Monday, June 30, 2008

I Just Compared Life to a Video Game

I was driving one of our recent grads home, talking about facing post-high school challenges when I made compared facing the a new boss in a video game to new challenges. I never expected me to use video games as an illustration; I not much of a gamer but the metaphor worked.

The student and a few other grads were at my house for a fun congratulations pizza night. Right now there is avoid in things for post-youth group young adults. We want to help them stay connected to their faith and church. Does anyone have something that is working at their church or maybe suggestions they have heard about?


Aaron Perry said...

hey, liz, we have a pretty strong group of young adults in our church, but i'm not sure we're doing anything too secretive. i have found that even among some i never thought really cared, that developing their faith with study was still important. i have also found that making the time fun is essential. some teens and young adults are leaving times in their lives where fun was most important and we've tried to integrate it into our time together.

Aaron Perry said...

also, best wishes in your conflict resolution. i have been there too many times.