Friday, April 29, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island: May 4

Thoughts On Last Nights Episode:
The first half of the episode was predictable. Philip was Philip, there was people drama, Matt survived another duel, Rob plotted, someone got immunity and rewards, and everyone else scrambled and plotted. Then a great twist at tribal council -another immunity challenge and a second person sent to Redemption Island. Rob already prepared for this option and prepared his tribe to vote out the last Zapatera.

Predictions for Next Show: May 4
I think the blond girl will be going to the island next. Even if the tribe can muster support to vote out Rob he still has a hidden immunity idol. I don't know the names of the girls still on the island.

What's On The "To Read" Shelf

I enjoy reading. I love books. No, sorry, I apologize, the word "love" does not truly convey my admiration for books. I LOVE books! Books make me weak in the knees. Visiting a bookstore makes me giddy with joy. Libraries are grand institutions. A full bookshelf is a work of art. A new book is a treasure. A pile of books waiting to be read is a beautiful thing. I simply adore books. Books are the great love of my heart (after Jesus and my family). I feel we could be having a conversation right now that would sound something like:
    Me: "Hello, my name is Elizabeth.
    "Readers" "Hello, Elizabeth."
    Me: "It's been two days since my last book purchase."
Yes, bookstores may be my undoing. Not just bookstores, any place that sells books. You know those gift stores at museums and national parks. I am tempted to buy books on art, history, bird watching, or growing an editable garden on your window sill (and I kill plants). During the family vacation at Disney, I managed to find the one "writer's nook" tea and bookshop...I bought books. Book tables at conferences, used book stores, books at yard sales, Chapters, all these are more dangerous to me than shoe stores, craft stores, and places that sell board games combined. It takes a huge amount of self control, an act of God, and a lack of money to leave without adding more books to my library and that isn't always enough thanks to plastic and credit.

That was a huge lead in to say my "to read pile" is consistently growing. In 2009 I shared my list of 26 books waiting to be read....the list/pile has grown. The picture you see up there in the corner is the "to read shelf" at my office. There is another pile of books wanting to be read at home, which is seperate from the books I am borrowing form others or the list of books I am waiting for the library to get in for me.

Yep...I love books, maybe too much. For me the problem is choosing what to read next. The first half are books that are "new" and the second half are the books that are still waiting to be read two years later:

1) Call of the Camino
2) Spanish Steps
3) The Calvary Road
4) We Would See Jesus
5) Born Crucified
6) Why Pro-Life?
7) Traveling with Pomegranates
8) Contemplative Youth Ministry
9) Lost and Found
10) Starving Jesus
11) Losers Club
12) Up: devotions for teens
13) Come Thou Tortoise
14) When Nothing Matters Anymore
15) Volunteers that Stick -this will be a re-read
16) The Book that Transforms
17) Slumgirl Dreaming
18) The Woman's Complete Guide to Running -I picked this up when I still dreamed completing a marathon...giggle, I was so silly
19) Primal
20) Vintage Jesus
21) Hidden Sorrow
22) Sacred Spaces
23) God in the Ally -another re-read
24) Victory Over the Darkness -a re-read
25) Eternity in their Hearts
26) Experiencing God
27) The Bondage Breaker Youth Edition
28) The Red Letters
29) Leila
30) Escape from North Korea
31) Dalit Freedom
32) Operation Desert Light
33) The Productive Writer
34) Crazy Love
35) AIDS Action
36) Drops from a Leaking Tap
37) Youth Ministry from the Inside Out
38) Think Orange & the Handbook

Still Waiting to be Read:
1) Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions –George Barna
2) Every Woman’s Battle (and the workbook) –Shannon Ethridge -a re-read
3) Miniskirts, Mothers & Muslims –Christine A. Mallouhi
4) Do They Run When They See You Coming? –Jonathan McKee
5) This Beautiful Mess –Rick McKinley
6) A Fish Out of Water –George Barna
7) Why Not Women? –Cunningham & Hamilton someone borrowed this and it never came back
8) You Don’t Have To Cross The Ocean to Reach The World –David Boyd
9) Getting Honest With God –Mark Littleton
10) The Discipline of Grace –Jerry Bridges
11) The Pursuit of God –AW Tozer
12) Unveiling Mary Magdalene –Liz Curtis Higgs
13) Emotionally Healthy Spirituality –Peter Scazzero
14) Faith Teaching –Wamberg & Conaway
15) Can’t Wait for Sunday –Michael Walters
16) Litlith –George MacDonald
17) Leadership Essentials for Children’s Ministry Craig Jutila -a re-read
18) Effective Youth Ministry –Fawcell & Nylen
19) After You Drop Them Off –Jeramy Clark
20) Amir sSalaam –Qawii
21) Leading from the Second Chair –Bonem & Patterson
22) Do Fish Know They’re Wet? –Tom Neven -a re-read
23) The Ripple Church –Phil Stevenson
24) Walking on Water –Madeleine L-Engle

