Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Knitting Myself Out of a Bubble

My world is small and it is centered around my church family. Weekdays it working at the church; weekends are for the worship service and any special children or youth ministry events. My closest friends in the area are connected to the church. Games nights, coffee visits, and trips to the movies are with church friends. Any remaining free time goes to reading, crafting, watching TV at home with my cats.

I love my church family. The trouble is I have a handful of acquaintances and friends that do not attend my church. Of those, there are Christian leaders in the community and the remaining five or six were introduced to me through a church connection. My world is small or I live in a bubble or both.

Correction: During the Nanowrimo craze I organized three write-ins for local participants. Through these events I was able to meet a variety of people who do not attend my church. But since November ended I have had no contact with any of them.

Tonight, I am stepping out of my comfortable bubble and attending Knit One, Purl Two, a knitting club hosted at my local library. I enjoy knitting so it won't be horrible but nervous meet new people and excited at the same time. I need to dash home grab my knitting; the meeting…er club…um…group starts in 20 minutes. I hope this goes well.

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