Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Day 5: A Walk Around the World (Epcot)

This might have been the best day yet! Epcot is the only place where I have visit China, France, and Japan in the morning, lunch in Norway, then take a mission to Mars, swim with Nemo, and after supper design my own roller coaster before seeing an amazing fireworks display. And the day was full of wonderful little surprises. I still think my favourite thing might be "us-ies" (see Day 3).

The only small disappointment was that we didn't get to meet the princesses from Frozen; the wait time to greet Ana and Elsa was four hours. FOUR HOURS! We decided there were more fun things we could do with our time, like meet Mulan. I don't have a "favourite" Disney Character but if I had to choose it might be Mulan (but I really love Ana and Belle too!)
Mulan is awesome; she saved China!
The girls rocking out in Africa just before something awesome happened.
We were on our way to France to find either Belle or Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) when we noticed the cast doors open and out walks Chip N' Dale on their way to the character meet site. And then a crew of characters came out. The best part, they all stopped for pictures with us!

I got some great pictures with Mickey but they are on another camera and will have to be shared another time. The encounter was amazing. Kat got over her dislike of "the creepy silent characters" and we had so much fun. Then it was on to France before our princess lunch in Norway.

Daily Steps: 18, 461

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