62 books! No wonder I struggle with what to read next, there are some great title in the "need to read pile. 62 books, wow, and that doesn't include the books I'm reading or are in the to read pile at home. Even if some of these are re-reads and more than ten were gifts I think I need to have another book buying fast. I didn't buy any books for about six months last year. I can do that again. It is decided:

No more buying books till both the office and home "to read" piles are under 40 books....I will think up the exceptions when I find a book I really want to buy.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday -Kimberly

After 100+ Thankful Thursdays I asking myself if I should keep it going. I've loved having the weekly exercise that reminds me to count my blessings. At the same time list stays the pretty much the same from week to week. But I like knowing that Thursdays is write about what or who I'm thankful for. So it is decided; Thankful Thursdays are here to stay but with a twist.

I am thankful for my friend Kimberly. Her family moved the the area just over two years ago and started attending New Hope. Her boys are in Kidsworld and come up with some of the best lines ever like "Pastor Wiz, I am going to draw God with a mustache because God has a mustache." We're go to the same life group and I have loved getting to know her, having tea together, and just becoming closer friends. For my birthday she totally went above and beyond and made my favourite cake for me...IT WAS AWESOME! I am very thankful for my friend Kimberly!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Next Adventure

The bliss of birthdayness has almost past (I've been promised cake at Life Group tonight). Other than my Favourite Atheist no longer trusting me (more because “you can’t trust anyone over 30” than my theist worldview) 30 doesn't feel any different than 29. I have been 30 for just over forty hours and I am trying to figure out what the new challenges will be. Someone asked me if I would make a new list of 30. The thought had crossed my mind. A “30 Challenges My 30th Year” would give direction... but I’m not sure if that is how I want to celebrate this year or if it would be in keeping with the 2011 goal of "Focus, Finish, Forge."

Monday, pre-birthday, I called my family. Dad and I were talked about the upcoming birthday, the end of my 20s and start of a decade. We decided that neither of us knows what we want to do when we grow up and that the next ten years it will be “The Decade of Adventures”.

It was a great conversation. I am not sure if we ever came to a consensus on what a “decade of adventures” was but the name sounds awesome. So, for that reason, I declare “The Decade of Adventures has begun!

For now, I have two ideas on where to begin: First, inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project, I am going to have a monthly theme, focus, or challenge. May will be the first month and I think the focus will be "habits." Second, this year I am going to have four grand adventures. Not sure what those adventures will be yet. They could be as simple as a hiking Cape Split or as elaborate as sailing around the world (which I am not currently planning on doing…this year). If I have a minimum of four adventures every year for the next ten year, when I turn forty, I’ll have had forty unique adventures. So that is the plan a challenge focus each month and four adventures this year!

While I thinking up adventures and how I want them to help shape my life I was reminded of this:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The End of the 30 Before 30 Challenge

I'm a year older! Have 365 days actually past since I set the 30 Before 30 Challenge? It must have because I'm 30 today. Where did the year go? Time flies when you're having fun...or procrastinating on challenges. This was the breakdown of the success/failure of the thirty challenges:
    Failed: 7 of 30 or 23%
    2) Memorize the Book of James
    3) Run 5km
    4) Jump out of an airplane
    7) Learn to crochet
    8) Finish my 2008 NaNoWriMo story
    14) Make a travel scrapbook
    27) Go rock climbing (indoor or outdoor)

    Started but Not Completed: 9 of 30 or 30%
    1) Read through the Bible
    6) Double the number of constellations I can find (I currently can locate the Big Dipper, Orion, Cassiopia, and sometimes the Little Dipper and Draco)
    20) Host a murder mystery
    21) Unpack all the boxes in my office/storage room
    22) Mail a letter every week
    25) Do something I’ve been putting off: like finish redoing my kitchen chairs
    26) Use 100% natural/homemade cleaning products
    28) Take a picture everyday
    29) Reduce as much debt as possible

