Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some Parties are Killer

Tonight’s was one of them. Last year I had a list of 25 challenges to accomplish during my 25th year. One goal that didn’t happen due to technical difficulties (everyone was so busy that there were no free weekends) was hosting a murder mystery dinner.

Too late to count for the challenge, the dinner finally happened. Eight of us gathered to solve "Murder at Tall Oaks." It was great. Each of us played one of the suspects, all with motives to kill. After three chapters, great food, and some wild guesses on whodunit, the real murder was discovered.

The crew.

To make things fair and interesting roles were randomly given out. It ended with guys playing girls and girls playing guys. From L to R: Dr. Alan the respected local physician (Susan), Vince the old war buddy (Gina), Mary the gorgeous girlfriend (Liz), Simone the prominent attorney (Kelly), Father O’Malley the new parish priest (Becca), Lulu the famous auto racer’s widow and mother of Mary (Ryan), Cherie the beautiful maid (Colette), and Jefferson the successful publisher (Michael).

Dr. Alan, the confirmed bachelor, had this great line, "I love a woman with a good head on my shoulders."

Jefferson making some calls. I loved the bow tie.

The murderess.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #22

I like Thankful Thursdays, it is a specific moment each week when I proposfully focus on all the good in my life. Some times the things I’m most thankful for are so "small" it that I am also reminded the joy found in simple things. This week has been no different. I love God.
This week I am thankful for:

-The Isnor’s for letting us use their pool, yard, and BBQ for the end of the year youth party, which ended 30 minutes ago. My hair is still wet. It was wonderfully fun.
-Fugee-o cookies and the youth who brought them to tonight’s party.
-New glasses and Blue Cross, which will assist in the payment for them.
-Girlie nails. For as long as I can remember I’ve bitten my nails. Saturday the church had a silent auction to support a mission trip and I bid on a fancy nail treatment. As of 4 pm today I have ‘gel’ white tipped nails.
-Finding what was lost. This week I lost and found my rings and I finally found my Japanese T-4 that I had put in a very safe place last August. I have yet to find my cell phone.
-Movie night with the girls, we saw Nancy Drew. It was just great being with friends.
-Acts of kindness
-Frenchy shopping with Gina. And finding two amazing dresses that actually fit me!
-Invitations for dinner
-My dad
-Amazing children’s ministry works, without I’d be lost, they do so much to make me look good.
-Church families that support and love me.
-My church

The Show Must Go On

Since the end of April most of my energy and creativity has been poured into preparation for the church’s first ever children’s musical. This past Sunday was the show. After the dress rehearsal on Saturday I was worried. It was horrible, worst than I had expected. I had to step out at one point because I felt the tears welling up and I didn’t want the children seeing me cry. The hardest thing five or six kids just didn’t show up and they had lines and solo. I was frazzled. I had fear.

I know the saying, bad dress good show. If it is true our play would be pretty spectacular. The Sunday morning of the play started well. I got up early, I was full of energy. All these loose ends came together. And three kids who hadn’t come to the dress were there and ready to go. I thought, "hey this might actually come together". Then 15 minutes before the service started we got two calls saying their children weren’t coming (five children). Made things interesting. Yet is all came together and was amazing. There were tons of missed lines, forgotten actions, total confusion, but everyone seemed to love it. We’ve even had requests from parents to do another one.

The "best moment" happened near the beginning of the musical. Just before the second song, one of the spunky guys who had missed the dress jumped up from his spot ran across the stage, while the acting was happening, jumped off the stage, run over to the choir director asked a question and ran back to his place. Hilarious.

It was great. I’ve learned a lot. I am glad it is behind me. The next "big" drama event for me is this Friday night. A group of friends are having a murder mystery dinner. I am so excited. I love my character and costume. Tomorrow I am going to get my nails done girlie. Yea for being a super sleuth…or a murder.

