Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Simple Woman Daybook 140

FOR TODAY: February 23, 2014
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Outside my window...its night and my blinds are closed.

I am thinking... its bedtime

I am thankful for... my mom

In the kitchen... need to make a menu plan

I am wearing... pjs

I am creating... a healthy me

I am going... to lunch tomorrow

I am wondering...

I am reading... between books

I am hoping... book a few card parties this week

I am looking forward to... lunch with friends

I am learning...

I am hearing... Psych (the show)

Around the house... laundry

One of my favorite things... lasagna

A few plans for the rest of the week:... lunch with a good friend tomorrow followed by a consulting meeting and then writing group. Tuesday I'm going to make cards and youth group is Thursday.

Daily Steps:...10,050

A Picture To Share:...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Coldest Night of the Year

Today was joyful. After a wonderful lunch at the market with friends I spent the afternoon volunteering with the local Coldest Night of the Year and then joined my friends for the 5km walk.

What is the Coldest Night of the Year? Their website explains that it "is a fantastically fun, family-friendly walking fundraiser that raises money for the hungry, homeless and hurting in 65 communities across Canada.

"The 2, 5 and 10km WALK is held on Saturday, February 22rd, 2014, and provides participants the opportunity to experience a hint of the challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness while raising much needed revenue for their favourite local charity.

"Since 2011 the Coldest Night of the Year has raised $2.4 million dollars through the tireless efforts of each of our well known and well respected location partners (charities)."

I was glad to be one of the over five hundred people who participated in my area this year. The local organizers goal was $50,000. What actually came in was over $78,000! The money will go to help run Open Arms, which works with the homeless and needy in the area.

Added bonus of the day, it helped me achieve my walking goal on the first day of my 100 day challenge and reconnected me with a friend who wants to walk regularly.

Day 1 Steps: 15,448

Friday, February 21, 2014

And I Would Walk 500 Miles...

Image from Women's Health
Back in January I was preparing for a sermon when I stumbled upon Give It 100. The site is a community for those wanting to learn a new skill or improve themselves in a specific area. The goal is to practic something for 100 days and take a video everyday. The concept was interesting and the videos inspiring. I wanted to participate but at the time I couldn't think of what I wanted to do for 100 days -until today!

The past two weeks I've been recording my walking. I was curious how far we walked each day. I was over 10,000 steps most days and many were above 16,000. It felt good to be walking that much. I noticed a difference in me and so have others. I want to keep up with walking everyday.

So that is my plan, I am going to walk everyday for 100 days 10,000 steps. Step length varies through out the day and from person to person but the estimate is that 10,000 is almost 5 miles or 8km.

In 100 days from now I will have walked (almost) 500miles :)

Chart of Trip Walking: 

Date Steps Mile km
2-Feb-14 19,738 9.35 15.04
3-Feb-14 19,234 9.11 14.66
4-Feb-14 4,200 1.99 3.20
5-Feb-14 18,461 8.74 14.07
6-Feb-14 12,131 5.74 9.25
7-Feb-14 10,268 4.86 7.83
8-Feb-14 16,085 7.62 12.26
9-Feb-14 20,830 9.86 15.88
10-Feb-14 16,062 7.61 12.24
11-Feb-14 16,397 7.76 12.50
12-Feb-14 18,990 8.99 14.47
13-Feb-14 18,093 8.57 13.79
14-Feb-14 20,661 9.78 15.75
15-Feb-14 6,234 2.95 4.75
16-Feb-14 6,024 2.85 4.59
Averages 14,894 7 11

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Simple Woman Daybook 138

FOR TODAY: February 17, 2014
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...its night and my blinds are closed.

I am thinking... about card projects

I am thankful for... for my Jenn

In the friends who were looking after Kima (my cat) left me yummy Thai soup and breakfast. It was sweet.

I am wearing...pjs!

I am

I am going... to have an awesome week

I am wondering... about questions I want to think about

I am reading... House of Hades

I am hoping... to have a card party this week

I am looking forward to...

I am learning... not sure

I am hearing...a Psych episode.

Around the house...unpacking

One of my favorite things... Disneyworld!

A few plans for the rest of the week:... friends tomorrow night, Life Group Wednesday, youth group Thursday, and GEMS Friday. I am sure there are other things going to happen but that is all I have planned at the moment.