    Finished Goals: 14 of 30 or 47%
    5) Learn to cook a new amazing “mouth-watering” meal
    9) Edit my 2009 NaNoWriMo story
    10) Participate in Nanowriomo 2010
    11) Take a class/seminar/course
    12) Study a second language (French, Hindi, Japanese?)
    13) Sleep under the stars
    15) Read 12 non-fiction books (14/12)
    16) Explore a new city
    17) Draw/paint 12 pictures
    18) Be thankful (52 weeks of Thankful Thursdays)
    19) Take photo booth pictures
    23) Take a whole day to hang out with my sister
    24) Watch a play/musical
    30) Eat local for a month or with monk like simplicity during lent -I'm counting my veggie month because fits within my reasons for including this challenge.
    *Bonus 31) It was suggested last year that I add a "go on a date" or "get married" goal. I thought (and still think) it was a silly idea but I have to thank a friend for more or less helping achieve a close to "go on date" goal and remind me I'm not totally hopeless when it comes to love and there is always hope.
I have mixed feelings about on the overall success of this years list. My first year long challenge list had 25 goals and I accomplished 20 (80%). This time I didn't even finish 50% of my goals, that makes me feel a little defeated. However, I recently read that in general people only achieve 25% of the goals they set for themselves. The author suggested we should set huge impossible goals bigger than we can accomplish in order to actually achieve the things we can and truly want to. If that principle is true than this 30 Before 30 project has been a huge success.

I am not sure the true merits of my goals can be assessed by either of those means. This wasn't a science project for me. A year ago I intentional choose of these tasks for a purpose. My overall hope was that in the midst of the day to day going to work, running errands, completing to-do-list, and sleeping that I didn't forget what life was about: God, people, and adventure. My motivation was to make sure I kept what matters to me at the center of my life.

This year has some huge twists and turns. I said goodbye to both my grandfathers which was sad, and difficult, but also gave me the chance to see family which was wonderful. I had the best family vacation ever! I made friends that are just awesome and I can't imagine my life without them, grew closer to friends I already loved and are blessed to have and had four unexpected reunions with missionary friends. My heart was twitterpated, crushed,healed and no longer afraid to risk love. I tried new things, been new places, and saw beauty. I sought God and He found me and not in "duty, habits, and spiritual disciplines" (which was what challenges 1 & 2 were all about) those things have helped they weren't were it started. He encountered me in the questions and the stillness, in the beauty and friendship, in the sorrow and the joy.

No matter the roller coaster of emotions this past year has given me (and there have been highs and lows and everything in between). Every task might not been completed but I believe I am better for attempting to meet my goals and knowing when the reason for the goal is met even it the "assignment" wasn't. This year has been one grand, amazingly, wonderoulsy-awesome adventure. The best one yet and I can only assume the next will be equally filled with joy and suprises.

This year was a 100% successful!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Day

I love birthdays! I love having birthdays, and others birthdays, and birthday cards, and birthday gift shopping, and birthday cake (mine or others). I love birthdays! Birthday celebrations are amazingly fun. I start anticipating birthdays weeks, even months, in advance. This year has been no different. With the 30 Before 30 Challenges the thought that this is my last year in the 20s has been continually in the back of my mind. Which is better than my father who told me in February that he's been telling people for months that I am already 30...I'm not I still have four hours.

The birthday week started last Monday with the tea and the girls. From there the joy has continued to grow. LIFE IS GRAND! Each day, each hour, each moment has been a delight even when the emotions haven't agreed. And today, this last day of being 29, my last day in my 20s has been no different. It included sleeping in, lunch with a friend, buying of flowers, books, and shampoo, reading and naps, followed by a Best Word writing group meeting. It has been a wondrously grand day.

"Who has more fun than people!"
-my Grandpa Willson

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Simple Woman Daybook 56

FOR TODAY: April 24, 2011
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...greyness and rain

I am thinking...that I am not sure what book to re-read. The choices are Jesus for President, Searching for God Knows What, or A New Kind of Christian. Leaning towards the Donald Miller book.

Also thinking about Resurrection Sunday, preaching (more post-preaching reflections), birthdays, relationships, and joy.

I am thankful for...grace.

