched TLC’s Little People Big World.

The downside to in-flight satellite TV is the flight announcements. The show doesn’t pause and you can’t rewind. For the most part those hiccups didn’t bother me, TLC shows are pretty easy to pick up but if frustrated me with the Star Trek. I missed the beginning, the announcements came during critical explanations, and they shut it off the TV for the decent before the show ended…GRRR!!! The last thing I saw was Troy killing Worf then preparing to kill herself.

All week I was going crazy trying to figure out what had happened. My cousins narrowed guessed it was from the finial season and with a bit of searching the mystery was solved. The episode title was “Eye Of The Beholder.” Yay for Trekkies and Wikipedia!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Waiting Game

I’m flying home today, “home” being where my extend family live in Ontario not “home” to see my parents and sister in Winnipeg.

It is 12:30 right now. The flight leaves at 4:45. I need to be at the airport at 3:30ish. It is about an hour drive so I should leave by 2:30; I am planning on leaving at 2:00. By the time I hit post on this blog entry I’ll have just over and hour to wait. It isn’t enough time to really start anything and everything I was going to do before I left is done. I am a little too jumpy to read and to antsy to eat. I should eat. What am I going to do for an hour?

Waiting is difficult.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am bursting at the seams with joy. I just bought tickets to fly to Ontario to see my extended family. Both my parents families are in the southern Ontario area (mostly Hamilton and London areas). I have been back and forth about where to spend my vacation. My options were stay home and hid under my blankets with a book, visit Steph in Moncton (sorry Hon I can’t come now), visit Anne (of Green Gables…it is the 100 year anniversary after all), or fly to family in Ontario. With my lack of decision making it looked like blankets and books were going to be my “rest” till tonight, just moments ago in fact, when I booked flights to Hamilton. I am so excited.

Other things have been joyful too. I am thankful this day because…

-I got to spend it at the zoo with some young children who reminded me about energy, discovery, and how cool it is when animals stick out their tongues.
-I learned yet again how awesome Gina is when she rescued me from an awkward situation of being locked out of the church half hour before youth group
-Even thought I was frazzled as the students arrived and not everything was ready the night worked out
-The youth keep me in line about things that seem small but are big…without even knowing it.

I am thankful...

...and going home!