Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Space Mystery Solved

I’m back. The week was amazing. I love my family! I’ll share about the visit later. Right now I what to share how the internet my sanity has been saved. The flights there and back were fair. West Jet surprised me with personal satellite TV. On the way to Ontario I channel surfed till I found Star Trek: The Next Generation (mixed with Jon and Kate Plus Eight). My flight back I watched TLC’s Little People Big World.

The downside to in-flight satellite TV is the flight announcements. The show doesn’t pause and you can’t rewind. For the most part those hiccups didn’t bother me, TLC shows are pretty easy to pick up but if frustrated me with the Star Trek. I missed the beginning, the announcements came during critical explanations, and they shut it off the TV for the decent before the show ended…GRRR!!! The last thing I saw was Troy killing Worf then preparing to kill herself.

All week I was going crazy trying to figure out what had happened. My cousins narrowed guessed it was from the finial season and with a bit of searching the mystery was solved. The episode title was “Eye Of The Beholder.” Yay for Trekkies and Wikipedia!

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Anonymous said...

let me guess...Westjet? I came in to Halifax on Thursday and noticed how annoying that was.