Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 13: Joyful Gifts, Downtown Disney, and a Winter Wonderland!

It was another sleep in day. Our only plans were a shopping trip to Downtown Disney and volunteering in the evening at Give Kids the World. It made for a restful day in the midst of a busy week. It was also a little sad; we are realizing how soon our trip will be over.

Lee-Ann's current favourite Disney movie and character is Peter Pan. I secretly bought her a set of pins last week to give some time in the future. Every time we were in a shop I worked to keep the existence of the set a secret so she wouldn't buy it. She found the set in a shop yesterday and was determined to find it again at Downtown Disney. So I give them to her early. This was the reaction:

Downtown Disney was fun. I got almost all the souvenirs and gifts I wanted. And It always amazes me what people can do with Lego.

After lunch (and a nap) we headed over to Give Kids the World for the last time. We enjoyed the rest of our game Dino Putt Putt.



Then it was time for our volunteer shifts. Mom, Dad, and Lee-Ann were back at the Gingerbread House for the supper service. Kat and I were transformed into Santa's reindeer for a Winter Wonderland celebration.

We were team captains for the reindeer games. Kat was Comet and I was Blitzen.
2007 Winter Wonderland

2014 Winter Wonderland
Daily Steps: 18,093
These are from last weeks breakfast service:

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Sharon Stocking said...

I'm so grateful that you've enjoyed yourselves so much. I loved the pictures especially the befores and present ones...You are a special lady Liz and I rejoice because your my family. Thanks for the gift of you and all you do for those you love. My niece with the Biggest Heart!