Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looking Back ~ Looking Forward

I can’t believe that tomorrow is April. I mean I can, today is March 31st therefore logically tomorrow is April 1, however it doesn’t seem possible that a quarter of 2010 is already behind us. I think there should be another week between hidden March 31st and April 1st. It would be a secret week that doesn’t require eating, work, or money to survive. It would be wonderful giving us enough time to do all the things that seem to always get put off till tomorrow, Oh how I dream for that extra time, because it seems I was just setting my goals for the year. 90 days cannot have passed there is still more to do.

Tonight I am looking at what has happened between January and now to help determine what is next for the year of Love, Lifestyle, and Letters. So far living in the year of “L” has been a mix of struggles and victories, which I had expected. Focusing on the positives here are some the victories:

  • I read 12 books

  • I had people into my apartment 6 different times

  • I went skiing

  • With help the children’s ministry resource room was decluttered and organized

  • I ate breakfast everyday for more than 2 months (then stopped which was silly)

  • I began to edit my 2009 nano novel “Across Eldamar”
For the next quart (April-June) I’ve set 9 new challenges (3 goals, 3 opportunities, and 3 problems to solve). A few of these challenges are:
What is Script Frenzy? In a nutshell is another writing challenge hosted by the same group that started NaNoWriMo. This time the challenge is to write 100 pages of original scripted material in the 30 days of April. (Screenplays, stage plays, TV shows, short films, and graphic novels are all welcome.) Everyone is welcome, the cost is free, and the prizes are happiness, creative juices, pride, laughter, bragging rights, and a brand-new script. The best thing is you can work with someone else on the script. Mollie and I are going to write this years children's Christmas play.

Lastly, to finish off the month, here are two short stories/scenes from "Across Eldamar" that are connected with two March Sunday Scribblings that I missed:

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook 11

FOR TODAY: March 29, 2010
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...darkness & night.

I am head has been full all day. Jesus to the Nations was amazing. It's been on my mind. I've been thinking about serving and the connection to worship, prayer, Acts 1:8. I've been thinking about the details for tonight's Atlantic concert (which was awesome). But most of my day has been consumed with thoughts of inferiority, insecurity, and self-doubt. I was overwhelmed to near tears twice (around 1pm). I am not writing things for sympathy or fishing for complements. But to share the reality of the day. We all get knocked down in minds at times and we feel like "the one and lonely." I'm out of the funk thanks to good friend, prayer, Superchick, and knowing who I am in Christ.

I am thankful for...churches working together, Christians meeting needs, good powerful messages/Jesus to the Nations Missions Conference, good being down, and God getting the glory....and rock concerts.

From the kitchen...Japanese dishes. I over cooked the yakisoba -yuck

I am wearing...Brown shoes, jeans, light aqua tee & cream tank, pink scarf, and the gray stripped hat. I've also switched between my black NaNo hoodie, my new jean jacket, and my even newer Atlantic hoodie.
P.S. I also really loved how my eyeshadow turned out today. It matched my shirt. It's hard to tell in the picture because it was taken at the end of the day and everything is smudged.

I am ways and systems to make sure everything that needs to gets done gets done.

I am going...home.

I am reading...Prayer Works, The Ruby Key, and Simply Strategic Volunteers. I should also be finishing R is for Ricochet and Free-Range Knitter but I've misplaced them in all the spring cleaning and can't find them. They are both overdue.

I am hoping...for a letter/email from a friend.

I am hearing...the stillness of night.

Around the house...still a mountain of laundry and spring cleaning.

A few plans for the rest of the week…sermonizing for Sunrise service and baptizing two youth.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...When my sister was little she called this the "big lobby" so after driving by it six times this weekend I stopped and took a picture.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Alchemy" -Sunday Scribblings

An Abby and Across Eldamar Story

“There is a unicorn in my pocket!”

Rachel looked up confused by Abby’s statement. “There’s a what in your pocket?”

Abby held up the detailed golden amulet her great grandmother had given her so Rachel could see it. The tiny ornate oval had a detailed side profile of a unicorn set in the center and six gems ruby, sapphire, emerald, onyx, amethyst, and diamond mounted in a Celtic knot boarder. Abby had forgotten putting the birthday present in her pocket when the chain broke earlier that morning.

Abby began to repeat herself, “there is a unicorn…” but stopped suddenly when she was startled. She thought the tiny engraved unicorn had winked at her. Abby guessed that the supposed movement must have been the light catching the metal.

