Friday, April 01, 2011

Crushed Hope, Day 18, & Veggie Month

It is cruel to play on the hopes of sci-fi fans for more Firefly even if it's April Fools Day. I declare the writers' of the cruel article false prophets. It makes me want to lash out with vengeance and cruses...but I won't. I will pray for my enemy.

Decluttering Day 18: The Bedroom
The original 31-Day Challenge has the next few days caring for rooms I don't have in my small apartment. So yeah for a chance to go back and taking care of what I couldn't do last week.

30 Day Vegetarian...again: One of my dearest friends has a birthday this month. I was hoping to do something special for her but couldn't think of the right gift till yesterday. See, she's a vegan and it is a lifestyle and a cause she cares deeply about. Her facebook status yesterday said, "[My brother is] going vegetarian for all of April as my birthday present! anyone who would like to be awesome too can join him (even for one day)!" So I'm in for the next 30-days. If anyone has suggestions, recipes, or tips I am very interested. I took this same challenge a few years ago. I thought I had done enough research but I don't think I was getting enough iron or protein. I noticed a huge improvement in my energy when I started eating meat again. I'd like to avoid that this time. So that is my plans for April, no meat starting today! Happy Birthday!...I already miss bacon.


nuchtchas said...

I don't know what you normally eat but I highly recommend my Italian style pizza

2 WW wrap (or other flat tortilla like wrap)
tomato sauce (you can buy the Almers pouches at the grocery store)
Shredded mozzarella
veggie peperoni (they have them with the tofu at the grocery store)

lay the wrap on a cookie sheet. Put a spoonful or two of sauce on it, some shredded cheese and 4 pieces of veggie peperoni on top.
Spray with pam and bake for like 10 minutes, fast, easy and yummy

Glo said...

WOW, I don't love any of my friends enough to do that. good luck Liz.

Jecca said...

You LOVE me!!! :) And I love you! Seriously, I could not ask for a better gift from any of my friends! It was my brother's own idea, which I thought was just the sweetest most wonderful thing! :)

I recommend lots of fresh fruit and veggies, whole grains (w/w pasta, brown rice), beans & lentils, tofu, your favorite nuts and seeds (peanut butter!), and anything else that's in the produce section of your grocery store. By the end of the month, if you're eating enough and the right things, you should feel absolutely amazing, not crappy. :) And try some veggies restaurants in your area! I love seeing what dishes chefs come up with. Thai and Ethiopian restaurants are among my favorites for vegan tofu/veggie dishes.

Check out for lots of recipes too! :)