Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 10: Dolphins, Dinos, and Dress-Up Days

I think every post this trip could start with "this is the best day yet" only it is true, today was the best day yet! We crammed so much joyfulness into our waking hours I can hardly believe we did it all. We decided to have a slower start morning, sleep ins are wonderful. Then we headed to SeaWorld for the last time. I am surprised how I've enjoyed the park. It was my least favourite the first time we were here.

This visit has been another story. I have loved every moment of SeaWorld. Today we  rode some fun roller coasters multiple times, feed manta rays, and then the dolphins. It was awesome!

Mum feeding the rays
Someone was looking for more food

Baby rays


Then we returned to volunteer at Give Kids the World. We were early for our shift (on purpose) so we could have a game of DinoPutt as returning guests. The mini golf had been one of Lee-Ann's favourite activities when we stayed at Give Kids the World.

After the game we broke into two groups. Mom, Dad, and Lee-Ann returned to the Gingerbread House to help with the supper service. Kat and I helped with the evenings party. Each night Give Kids the World has a different celebration. I only know a few of the themes. When we visited there was a princess and pirate party, and Sunday is CandyLand, another night it is Mayor Clayton's Birthday Bash, and Thursdays are always Christmas. On Monday nights it is Halloween.  We were assigned to give out candy, but first we had to dress up....

The Candy
On their break, Dad came over to where I was working to see how things were going. Later he was chatting with Lee-Ann, who wanted to know what my costume was. He told her that I was wearing a Gryffindor robe and a "wizzard like hat" and that I looked just like Professor McGonagall. To which my loving sister said, "what, she's all wrinkly?"
Ten Points to Gryffindor

Daily Steps: 16,062

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