Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 12: Soarin' & Pourin'

We divided the day between two parks. The morning we went back to Epcot with the goal of riding Soarin. The girls and I also wanted to try the test track. I though it was neat, they were disappointed that the car didn't go any faster.

Our concept car was ugly but got a score of 202 (no idea if that is good) we did fall the environmental tests. That first picture of the girls is from before we went on the ride. Either they hate lines or they are getting sick of me taking pictures....maybe both :)

Sister tying to pass the time in the Soarin' line
After Soarin' Mom remembered The Sea has beautiful aquariums. The girls and I had already done the ride on our first visit so we skipped that and just looked at the fish. Mom found Nemo!

After that (and a few stops in shops) we hopped over to Magic Kingdom. We had a very important invitation at 4pm. To pass the time we rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ship. They have changed it since our last visit.

Stumbled upon Mickey's street party:

Became Star Rangers with Buzz Lightyear:

And then it was time for the most important event of the day, a Royal Dinner at Cinderella's Castle. As we waited to enter the castle we met a fairy godmother who sprinkled us with magical wishes. We had glitter everywhere -it was wonderful.

Then it was time to meet all the princesses. I am glad dad had his camera because the castle lighting didn't get along with my phone. But here are the blurry "us-ies":

Our dinner and dessert:

Sometime during our meal it began to rain. By the time we were finished it was a down pour. This was originally going to be the night we saw the fireworks because the park was open till 10pm. But we decided to head home early.

Daily Steps: 18,990

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