Abby inspected the piece of jewelery again before slipping it back in her pocket. But this time there was no mistake the movement. The unicorn not only winked; it moved had whole head from a side profile to staring straight at Abby. She gasped and stumbled back in surprise.

“Did you see that?” Rachel didn’t answer. It wasn’t like her not to reply so Abby looked over at her friend. Only she was gone. In fact everything was gone. The trees, the grass, the people, even the sidewalk she had been on was gone. There was no one and nothing around Abby.

She wasn’t where she had been standing. She wasn’t anywhere. There was just the shimmer and sparkle of gold soft and warm around her. It should have been stressful but it was cleansing like a warm shower and freeing as if an invisible load she didn’t even know she had been carrying was suddenly gone.

Nothing made sense. It was like the fuzzy-mind-fog you have when waking from a sound sleep. Abby was in a daze. With each second in the strange state of not being anywhere she noticed new things.

All her life Abby remembered these moments as the sweetest, best, dear memories. All the beauty and joy of the world seemed to flood into her heart and mind. She tasted her favourite foods in the perfect blend of sweet and salt, nothing else ever compared to the memory. She could feel warmth from her head to her toes. She heard the rush of ocean waves and the sound of birds singing, the giggling of flowing brooks and the laughter of children. She smelt sweet grass and wild flowers. The feeling and sensations were quickly changing and building on the last with deeper emotions of joy.

When this strangeness had started she could not perceived her own body. Now she realized she was sitting yet it was more than just sitting. She was moving forward and then she realized she was riding. Abby knew it was horseback riding because had learned to ride summer camp as a girl. Her mount was a beautiful white stallion with a golden spiraled horn in the center of its forehead. The creature moved with beauty and elegance.

“What alchemy had lead her to be riding a unicorn in thing strange place or am I in a coma?” Abby wondered as the beautiful creature race on into the unknown.

The End

For more alchemy inspired writings visit Sunday Scribblings.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jesus, Missions, and Books

The 11th annual Atlantic Canada Missions Conference "Jesus to the Nations" began tonight. I love this event because it incorporates three of my favourite things 1) Jesus, 2) cross-cultural ministry and 3) books. The weekend looks like it is going to be amazing. There are three keynote speakers this year.
  1. Paul Estabrooks who works with Open Doors he's written four books including The Night of a Million Miracles. In 1981 he was apart of a team that smuggled 1 million Bibles into China.
  2. Nizar Shaheen, the founder and president of Light For All Nations Ministries which produces Arabic language Christian television programming.
  3. Gracia Burnham who served with New Tribes Mission for 17 years with her husband Martin in the Philippines. On May 27, 2001 they were kidnapped and taken hostage along with others by a militant Muslim group. They were held for 376 days that ended in a firefight with the Philippine military and the Abu Sayyaf (the group holding them). During the shooting Martin was killed and Gracia was injured but rescued. She's written In the Presence of My Enemies and To Fly Again.
There are large group times with these speakers, displays from a number (40+) missions groups and schools, seminars with a variety of speakers, and three bookstore tables + a number of the missions groups are selling books (which is wonderful and very tempting. I hope to keep the book buying to under ten...this year).

If you are in the area of Bedford/Mount Saint Vincent I invite you to join us. It is free admission and Open Doors are giving away FREE copies of Brother Andrew's book God's Smuggler!

Question of the Day: If you could live/visit in any country what would it be and why?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Good Day

My friend Becca applied for an internship with Inter-varsity. Today she found out she was ACCEPTED! It is a very happy thing so we are going to go celebrate at Boston Pizza. A few other good things from today:

1) Three youth from our church expressed interest in being baptized on Easter

2) Scott asked me to preach the Sunrise service and helping lead communion on Good Friday.

3) Which reminded me that the first time I lead communion it was with root beer and a chocolate bar....

4) I was brave and called my hair salon and said I didn't like how my hair turned out on Monday. That was hard for me. They had me come back in and now I like it. This is Becca of Internship and Me with New Hair:
"Look Becca, I have hair"
"Silly Liz, you've always had hair."
"Yes, but now I like it!"

P.S. 5) we also went shopping to celebrate and these are our new spring shirts.

Sorry Ryan Seacrest

This week Survivor was on last night, crazy episode but I’ll share that later. Because of the night change TV night was also moved to Wednesday. After Survivor I stayed to watch American Idol with my friends. It was my first time watching this season. The night was "mleh." I kept thinking that Miley Cyrus looked uncomfortable in her dress like it was too big or something. What stood out to me a comment. After a clip of “Big Mike” caring for his infant daughter was shown and Ryan Seacret said “Big Mike” was babysitting.

