Friday, February 21, 2014

And I Would Walk 500 Miles...

Image from Women's Health
Back in January I was preparing for a sermon when I stumbled upon Give It 100. The site is a community for those wanting to learn a new skill or improve themselves in a specific area. The goal is to practic something for 100 days and take a video everyday. The concept was interesting and the videos inspiring. I wanted to participate but at the time I couldn't think of what I wanted to do for 100 days -until today!

The past two weeks I've been recording my walking. I was curious how far we walked each day. I was over 10,000 steps most days and many were above 16,000. It felt good to be walking that much. I noticed a difference in me and so have others. I want to keep up with walking everyday.

So that is my plan, I am going to walk everyday for 100 days 10,000 steps. Step length varies through out the day and from person to person but the estimate is that 10,000 is almost 5 miles or 8km.

In 100 days from now I will have walked (almost) 500miles :)

Chart of Trip Walking: 

Date Steps Mile km
2-Feb-14 19,738 9.35 15.04
3-Feb-14 19,234 9.11 14.66
4-Feb-14 4,200 1.99 3.20
5-Feb-14 18,461 8.74 14.07
6-Feb-14 12,131 5.74 9.25
7-Feb-14 10,268 4.86 7.83
8-Feb-14 16,085 7.62 12.26
9-Feb-14 20,830 9.86 15.88
10-Feb-14 16,062 7.61 12.24
11-Feb-14 16,397 7.76 12.50
12-Feb-14 18,990 8.99 14.47
13-Feb-14 18,093 8.57 13.79
14-Feb-14 20,661 9.78 15.75
15-Feb-14 6,234 2.95 4.75
16-Feb-14 6,024 2.85 4.59
Averages 14,894 7 11


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Liz!!
And for getting a pedometer that actually works - or having one that works for you,

I have never been able to keep track of my steps unless by counting them under my breath.
I can remember wearing a pedometer all one day - and thinking I would have a great total at the end.
When I took it off that evening, all it said was "7".

Anonymous said...

Sorry ... the Anonymous comment was me - Janey.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
(Change caps to symbols and lose the spaces.)