Sunday, February 02, 2014

Day 2: Animal Kingdom

It was an awesome full day at Animal Kingdom. And I discovered the parks have free wifi. The girls thought the Everest ride was the best. I have to agree. We got a set of the "on the ride" pictures. I will maybe share later.

We saw the parade, took a ride through the African safari, went back in time to hang out with dinosaurs, and became honorary  insects for the "It's tough to be a Bug". I also loved the meeting characters.

I am loving getting "selfies" but my poor phone camera isn't the greatest. It makes me sad that so many came out blurry.

The Girls and Me
Giraffe in "Africa"

The girls "ready" to ride the Everest Expedition

Daily Steps: 19,784
It might have been more; I realized  mid day that it tracker wasn't recording very step :(

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