Sorry Ryan Seacrest, if it’s your own child it’s not babysitting it’s called parenting.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I’m Reading/I’ve Read…

I normally read two to four books at a time till one main book sparks my attention and I devour it. Since January these are a few of the books I’m reading (1-4) or have read (5-8). The grading system is just my best guess to pass on my overall feel for the book. An A+ would mean everyone everywhere should read it.

1) Free Range Knitter: Who doesn’t like reading humorous essays about knitting? I normally really enjoy Pearl-Mcapee’s (you can find her blog on my sidebar under “Yarn Harlot”) books/style this isn’t my favourite book. I’ve already signed the book out three times and it’s overdue again. I want to finish it. I will finish it. It’s so…slow at times. Grade C…don’t read unless you enjoy knitting humor.

2) The Ruby Key: It’s a children’s fiction I picked it up because the cover looked interesting. I know, I know I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but the artist did a good job and isn’t why they pay cover artists? I’m three chapters in find it very intriguing. There are two “races” humans and nightlings that have a contract to co-habitat till two siblings discover that their town leaders has bartered the village for eternal life. They are now trying to save everyone. Grade B

3) Tuck Everlasting: It’s another children’s book. I picked it up because I was interested in watching the Disney movie (I’ve never seen it). The book is and is not what I expected. The storyline is what I expected because I read the back cover but it’s the style that I hadn’t really counted on. It’s got a feel as if it was written in an earlier time, which makes sense since Natalie Babbitt, had it published in 1975. So, if you like children’s books pick it up. Grade B+

4) R is for Ricochet: I’m in the middle but it’s temporarily on the shelf. It’s a decent mystery. I like mysteries. I like the author and I like the style. Grade B

5) Stuart Little: A children’s story about a talking mouse and his adventures. I like the style but watching the movie has made the book seem too simple. Started reading because of the GGC but wanted to read it because I never had before. My thought is that it would be good to read to/with a little person but I would prefer Charlotte’s Web. Grade: B+

6) What The Psychic Told the Pilgrim: An account of one pilgrim’s adventures or misadventures on the Camion de Santiago. I recently discovered travel writing and fallen in love style and the Camion. Neat fact the author is Canadian from Hamilton. I actually knew where some of the pre-adventure places she mentioned are. Grade A-

7) Julie/Julia: This was my third time reading a book that had started as a blog. I’ve liked the style but didn’t care for this particular book for a few reasons. First, I saw the movie before reading the book BIG mistake. Second, I wasn’t in the mood for the style when I first started. And Lastly, she related everything back sex. Somewhere just past the middle I started to enjoy the story mostly because it was stuff that wasn’t in the movie. Grade B-

8) The Time Traveler’s Wife: Weird book, I liked the weirdness and the crazy time travel side. I liked the concept and the writing style. I even liked trying to figure out how things could fit together. The end wasn't satisfying like there should be something else said. And I didn’t care for all the sex. What is with all the sex in books? I guess it's because I normally read youth fiction or Christian non-fiction. Grade B

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook 10

FOR TODAY: March 22, 2010
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...the curtains are drawn

I am thinking...about writing, books, my to do list, and overdue books I need to find.

I am thankful for...people who believe in me.

From the kitchen...lleftovers

I am wearing...FLIP FLOPS (It's Spring if the weather agrees or not), jeans, black Batman tee, coral three-quarter-length-sleeve cardigan, and a green scarf.

I am creating...order.

I am Just Us tonight for writing group.

I am reading...The Ruby Key, Tuck Everlasting, R is for Ricochet, and Free-Range Knitter.

I am add pink and purple "peek-a-boo" foils to my hair later this week.

I am hearing...the computer run and the clicking of the keyboard, everything else is quiet.

Around the house...a mountain of laundry to do and the start of the spring cleaning.

A few plans for the rest of the week: …going to Halifax this weekend to participate in Jesus to the Nations.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

One wall of the recently organized children's ministry resource room/closet.

I should have taken a before picture because it's hard to explain how bad things actually were. Before, everything was everywhere. The shelves were cluttered anything that would fit anyway it could and floor littered with hula-a-hoops, posters, large tots, and anything that didn't fit on the shelves. Things weren't even grouped together. I found bottles of glue in six different places.

