Friday, January 30, 2009

Classical Hopes and Stats

Last year I kept take of the books I read and the movies I saw. Making the lists and keeping track was eye opening in some ways. I read 66 books last year, 13 of which were non-fiction and only 31 were fantasy/sci-fi. I watched 104 movies…only 4 were second time watchings, so really I watched 100 and 4 twice.

This year I am keeping tack of my reading and watching again. So far I’ve read 10 books and watched 9 movies. I’ve set a challenge to read more classical novels this year. Since last year I only read an Austin novel I just need to read two more this year to win. I’m planning to read six, one every two months. January-February’s book is A Tale of Two Cities. I really like it but I’m only four chapters into it.

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