Thursday, April 07, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island: Apr 14

Thoughts So Far:
1) Merge comes with another win from Matt! He's back in the game! YAY!...and then the next twist. The Redemption Island duels will continue.

2) I love that Rob named the tribe Murlonio after an inside joke with Amber. I hope he makes it to the end. There are already whispers of a mutiny and Rob blindside. I hope he survives to the end.

3) A favourite thing in this game is the quotes. Lately they have been from Rob or Philip but this week's best quote goes to Matt "this game respects big moves." It's not that big but it fit the show so well.

4) WOW! Blindside --did not see Matt being voted out again. I love Rob's thoughts on the "Christian Coalition" and that any time people have something in common in this game they have to be broken up.

Predictions for April 14th:
I think Rob is in danger next week...but he has an idol so I can't see him visiting the island, yet.

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