Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 11: Hollywood Studios

Last night we sat down with the Hollywood Studios map to see what everyone wanted to do and how we could get the most out of our one day at the park. There were 11 attractions we wanted to see, well actually 12 -I wanted to see the Beauty and the Beast 40 min musical but no one else did so I scratched it from our to do list. Dad didn't think we could do it all. I promised we would try.

And we did! We saw the Muppets 3D, went to the Toy Story Midway (mom's favourite),  walked through a multimedia display about Walt Disney called "One Man's Dream, sat with a Disney animator for a 20min drawing lesson (one of my favourite things), took Star Tours to Tatoonie, saw a mini musical of the Little Mermaid that got us wet, had an adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow, went on a Great Movie Ride, then spent a night at a haunted house called the Tower of Terror, and then went to see an Aerosmith concert by "stretch limo" on the Rock'n'Roll Coaster. The girls wanted to do that again so my dad and I went to the Beauty and the Beast show! After that we got our seats for the Fantasmic show. The show got mixed reactions from our group. It was neat and pretty but they use water spraying up as projectors and the mist was blown back on the audience. We also found it cold and wet.

The only down side of the day was I felt horrible through most of it. It was a mix of things and I felt better by the Beauty and the Beast show but it meant I didn't take any pictures after the animation class.

We drew Tinkerbell
In the hallway by the class they had posters of up coming Disney movies:

These are from the end of the day while we waited for Fantasmic, we got our seats an hour before the show. It was a long wait but I got cotton candy:

Daily Steps: 16,397

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