Saturday, February 01, 2014

Day 1: Airport Surprises and Other Adventures

Yesterday, before the sun was even out of bed, I was on my way to the airport. The plan was for me to fly to NY where I would meet up with my family (after a 7hr layover) and we would all board a plane to Orlando. That was not what happened. I was just through customs when I learned my flight was cancelled. The next hour was very uncertain, at one point it looked like I wouldn't get to Florida until Monday. However a wonderful agent worked booking magic and got me on another airline arriving in Orlando only 30 minutes after my family. On top of that she gave me meals vouchers!

After the travel details were sorted I chatted with a group of ladies who looked very familiar. They are from my town and recognized me too, one even knows one of my friends. It was nice having people to eat with, talk to, and willing to guard my bags if I needed the washroom. The meals were also surprisingly good, especially for an airport. The picture is of me leaning against my carry on after a nap.

My new flight took me to Philadelphia. Getting off the flight I meet two elderly couples going to Orlando that had also been booked on my cancelled. We decided to look for our gate together. The perk, a shuttle diver offered to help them get to the gate. The cart had room for five and they insisted I go with them. It save me a half mile walk and to driver knew our gate had been moved saving me a small headache. As we talked I learned they were Christians from PEI going on a Christian cruise and knew one of the deans from college. They insisted on buying me supper. So the thing that looked like it would ruin my day actually gave me a better overall travel experience, eight wonderful new friends, and all my meals free!

Today we woke late, going to bed after 3am (my regular time) has that effect. We went grocery shopping. I got a pedometer. I am curious how much we actually walk everyday. We spent the afternoon at SeaWorld. We saw penguins!


Steps Today: 10,884
The sites I googled said that 10,000 steps is about 8km or 5 miles.

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Nuchtchas said...

Your hair is so long now! Looking amazing too! I miss you.

Talk about a bad situation being a blessing in disguise, so lovely!