From the kitchen...had a cooking day Friday night, I think I have a week's worth of meals ready!

I am shoes, black dress with multicolored polka dots.

I am creating...a clutter-free home.

I am my friends home for Easter dinner.

I am reading...Sophie's World, Searching for God Knows What, Flatland, and Cross Your Fingers Hope to Spy.

I am hoping...for another grand joy filled week.

I am

Around the house...things are progressing slowly but steady.

One of my favorite things...birthdays.

A picture or two from the last week...This is the new "birthday" hairThis has been the Kidsworld Children's Ministry
"Sunday in Space" look for the past seven weeks.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday #52

I am thankful for...

1) Warm socks: warm clean socks make feet happy
2) The friends who are willing to listen and share in my thinking about life, faith, and other mysteries. I love each of you! If you were closer there would be hugs.
3) Tea with friends
4) People who love me even when I fail
5) Clean dishes and cleared counters
6) Hugs
7) Birthdays...and mine is just around the corner. This post ends a full year of Thankful Thursdays; yay success!

Survivor Redemption Island: Apr 27

Thoughts On Last Nights Episode:
1) I don't like the burning of the buffs.

2) Matt survived another duel; he could still win survivor!

3) Philip acts crazy, not sure if he is or if it's a game...or lack of food. The rice issue was almost painful to watch and then the shorts were taken. It made council very interesting.

4) Rob is in control of the tribe, he seems to be flying under the radar. He might finally win.

5) Jeff made me laugh, "okay, if this was therapy I'd say it was a good session. We'll do it again next week."

Predictions for Next Show: April 27
And then there were two....ZAPATERA. I suspect another Zapatera will be going to the island.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Troubles of Blogging

My head has been full of thoughts but there has been a general lack of writing, posting, and sharing of thoughts. The strange thing is I’ve wanted to expand on last Monday’s “I’m pondering life and faith” post every day since. I have things I want to share. I have had time to write. I’ve have even sat at my computer intending to write for hours with nothing productive to sure for it (I did win a few rounds of minesweeper).

The failure to post above my regular weekly themes got me thinking about blogging in general and my personal struggles to write lately. I like writing but I don’t think I’ve devoted any significant time to the hobby since November and the end of NaNoWriMo. My question is: why is blogging so hard? These are the answers I’ve come up with so far:
  1. Ideas come to me at the most convenient time like while driving. I can mentally work out a whole post and forget it before I have paper to capture the ideas on.
  2. I want to say it right the first time. There are so many times that have got caught up is trying to craft the first sentence to be “perfect” that the second sentence never gets written.
  3. I have a silly “three paragraphs rule” that gets in the way and adds to the stress for perfection mentioned in reason two. The rule is based on the observation that I normally won’t read something online over three paragraphs so I try write ideas in three paragraphs…it doesn’t work and that frustrates me and has kept me from posting.
  4. I have thoughts but I doubt that I can communicate them well or if it is something I am still processing I fear getting it “wrong” or not being able to defend my thought.
  5. Ideas are always growing and morphing. The questions I had last week might not be the questions of this week. There have been time that by the time I sit down to write a thought I have had I’m no longer interested.
  6. There is so many other things happening that take time. Something has to be dropped and for me writing "well" takes a long time.
  7. I'm scared of publishing thoughts or mistakes.
  8. The hay day of blogs has past and the blogosphere isn’t as important. I felt more pressure to keep posting when Matthew had his “blog of the month” contest and more people were sharing thoughts and linking to each other. The times they are a changing.
  9. I’ve been avoiding writing in general…not sure why. I think I just got out of the habit. I am holding out till I feel like writing and like everything else that could be a long time.
Those are some of the reasons I’ve been struggling with writing. Do you have any thoughts on why writing/blogging can be difficult? What about solutions? I want to write more frequently especially because I think I have things to share (as my head turns to goo) but I don’t think I am going to be any more prolific…I will try because I do like Bowl of Stew(art) and after six years and four months I’m just fourteen posts away from my 1000th article. I feel like there needs to be some type of celebration, mleh.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Simple Woman Daybook 55

FOR TODAY: April 17, 2011
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...a new day to be lived

I am thinking...that with each new discovery leads to a new series of questions. Life is kinda amazing! I'm also thinking about the song stuck in my head, theology, recent conversations, the books I'm reading, Best Friends, the sermon I'm working on for Good Friday and how I am going to place the hours tonight while on Inn From the Cold.

