Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Simple Woman Daybook 126

FOR TODAY: January 6, 2013
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window....a gorgeous sunrise.

I am thinking...Z-man games sounds like a good company. I've lost some cards from one of their games and board game geek forum recommendation is to email and they help replace. Hope it is true.

I am thankful days

I am pants and a black blouse...with a cow print vest and a headband with cow ears and horns -I'm a cow girl.

I am creating...Happy New Year's cards to make up for not sending Christmas cards

I am have a great day.

I am wondering...about Oswald Chambers passage I read this morning. If I come to a conclusion I will blog about it.

I am reading....The Hobbit and Walking the Camino.

I am have my dripping tap fixed tomorrow.

I am looking forward to...watching the Return of the King with friends tonight.

I am practice.

Around the house...Christmas will be coming down this week.

One of my favorite things...early morning tea.

A few plans for the rest of the week:...painting with Donna this afternoon, finishing my LORT marathon tonight with friends, got invited to a craft group tomorrow, Life Group, youth group, tea with Pastor Jon, and GEMS.

A picture to share:...
We found a gold nugget

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Movie Stats: 2012

It's time for the 2012 edition of "Liz's Movie Watching Habits." It's like last yesterday's useless stats about my reading habits only this time its about movie watching habits. Here are the results:

Movies Watched:

2012 -53 movies
2011 -60 movies
2010 -72 movies
2009 -90 movies
2008 -104 movies

Animated Movies:
2012 -7 movies
2011 -10 movies
2010 -10 movies
2009 -15 movies
2008 -16 movies

Movies Watched With Youth Group:
2012 -2 movies
2011 -1 movie
2010 -15 movies
2009 -11 movies

Highest Viewing Month
2012 -May: 9 movies
2011 -July: 12 movies
2010 -December: 14 movies
2009 -December: 19 movies

Lowest Viewing Month
2012 -January & October: 1 movie
2011 -February: 0 movies
2010 -November: 2 movies
2009 -November: 2 movies

Movie Goal from 2011:
I wanted to average about 5 movies a month for a total of 60 movies over the year.
I did better than I expected averaging just 4.5 movies a month.

2013 Movie Goal:
I don't really have a goal for the 2013. I am happy with the amount of movies I watched. Most of which I watched with friends. Between church life, writing group, and friends I am not home alone often -meaning I am not renting movies to fill the apartment with sound. If the averages says around where it's at I'll be happy. Even if I my movies watch increases but I am watching with friends I'll be happy. We'll see if it happens.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Book Stats: 2012

Welcome to 2012 edition of "Liz's Reading Habits." This is the fifth year that I have kept track of my reading habits. There are moments when I am wondering if it is worth keeping track of but it still interests me and for now that is enough. Here are the results:

Total Books Read:
2012 -82 books (including audio books, 64 without)
2011 -60 books (including audio books, 40 without)
2010 -72 books (including audio books, 48 without)
2009 -72 books (including audio books, 63 without)
2008 -66 books

Non-Fiction Books Read:
2012 -13 books
2011 -9 books
2010 -14 books
2009 -15 books
2008 -13 books

Fiction Books Read:
2012 -64 books
2011 -51 books
2010 -58 books
2009 -57 books
2008 -53 books

2012 Stats:
Audio Books Listened To -18 books
Highest Reading Month -January with 12 books
Lowest Reading Month -October with 1 book

2011 Reading Goals Evaluations:
I wanted to read to 84 Books

  • I read 82 books which is the most I've read in a year since I started tracking
  • I wanted to read 6 classical novels

  • I read 0 classical novel.
  • I wanted to read 12 non-fiction books

  • I read 13 non-fiction books.
  • I wanted to read 12 books from my own collection (TBR pile).
  • I read 12 TBR books.
  • I also participated in a crazy amount of reading challenges which will take a whole post to review the success and failure.

    2013 Reading Goals:
    Read/Listen to 84 Books

    Read 12 TBR Non-Fiction Books
    Read 12 TBR Fiction Books
    Read 12 Books recommended by friends or reviews
    Read 12 New Authors or series

    Tuesday, January 01, 2013

    Pursuing Passions in 2013

    Happy New Year friends and faithful readers!

    After a restful blogging break, which allowed me to recover from November's novelizing and enjoy Christmas with my family, I am back and looking forward to new challenges in 2013. The first day has already be rather pleasant and rewarding. I read my Bible, had a nice walk, enjoyed my meal, watched the Doctor Who Christmas special, and thought up some reading challenges.

    I've given some thought to a new resolution theme for the year: "pursuing passions". In 2009 I set all my resolutions to an alliteration of C's naming it The Year of the Letter "C”. The clear goals kept me focused but not overwhelmed and the alliteration was quirky enough that it made remembering fun. So, I kept it going. 2010's goals were centered around the Letter "L”, 2011 was all about the Letter "F" and last year, 2012, was the Letter "H". In keeping with the tradition, this year is the letter "P" for pursuing passions and priorities. Trying to express my priorities I thought of three groups to I want to focus on this year:
    • Praise and Prayer -my relationship with God and spiritual growth
    • People and Parties -others and hosting
    • Painting and Play -activities and hobbies that rejuvenate me and give me joy
    So those my 2013 goals. I think it is going to be great year. What goals, challenge, or resolutions have you set for the new year?