Monday, June 04, 2007

Lucky Numbers

I had a good chat with my dad. There was some randomness. Out of the blue he asked me if it was wrong to purchase a 649 ticket. My response was yes. My defense was that for Christians it divides our loyalty and causes us to trust a source other than God to provide our needs. Dad thought it was an acceptable answer. Then I came back with this question, "Is it wrong to accept a lottery ticket as a gift?" We didn’t really come to a consensus. What do you think, is it wrong to check the numbers of a ticket that was a gift?


matthew said...

94 is lucky

And I don't think it's wrong to check the numbers of a gift.

Steph said...

I used to always get scratch tickets for my birthday from my grandfather. I always joked it would be fun to pay off my Bethany tuition with lottery money.

Elizabeth said...

It would