I am thankful for...hugs.

From the kitchen...that would mean I had to cook something this week at home, right? Right, comment.

I am shoes, black skirt, and blue sweater soon I'll be adding the blue wig and star antenna for the space theme children's ministry costume to be complete.

I am creating...more questions.

I am RITV later today.

I am reading...Sophie's World.

I am productive.

I am hearing...the hum of my computer.

Around the house...this is another no comment question.

One of my favorite things...reunions. I hugged Missions Buddy Friday.

The song currently stuck in my head...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island: Apr 20

Thoughts So Far:
1) Former ZAPATERA are going to be picked off one by one. Two were gone by the end of last night's episode...there only hope is winning duel's on Redemption Island and becoming a powerful swing vote.

2) I hated watching Rob this week. I don't know if he's more intense or if it was the editing but didn't enjoy. It makes me sad.

3) Therefore Matt has moved up to my number one favourite, the underdog thing helped. I think Jeff Probst captured it well, "I think the only mistake he made was sharing his inner monologue with Rob. That’s the lesson I learned – when playing a game like Survivor, you don’t have to be so honest, God will understand. But I must say, his faith in his God is pretty impressive and inspiring. Love the absolute commitment." You want this kid to win or at least last longer than Rob whose blindsided him twice.

4) Jeff Probst's blog is my favourite thing about this season of Survivor. I love when he gives his thoughts on big plays, characters motives, and the dynamics of challenges and tribal council. Reading his thoughts actually has me respecting and almost rooting for Rob again.

Predictions for Next Show: April 20
Someone from ZAPATERA and my guess is the strongest player if Matt wins the duel.

Thankful Thursday #51

One of my favourite responsibilities as the Children's Pastor is story time with the preschoolers during our Wednesday "Mom & Tots" playgroup group. The group doesn't actually have a name; it just is. The moms meet and chat; the kids have fun. There is a snack and then I have crafts, games, music and a bible story with the children while the moms chat some more. It's a great time. Best kid quotes happen on Wednesdays.

Yesterday's story was David giving thanks to God and we can give thanks to God because God loves us and with God we can do anything. We made paper trumpets, a lot of noise (another think I love about children's ministry no one cares that I can't carry a tune) and "Thank You God" posters. It was so like a thankful Thursday post I'm just going to share my poster:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Book is Not the Solution...

...but it can be part of the journey.

At this moment my mind is internally exploding and turning to goo. It started with a question, “Liz, was Job a real person?” and a journey in re-thinking began. It hasn’t been the only factor but that simple question was a snowflake that became a snowball that trigger an avalanche of questions, thoughts, ideas, and more questions.

It seems every conversation, every book, every prayer, every day is just adding the landslide of thoughts –not is a bad way. This rethinking journey is like a hunger to grow and seek and understand God more fully. It is challenging me to think about my life choices and habits and honestly ask if they line up with Jesus. It has been an adventure in looking at what I believe because it’s always been taught that way (or I just accepted and assumed because I never considered the subject) to discovering what Jesus said and how that translates into a biblical-Jesus-follower’s worldview.

And this adventure isn’t over; it seems it has just begun. My head is turning to goo but the conversations are still happening and it is a beautiful thing. I normally don’t share the things I am wrestling with or processing online. I wait till the thoughts are neat and tidy but this feels to big to wait and write later. So this is my invitation to you to read how the goo in my head is being created. I’ll start with a list, these are a few books I’ve read over the past two months:
    The Cheapskate Next Door –Jeff Yeager
    In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day –Mark Batterson
    100 Thing Challenge –Dave Bruno
    The Screwtape Letters –C.S. Lewis
    Jesus for President –Claiborne & Haw
    So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore –Jacobsen & Coleman

I can't decided if I want to do a review of each, lump similar themes together, or let you the read pick which I reflect on first. What would you like. Also as I read a few of these the idea kept coming to my mind oh so-in-so should read this book that would help them. It's funny because books are not the solution even if they are part of the journey. My favourite quote from the book I just finished:
"This life can't be neatly sewn up in the intellect.
It must be uncovered in the journey."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Simple Woman Daybook 54

FOR TODAY: April 10, 2011
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...blinds are closed...

