Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Omnipotent Liz?

A mom & preschooler playgroup meets Wednesday mornings at my church. The children play in the nursery area while the moms chat. After an hour or so they have a group snack then they join me for a Bible story/game/craft/colouring time. Today we were learning that Jesus calmed the storm and that we can ask Jesus for help in times of trouble.

For the game/story we acted out being in a boat. We pretended to sleep like Jesus. We pretended storm was rocking the boat. We made loud noises to be the wind and the rain. Then I stood and explained that Jesus told the wind and the waves to be still and everything became calm. Our colouring page showed a picture of Jesus in the boat calming the storm. One of the boys told me, “I like learning about Jesus.” It was a great time. We (about six kids) chatted about the picture and the story while we worked.

After we finished colouring they went and showed their moms their pictures. As a review I asked the children to tell their moms’ who had calmed the storm. No one spoke up so the mom’s encouraged them by asking their children “who calmed the storm?” Two of the little girls proudly announced in unison… “Pastor Liz did!”

Cute answer but I am going to have to rethink how we do things. What is the best way to commmunicate the message of the story so they hear more than facts and understand it?


Jo said...

I think teaching kids about Jesus is's hard to get them to imagine or conceptualize a Man-God that they cannot see in real life.

Sarah Beth said...

That is funny Liz!