Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am bursting at the seams with joy. I just bought tickets to fly to Ontario to see my extended family. Both my parents families are in the southern Ontario area (mostly Hamilton and London areas). I have been back and forth about where to spend my vacation. My options were stay home and hid under my blankets with a book, visit Steph in Moncton (sorry Hon I can’t come now), visit Anne (of Green Gables…it is the 100 year anniversary after all), or fly to family in Ontario. With my lack of decision making it looked like blankets and books were going to be my “rest” till tonight, just moments ago in fact, when I booked flights to Hamilton. I am so excited.

Other things have been joyful too. I am thankful this day because…

-I got to spend it at the zoo with some young children who reminded me about energy, discovery, and how cool it is when animals stick out their tongues.
-I learned yet again how awesome Gina is when she rescued me from an awkward situation of being locked out of the church half hour before youth group
-Even thought I was frazzled as the students arrived and not everything was ready the night worked out
-The youth keep me in line about things that seem small but are big…without even knowing it.

I am thankful...

...and going home!

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