Over March Break a dedicated team help me take everything out of the room, throw out the unneeded, sort the good, buy the boxes you see, organize the supplies, and re-stock the shelves. 10+ bags of garbage (and recyclables) later I only have a few items left that need to find homes which I will do tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Demands" –Sunday Scribbling

An Abby and Across Eldamar Story:

Down the long corridor Abby followed an elven attendant towards her temporary lodging. The royal Elfhaven guest rooms are always ready for ambassadors and dignitary visits and the essence of elegance and luxury. This space was no different. The décor was inspired and connected to the forest. The crowning jewel of the room was the king-size four poster bed at the far end set between two windows that spanned the 9ft wall. The soft green curtains accented the emerald-green silk duvet that creative and inviting atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

These artistic details were lost on Abby who immediately hung herself on to the strange bed in tears. The servant who had been sent to serve her offered to smooth the weeping girl.

“Lady, I could fetch you the sweetest honey made from fire-bees or fill the room with singing birds. Almost anything you demand is possible. I could bring you the best of foods or transform the room to a different colour. It there any I could bring you please tell me.”

Abby continued to sob. The one thing she wanted was the one thing she couldn’t have –home. Unknown to her the attended spilled out of the guest room leaving the weeping girl to cry herself to sleep.

The End

For more demanding thoughts visit Sunday Scribblings.
P.S. This hasn't been edited I'm sorry.

Not Happening

Bloggable ideas come at the least convenient times like when I’m while driving and or late at night. The thought is gone or irrelevant by the time I’m ready to post. It’s been a frustration to me for a while. I think I’ve even ranted about it in a past post and if I didn’t, I had intended to and just got sidetracked till the idea was forgotten.

To combat this phenomenon I created a word document to store ideas, opening paragraphs, and unfinished posts. It’s helped with the remembering of ideas but not with the actual sharing of finished writings. I was reading thought the entries I’ve saved and found:
-7 Sunday Scribbling prompts started but never finished
-A link to a home decor shop that I don’t remember visiting
-The words “Super well and very healthy. She’s been” I have no idea what that was about
-Three posts directly related the start of the Olympics. One was a rant about figure skating commentators, another about Canadian identity, and the last a parallel to
earning a gold medal and a lesson we were doing with the children at Kidsworld.
-A rant about an issue I had with my writing group that is no longer an issue
-home improvement plans
-Thoughts on books I was reading in January (some of which I’m still reading)
-My thoughts on Doctor Who, the killing off of the tenth doctor, and my favourite episode

Looking at the subjects I feel sad. I write but the actual posting isn’t happening. Even if I polished some of these paragraphs there is no point. Too much time has passed from when they we’re started. As my friend Jordan says, “you miss week and everything is irrelevant.” Sign…I should just delete the words but I wrote them and can’t bring myself too.

Question of the Day: which of these “old” ideas would you be interested in reading?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Survivor Returns

I was all excited that it was Thursday and I was going to the Morgans for TV night and Survivor watching....and then my dreams were crushed when one of the youth told me there was no Survivor tonight. I'm going to make predictions and commentary anyways for when the show returns.

The heroes are slowly losing my respect, support and interest. The inner bickering and tribal peaking order is annoying and un-hero like. Becca thinks that they're being villainous because they are losing. The theory being that if they win they will act better. I am not sure that is true, as far as I see the heroes are scheming like villains and the villains are (for the most part) acting like heroes.

For example, two weeks ago the teams found clues for secret immunity idols. The way both clues were found the whole team knew of the idol and the riddle to find it. The Heroes all scrambled to find it on their own (Tom found one and saved his spot for a week). On the Villains' side they all agreed that no one would look for it because everyone knew about it and if someone tried to find it they would be voted out (idol or no idol). Last week Russell found it after much searching but the whole tribe knows he has it. They have agreed that he's getting voted for till he goes home. It is a logical approach that makes me think of the scene in Dark Knight when the two ships have to decided if they are going blow up the other ship. It's the convicts who choose to throw the detonator out the window.

I'm not actually sure the plot to get rid of Russell will work if/when the Villains make it back to council. He’s trying to manipulate Coach and at the end of the episode it looks like it worked. I hope it didn’t I want Rob to stay and Russell to go.

This Weeks's Predictions For Next Week’s Show:
Villains will win the immunity challenge. The Heroes will win the reward.
If Villains go to tribal council they'll vote out Parvati.
If Heroes go to tribal council they’ll vote out Candice.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Picture of the Day

I didn’t have a picture earlier today when I posted the daybook. But tonight Tasha took one of us tonight at the hockey game:

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook 9

FOR TODAY: March 15, 2010…the Ides of March (Beware, Julius Caeser, Beware). You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my alma mater’s campus (I'm in S205). Not my normal view daily view, I’m visiting the campus with a girl from my youth group who is planning to attend BBC in the fall. This was the best opportunity for her to check out campus life and sit in on a few classes and I'm her drive.