Friday, June 22, 2007

What was lost is found...
There is Hope.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #21

I'm thankful for this day
for the sun,
the clouds,
for the green leaves on trees,
and wild flowers.

I'm thankful for my friends
the ones close by who share pizza, movies, and tea,
the ones I only seem to be able to connect with on Facebook or msn,
the ones who are serving God in other countries,
and the ones who when we're on the phone can talk about nothing and everything.

I am thankful for this amazing soup I just tried, broccoli and cheddar, so good.

I am thankful for creative ideas, second chances, and hope.

God, for all these things, thank you.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On Writing Or This Late Hour

I enjoy this space. Having a place to capture thoughts and the personal motivation to write is (I can't think of a better word than 'nice' but it is 'nice') nice. Last week it felt off only posting daily. I enjoy thinking up thoughts to share and just the writing. Sadly there is a but, actually there could be more than one but only one to be shared at this time.

Posting is affecting my sleep. I normally write sometime in the evenings (after everything else is done). That can be anywhere between 10pm and 2am. It's affecting my mood the next day. I love being up at night there is just something special about the stillness and quiet. Those hours seem to help me write. I've tried switching my computer time. It hasn't been successful yet. I've even thought about just not blogging. With six minutes till midnight I end with...grrrr, self, grrrr.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fresh Start

Oh the pain. Why do people run? I feel like someone cut the muscles in the back of my calves in half and stretched the remainder to cover the space. I know there is a moment when I enjoy running, this point when it feels like flying, and freedom, and pure joy. Tonight, my first run in over a year did not reach that moment.

Three weeks ago I was at my friend Danielle’s place, she was telling me about how her running was going and about an upcoming race she was training for. I talked about my desire to do a half marathon "someday". The conversation ended with me agreeing to start training, first with a 5km goal but ultimately the full 20km for a race in October. I’ve put off starting because of a lack of a timer. The running program has you running for so many minutes then walking. Each week you increase the overall time as well as the running stretches. On my way home today I bought a simple timer from the dollar store. And the running begins again... all because of a timer.

Thankful Thursdays #20

I realize it is Monday, please just go with it. Last week was very full. Thursday I woke discouraged. It was one of those times praising is in spite of what the current circumstances. By bed time everything seemed different but I didn’t feel like writing. Since then like things have really stood out to me as great and wonderful. These are the moments and things I have been thankful for…

-Driving with trees on both sides of the road
-Shopping adventures, but it was more who I was with than what I was doing
-Sharing with a confidant when it seems the world has fallen apart
-Caf├ęs that give an atmosphere that inspires
-The stillness and silence after being surrounded by many people
-Invitations for dinner
-Walks and freezes with a friend
-Walks by myself
-Stories that touch my heart
-My church
-Long phone calls with my parents
-Studio Ghibli and Mr. Miyazaki’s films
-The promise of tomorrow

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On Their Minds...

After reading these upcoming questions at the end of last week one of the guys made me smile when he said, those are the type of questions that only God knows the answer and we just have to trust he is good.

I think there is going to be an interesting discussion this Thursday. What are your thoughts on their questions?

Why did God create humans if he knew they would sin?

Why do good people go to hell if they aren’t saved?

What happens to people who don’t have a chance to accept Christ like babies and mentally challenged people, do they go to heaven or hell?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Past Frustrated!

I woke early this morning. It’s only 9:45 and I have already stopped to see two friends who were working, had a chai latte, and bought a cute baby outfit (for a friends baby) at a yard sale. Then I made my way church early to do some posting before kids arrived for our play practice. I had planned to post a clip from youtube in that time. It’s been almost an hour and still no video. This is the essence of frustration.

I realized the first error was because I had changed my account to google but hadn’t updated my youtube account info. But even after that correction I am still getting failure notices. If there is a blogger setting that needs to be changed I can’t figure it out. GRRRR! And neither sites “help” was helpful. If you have wisdom that could shed light on this current issue I would greatly GREATLY appreciate it!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #19

This past Tuesday I was wearing my absolute favorite pair of dress shoes of all time. I was walking to my car when the strap broke and my beloved shoes became unwearable. I was angry. What was I going to wear the rest of the day. Thankfully I had shoes in the car, which put me in a more grateful frame of mind.

