Sunday, July 01, 2007

Not Good-Bye...Just a Break

This is it for the next few weeks. I’ve been thinking about taking a blogging break and in general reducing the amount of time I spend online for awhile. Now is time for action...or lack of action. I'm not going to post for the month. Saturdays I will check out facebook, and catch up on a few favourites but that is it.

Even with the break, July is going to be a crazy month. Tomorrow I am heading over to Caton’s after church to speak at two kids’ camp for the week (the first camp is for 6-8 and the second 10-12). The next week will be Beulah. The third week will be spent on finial preparations for VBS and the last week will be VBS. I’ll be checking facebook on Saturdays and email.

Have a great Canada Day and month, jump over to Selinda's blog and wish her a Happy July 1st Birthday .

See you August 1st.