Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday #51

One of my favourite responsibilities as the Children's Pastor is story time with the preschoolers during our Wednesday "Mom & Tots" playgroup group. The group doesn't actually have a name; it just is. The moms meet and chat; the kids have fun. There is a snack and then I have crafts, games, music and a bible story with the children while the moms chat some more. It's a great time. Best kid quotes happen on Wednesdays.

Yesterday's story was David giving thanks to God and we can give thanks to God because God loves us and with God we can do anything. We made paper trumpets, a lot of noise (another think I love about children's ministry no one cares that I can't carry a tune) and "Thank You God" posters. It was so like a thankful Thursday post I'm just going to share my poster:

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Glo said...

So cute!