Tuesday, January 06, 2009

C is for cookie and 2009

I like making resolutions. I like making lists, organizing my hopes, and setting tangible goals. I like the new beginnings and fresh starts that come with birthdays, brand new journals, changing seasons and especially New Years.

I started thinking about my hopes for 2009 during November. I want this year to be filled with purpose, adventure and change. But the list I created was too long to be rememeberable let alone possible. I was frustrated and without a resolution. While journaling December 31, I realized my list of challenges fit in themes that were expressed in the following six words:

Connecting –seeking God as fully as I can
Community –growing with friends and church family
Creativity –in writing, artwork, projects, and my space
Correspondence –sending letters, cards, and emails regularly
Challenges –finish 12 challenges and adventures for the year
Commitment –to personal growth, good habits, and the keeping of these 6 “Cs”

These are my resolutions for 2009 ~the Year of the Letter "C"


Dena said...

Very good! Wow, you are a list maker, quite organized! Love ya, Mouse.

Robin said...

I like cookies.