Daily Steps:...1157

A Picture To Share:...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 16: Homeward Bound

Things are looking good. I am through security and I can see the plane.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 15: This Was Suppose To Be Good-bye

We were all packed up and about to leave for the airport when the phone rang. Delta was calling to tell me my flight was cancelled but they had rebooked me for flights tomorrow. Thankfully my travel insurance included delays like this and will cover my room and meals.

So we still went to the airport, the family's flights were still good. After a tearful farewell I got a room at the hotel right in the airport. It's going to be a day of hanging out in the airport and my room.

Daily Steps: 6,234

Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 14: Last Day

For our last day we returned to the Magic Kingdom; it was a sad happy thing. Sad that everything was our "last time". It was happy because it was still Disney.

Also, I think I found a beau for Valentine's day. Gaston told me "to smile like you're married to me," checked my ring finger for a wedding band and the repeated "yes, smile like you're married to me. You are a very lucky girl." He was hilarious and the perfect actor to play the role. Those he made an enemy of Lee-Ann for ever when he insulted Peter Pan.

The other joys were doing all the things we hadn't done yet, like eat in the Beasts Castle, have and Enchanted Tale with Belle,  met Merida and Gaston, visit Tom Sawyer's Island, and the Stitch ride.
Also got in some family favourites like the Buzz Space Range, Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan ride and seeing the character one last time, and multiple turns on the Mad Tea Cups (my favourite). Then we stayed late for the fireworks.

I love the tea cups!

Daily Steps: 20,661

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 13: Joyful Gifts, Downtown Disney, and a Winter Wonderland!

It was another sleep in day. Our only plans were a shopping trip to Downtown Disney and volunteering in the evening at Give Kids the World. It made for a restful day in the midst of a busy week. It was also a little sad; we are realizing how soon our trip will be over.

Lee-Ann's current favourite Disney movie and character is Peter Pan. I secretly bought her a set of pins last week to give some time in the future. Every time we were in a shop I worked to keep the existence of the set a secret so she wouldn't buy it. She found the set in a shop yesterday and was determined to find it again at Downtown Disney. So I give them to her early. This was the reaction:

Downtown Disney was fun. I got almost all the souvenirs and gifts I wanted. And It always amazes me what people can do with Lego.

After lunch (and a nap) we headed over to Give Kids the World for the last time. We enjoyed the rest of our game Dino Putt Putt.



Then it was time for our volunteer shifts. Mom, Dad, and Lee-Ann were back at the Gingerbread House for the supper service. Kat and I were transformed into Santa's reindeer for a Winter Wonderland celebration.

We were team captains for the reindeer games. Kat was Comet and I was Blitzen.
2007 Winter Wonderland

2014 Winter Wonderland
Daily Steps: 18,093
These are from last weeks breakfast service:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 12: Soarin' & Pourin'

We divided the day between two parks. The morning we went back to Epcot with the goal of riding Soarin. The girls and I also wanted to try the test track. I though it was neat, they were disappointed that the car didn't go any faster.

Our concept car was ugly but got a score of 202 (no idea if that is good) we did fall the environmental tests. That first picture of the girls is from before we went on the ride. Either they hate lines or they are getting sick of me taking pictures....maybe both :)

Sister tying to pass the time in the Soarin' line
After Soarin' Mom remembered The Sea has beautiful aquariums. The girls and I had already done the ride on our first visit so we skipped that and just looked at the fish. Mom found Nemo!

After that (and a few stops in shops) we hopped over to Magic Kingdom. We had a very important invitation at 4pm. To pass the time we rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ship. They have changed it since our last visit.

Stumbled upon Mickey's street party:

Became Star Rangers with Buzz Lightyear:

And then it was time for the most important event of the day, a Royal Dinner at Cinderella's Castle. As we waited to enter the castle we met a fairy godmother who sprinkled us with magical wishes. We had glitter everywhere -it was wonderful.

Then it was time to meet all the princesses. I am glad dad had his camera because the castle lighting didn't get along with my phone. But here are the blurry "us-ies":

Our dinner and dessert:

Sometime during our meal it began to rain. By the time we were finished it was a down pour. This was originally going to be the night we saw the fireworks because the park was open till 10pm. But we decided to head home early.

Daily Steps: 18,990