Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lock-In Review

Friday night was the third annual winter youth group all-nighter. These are my thoughts:

1) Staying up all night is harder now than during college, even harder when it was the second all-nighter of the week. Makes me feel old.

2) Choosing movies for youth events is super hard. I struggle against balancing what they would enjoy with what I feel is appropriate. 

3) Video games are an equally hard challenge. They wondered why I said no to GTA 5.

4) I love board games. I got to play Thur and Taxis

5) Group games are better when they involve a banana. We had a banana hunt, banana measuring scavenger hunt, banana dress up/fashion show, banana surgery with the need to reconstruct the dissected fruit, and my personal favourite banana rumble (which is steal the bacon with bananas). These events were my personal highlights.

There were some joys but it was a hard night. I had frustrations during the night. Youth who hated everything and just wanted to argue along with teenage angst and drama. Got me thinking, why do we plan these events? What are the positives because at the moment I can't see many. 

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