I am thinking...about theology, the need for more sleep, the book I finished this week, recent conversations, and the play I saw last night. I like murder mysteries.

I am thankful for...T.V. night.

From the kitchen...enjoying new foods.

I am wearing....brown Mary-Janes (couldn't find black shoes), black dress with multicolored polka dots, coral sweater and of course the blue wig and star antenna.

I am theory a clutter free home but it hasn't been a high priority this past week.

I am going...home to sleep...after church.

I am reading...Prayer Works, The Christian Atheist, Primal, and So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore.

I am productive.

I am hearing...a four year old tell me about life and video games.

Around the house...the decluttering challenge deadline looms. I only have five days left.

One of my favorite things...pie!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thankful Thursday #50

Driving home from Life Group (home church) last night I was struck by how truly blessed because of the people in my life. People are remarkable. I love my family, friends, and church community. I love my life group, the girls, college friends I only connect with on Facebook or blogs, and my writing group. I love the new acceptances and long time friends. I am so blessed for those that encourage me and come along side me in troubles, for those who stand with me as a wrestle through questions, and those that bring the questions to light. I love the people I have the opportunity to know. So this week I am thankful for...

1) my family
2) my friends on speed dial who are just a call away
3) my friends far away
4) my friends close by
5) my life group
6) my agnostic and atheist friends....even when we disagree
7) my church family

Yep, I'm thankful for YOU! Thank you for being apart of my life.

Survivor Redemption Island: Apr 14

Thoughts So Far:
1) Merge comes with another win from Matt! He's back in the game! YAY!...and then the next twist. The Redemption Island duels will continue.

2) I love that Rob named the tribe Murlonio after an inside joke with Amber. I hope he makes it to the end. There are already whispers of a mutiny and Rob blindside. I hope he survives to the end.

3) A favourite thing in this game is the quotes. Lately they have been from Rob or Philip but this week's best quote goes to Matt "this game respects big moves." It's not that big but it fit the show so well.

4) WOW! Blindside --did not see Matt being voted out again. I love Rob's thoughts on the "Christian Coalition" and that any time people have something in common in this game they have to be broken up.

Predictions for April 14th:
I think Rob is in danger next week...but he has an idol so I can't see him visiting the island, yet.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Decluttering Update

Ten days to go and I am hopeful. I will overcome! I think I need to break the remaining tasks down into smaller jobs. But the bedroom, bathroom, entryway, and hallway are done! Well, almost done each of them have piles of get rid of stuff still only cause I have no place to store the piles till I figure out what to do with the stuff. There is too much stuff.

Also veggie eating is going well. I miss bacon.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Simple Woman Daybook 53

FOR TODAY: April 3, 2011
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...a snowy hill

I am thinking...tea, how to get B12 in my diet, boys, and theology.

I am thankful for...T.V. night.

From the meat.

I am flats, black & white printed skirt, black blouse, denim jacket with a white scarf...soon to add blue wig and star antenna.

I am creating...a clutter-free home.

I am a dance recital.

I am reading...The Grimm's Legacy and Jesus for President.

I am productive.

I am hearing...silence

Around the house...almost finished the decluttering the bathroom.

One of my favorite things...books

Friday, April 01, 2011

Crushed Hope, Day 18, & Veggie Month

It is cruel to play on the hopes of sci-fi fans for more Firefly even if it's April Fools Day. I declare the writers' of the cruel article false prophets. It makes me want to lash out with vengeance and cruses...but I won't. I will pray for my enemy.

Decluttering Day 18: The Bedroom
The original 31-Day Challenge has the next few days caring for rooms I don't have in my small apartment. So yeah for a chance to go back and taking care of what I couldn't do last week.

30 Day Vegetarian...again: One of my dearest friends has a birthday this month. I was hoping to do something special for her but couldn't think of the right gift till yesterday. See, she's a vegan and it is a lifestyle and a cause she cares deeply about. Her facebook status yesterday said, "[My brother is] going vegetarian for all of April as my birthday present! anyone who would like to be awesome too can join him (even for one day)!" So I'm in for the next 30-days. If anyone has suggestions, recipes, or tips I am very interested. I took this same challenge a few years ago. I thought I had done enough research but I don't think I was getting enough iron or protein. I noticed a huge improvement in my energy when I started eating meat again. I'd like to avoid that this time. So that is my plans for April, no meat starting today! Happy Birthday!...I already miss bacon.