I am thinking...Missiology (def.: the study of missions and cross-cultural ministry). I stopped in to see Dr. Peed, I am thinking about further education opportunities and wanted his advice. And I’m wondering the relevance of the Hindu scared text on Christian theology in India because I picked up Theology in the context of World Christianity (Tennet) while sitting in the campus library.

I am thankful for...neat book suggestions (both from Peed and Glo) and awesome libraries with comfy chairs and wifi.

From the kitchen...looks like I’m eating take out, MacDonald’s, and cafeteria food this week. As my friend Brent says, “it’s an occupational hazard”.

I am cool winter boots (Thanks Dad for the great Christmas present), jeans, red Revive tee, and my black NaNoWriMo hoodie (I love the hoodie and would wear it every day if I could. Again thank you Mom and Dad for a great Christmas present).

I am’s a non-creating week. I might pick up some knitting later this week but I doubt it.

I am the café to eat after this class.

I am reading...the Time Traveler’s Wife.

I am see Doc Taylor this afternoon. I’m going to crash his 1:30pm Revelation class.

I am hearing...a presentation on the Renaissance and Giovanni Palestrina -Missa Papae Marcelli -Kyrie.

Around the’s in a state of post-packing craziness but thankfully all my dishes are washed and the counter is clear. VICTORY!

A few plans for the rest of the week: …we’re here till Tuesday, Wednesday is youth group skating, Thursday a normal youth night. Then I am not too sure. Mollie and I are trying to get together to talk about Script Frenzy (a sister contest to NaNoWriMo that happens in April).

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...again I have none.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Canada Reads

One of the best books I read in 2009 was Lawrence Hill’s The Book of Negroes published as Someone Knows My Name in the USA. It is the type of story that is unique and special with plot twists and the unexpected but someone how remains relevant and touches on universal issues. It has the right balance of grief, struggle, and promise. I felt connected with the main character, that I knew her, and she was someone I would want to sit down with to chat over a cup of tea. I also learned part of my Nova Scotian heritage. I hadn’t known that freed empire loyalist slaves had been “freed” to NS, where they were allowed to live in substandard slum situations. The historical fact helped me in a small way understand some of the racial issues that have been in the news in my area this month.

I also appreciated the author’s notes at the end. First, for giving ways and suggestions on how to investigate different truth historical facts such as the location of the real “Book of Negroes.” Second, for telling who in the book were real historical figure (William Wilberforce makes an appearance). And third, the confession/apology for taking literary license with some historical facts and why he had stretched the plausible. It was a good read and yet I only picked it up because it had won CBC radio’s Canada reads contest.

Last year was the first time I had heard of the contest. So it is new to you to this is how it works:
  • Five Canadian “celebrity” readers each select a book for the Canada Reads short list. The rules are the book must be by a Canadian and it must be fiction. After that they can pick anything they want.

  • The list/defenders are announced some time in Nov/Dec. I don’t actually know when, I find out the list when I am flying home and the airport bookstores have a Canada Reads display set up with all five titles.

  • Then a week in March (last week to be exact) the celebrities defend and vote off the books till only one remains in a radio-book-version-of-Survivor Hosted by Q’s Jian Ghomeshi (formally of Moxy Früvous).

  • I haven’t yet read any of the five books selected but listened enthusiastically all week to hear the arguments and voting results. From the first summaries of the books this is the order in which the novels interested me:
    1) The Jade Peony by Wayson Choy
    2) Nikoiski by Nicolas Dickner
    3) Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald
    4) Generation X by Douglas Coupland
    5) Good to a Fault by Marina Endicott

    That is not the order they were voted out of the contest. First day it came down to Nikoiski and The Jade Peony with Nikoiski taking the prize (I still think I want to read The Jade Peony more). The contest got me thinking about books and reading lists in general. I wasn’t given a summer reading list as a student or even a “read before college” list. I’ve tried to find a good list of books to expand my reading repertoire (which is why I’m participating in the Gilmore Girl Reading Challenge). Which leads me to the...

    Question of the Day: If you could suggest one book for an “everyone should read this” list what would it be?

