Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Pursuing Passions in 2013

Happy New Year friends and faithful readers!

After a restful blogging break, which allowed me to recover from November's novelizing and enjoy Christmas with my family, I am back and looking forward to new challenges in 2013. The first day has already be rather pleasant and rewarding. I read my Bible, had a nice walk, enjoyed my meal, watched the Doctor Who Christmas special, and thought up some reading challenges.

I've given some thought to a new resolution theme for the year: "pursuing passions". In 2009 I set all my resolutions to an alliteration of C's naming it The Year of the Letter "C”. The clear goals kept me focused but not overwhelmed and the alliteration was quirky enough that it made remembering fun. So, I kept it going. 2010's goals were centered around the Letter "L”, 2011 was all about the Letter "F" and last year, 2012, was the Letter "H". In keeping with the tradition, this year is the letter "P" for pursuing passions and priorities. Trying to express my priorities I thought of three groups to I want to focus on this year:
  • Praise and Prayer -my relationship with God and spiritual growth
  • People and Parties -others and hosting
  • Painting and Play -activities and hobbies that rejuvenate me and give me joy
So those my 2013 goals. I think it is going to be great year. What goals, challenge, or resolutions have you set for the new year?


AuroraLee said...

Good luck with your goals and resolutions!

I don't bother setting them anymore. I'm a resolution breaker and I'm lucky if I keep them for a couple of weeks. I get tired or bored or busy or run out of ideas. So I just do whatever I want when I want and hope I come out ahead at the end of the year!

Nuchtchas said...

Great goals for the new year!

I often think I should set resolutions like "I resolve to not be out of debt by 2014" so when I break the resolution it's a good thing, but that doesn't work, does it?