So I am thankful for my once dear shoes and that they lasted this long. They were wonderful. They were black so they went with everything and had a decent heel but still comfortable. I could wear them all day and my feet wouldn't hurt. And I am thankful for my dear friend Steph who gave them to me because she saw my need and met it. Now the quest to replace them begins.

I am also thankful for green being back and all the greenness on the trees, the beautiful stars that filled the sky tonight, for good questions, for smart friends with answers, watching TV with friends, sherbet, good books, and tea.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Questions

These are a few more of the questions my youth group are asking:

1) Why can't we see angles?
2) Why don't people live longer, like in Genesis?
3) Does God forgive all sins, even the worst ones, if the person shows remorse?
4) If someone has led an evil life but prays on their death bed, will God forgive them?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lucky Numbers

I had a good chat with my dad. There was some randomness. Out of the blue he asked me if it was wrong to purchase a 649 ticket. My response was yes. My defense was that for Christians it divides our loyalty and causes us to trust a source other than God to provide our needs. Dad thought it was an acceptable answer. Then I came back with this question, "Is it wrong to accept a lottery ticket as a gift?" We didn’t really come to a consensus. What do you think, is it wrong to check the numbers of a ticket that was a gift?

I Like Apples*

The 75th Apple Blossom Festival weekend was everything it should be: friends, fun, and fish. Actually there was no fish, I couldn’t think of another word that began "F". Wait, there were fireworks a small amount because of minor complications but fireworks none the less. This weekend I also met some new people, saw the children’s parade, had my first pannini (spelling?), visited a cool retro store, watched a movie, had a play rehearsal, ate pizza, hang out with some amazing kids, surprised a friend singing happy birthday, and (this is HUGE) rode a horse with an ENGLISH saddle. This was a first. I think I like western more.

It was a full weekend. We decided to end the weekend with a late show this evening. Everyone had seen the three three-quels so the group decided on Knocked Up. I had seen the previews and knowing myself said I didn’t think I would like it so I wouldn’t spend money to see it. After a few unrelated conversations a friend said she would pay for my ticket so I wouldn’t feel I was wasting money. Still believing I would be disappointed but wanting to spend more times with friends I agreed to go. Since the plans were out of the blue I didn’t check the rating. First five minutes I was uncomfortable it grew through out the movie. There were a few parts I enjoyed and even laughed at. But for the most part I wanted to cover my ears and eyes (That was a reverse Klob-sandwich for those who might care). There was strong use of language, sexual content, nudity, and drug use. I spent parts of the movie admiring the far wall. I felt dirty watching it and guilt for staying. I wanted to walk out. I didn’t. I debated my options and reasons most of the film. Still never moved. What would you do and how do you feel about walking out of movies?

*The following was written in the wee hours after 1 am when I think I am really cleaver and witty but really am not. I have no idea if the thoughts I penned make sense or just babble. I am not sure if I chose the right words that were in my head. There are times am sure that the things in my head do not sound as well in black and write pixels as they did in my head. There could be mistakes upon mistakes, please enjoy the aixelsyd.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #18

I am so blessed, so very, very blessed. God has been good to me. This week I am thankful for:

-God’s protection while driving
-Matthew and AP’s comments they help in forming tonight’s message
-My Grandma Stewart
-Surprise visits to the ice cream shop
-My friend Jo
-Reconnecting with amazing friends who I’ve missed for so long but had no way to contact.
-Long talks with my mom about absolutely nothing that last and last and all of a sudden the subject is deep and we share. It is beautiful to me. My mom is wonderful.
-Apple Blossom Weekend and Gina and Kelly who won’t let me miss the fireworks.
-Faithful saints