Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fresh Start

Oh the pain. Why do people run? I feel like someone cut the muscles in the back of my calves in half and stretched the remainder to cover the space. I know there is a moment when I enjoy running, this point when it feels like flying, and freedom, and pure joy. Tonight, my first run in over a year did not reach that moment.

Three weeks ago I was at my friend Danielle’s place, she was telling me about how her running was going and about an upcoming race she was training for. I talked about my desire to do a half marathon "someday". The conversation ended with me agreeing to start training, first with a 5km goal but ultimately the full 20km for a race in October. I’ve put off starting because of a lack of a timer. The running program has you running for so many minutes then walking. Each week you increase the overall time as well as the running stretches. On my way home today I bought a simple timer from the dollar store. And the running begins again... all because of a timer.


matthew said...

i don't like running. it is too hard. biking is more fun!

Elizabeth said...

I am afraid of bikes, I am.

matthew said...

haha, why's that?

Anonymous said...

can I run with you? I've always wanted to do a marathon.


Elizabeth said...

Sure Heidi, it's only a half marathon but for sure you can join us. The more the merrier.

Matthew, no reason comes to mind. I loved riding my bike as a kid. Not sure what happened. Scares me now.