Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 14: Last Day

For our last day we returned to the Magic Kingdom; it was a sad happy thing. Sad that everything was our "last time". It was happy because it was still Disney.

Also, I think I found a beau for Valentine's day. Gaston told me "to smile like you're married to me," checked my ring finger for a wedding band and the repeated "yes, smile like you're married to me. You are a very lucky girl." He was hilarious and the perfect actor to play the role. Those he made an enemy of Lee-Ann for ever when he insulted Peter Pan.

The other joys were doing all the things we hadn't done yet, like eat in the Beasts Castle, have and Enchanted Tale with Belle,  met Merida and Gaston, visit Tom Sawyer's Island, and the Stitch ride.
Also got in some family favourites like the Buzz Space Range, Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan ride and seeing the character one last time, and multiple turns on the Mad Tea Cups (my favourite). Then we stayed late for the fireworks.

I love the tea cups!

Daily Steps: 20,661

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