    Saturday, March 13, 2010

    "The Book that Changed Everything" -Sunday Scribblings

    An Abby and Across Eldamar Story

    Abby looked up from the bookshelf and scanned the library. The large room was deserted. She knew that was two people in the computer room and the only other librarian on duty was in the office. She was alone. She turned back to the re-shelving the children’s fiction books.

    She returned The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Hobbit, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to their places. Abby couldn’t help be smile. These were a few of her favourite books as a child. They had saved her. Whenever she was lonely or the kids at school were mean she would pick up a book and escape into its fantastical world. Books had changed her life and given her hope. She remembered the first time she had ever experienced a books power to transport her.

    She was in grade two and her mother had begun to read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to her and her brother Nathan before bed. For weeks she had tried to find a door between the worlds that would transport her to Lewis’ make-believe-world. She had fallen in love with Narnia and wanted to move there. More than once her mother had found her crammed into a cupboard or a closet asking Aslan to “let the magic work this time.”

    Abby’s mind returned the present. She ran her finger down the spines of the children’s books till it came to rest on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. She would indulge her inner child and sign the book out. It was time to re-read it and it was her birthday after all. It would be good to take an imaginary trip. Little did she know that she was about to take an equally adventures trip to magical realm.

    The End

    For more "book" inspired writings visit Sunday Scribblings.

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    I "Heart" Blindsides

    Last week was so good. Both tribes were given clues to immunity idols making things very interesting on both sides of the island. The heroes lost the challenge and went to tribal council. .I didn't see the blindside coming...neither did Cirie. I think this week things are going to be crazy as the heroes scramble to deal with the alliance loss.

    This Weeks's Predictions:
    Heroes win challenges (I say that every's got to be true some time).

    If Villains go to tribal they'll vote out Russell.
    If Heroes go to tribal council they’ll vote out....I have NO IDEA, but I am thinking Candice.

    P.S. Question of the Day: How do you get blogger to accept "less than sign"3 or other heart signs/symbols "Y"in the title bar?

    Monday, March 08, 2010

    The Simple Woman's Daybook 8

    FOR TODAY: March 8, 2010
    You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

    Outside my window...Main St. at night (at Just Us Café again).

    I am thinking...about God, evil, balance, free-will, and predestination because my friend Jordan just asked me “the Christian Pastor” what I believe. Now he and Edward are off on a tangent about Buddhism and evolution and how our world is going to be destroyed by technology and tigers.

    I am thankful for...the barter system. I fed Carl, he fixed things in my bathroom.

    From the’s been a good cooking day. I made Japanese dumpling soup (new recipe) with yakisoba for Denise and me at lunch. Then for supper, Carl and I had was carrots with dill, oven roasted potatoes, and Atlantic salmon with lemon & herb seasoning. Eating alone is depressing. Having friends over for meals is wonderful.

    I am wearing...clogs, jeans, I heart NY tee, NaNoWriMo hoodie, and grey stripped hat.

    I am creating...a short story inspired by the word "fluent." It is also be included in my nanowrimo novel, I’ll post the story sometime tomorrow.

    I am going...home to write.

    I am reading...the Time Traveler’s Wife.

    I am have a two page summary of my novel by the 29th.

    I am hearing...the ongoing debate of how humans are going to lose the evoluntionary battle to tigers (how did they get there from God giving free will I don’t know). And in the background a very eclectic coffee house music mix.

    Around the house...I tried to make a liquid dish soup today. I am not satisfied with the results. Carl re-hung the toilet paper holder, towel rack, and hand towel. I have a place for my towels for the first time in over two years (maybe three).

    A few plans for the rest of the week: I'm meeting with another Children/Youth pastor for coffee tomorrow, visiting the drop in center, and seeing my small group. Wednesday the youth discipleship group and I'm volunteering at Inn from the Cold, youth group Thursday. Friends are coming for games and supper Friday and then Skiing Saturday. Sunday after church I'm driving a youth to BBC. I thought it would be a simple week...on second thought it is going to be crazy busy.

    Here is picture for thought I am sharing...I have none.

    Friday, March 05, 2010

    "Fluent" -Sunday Scribblings

    An Abby and Across Eldamar Story

    Abby’s hand hesitated over the metal “hospital-style” pulled down handle. It wasn’t that she hated visiting her great-grandmother. As a child the visits had been mix of joy and boredom. She had liked getting dressed up in pretty pink “twirly” skirts and wearing white lady-like gloves. She always knew there would be special treats on the plate just for her. But it was hard to sit still, to be “lady-like,” and not swing her legs. It was hard to listen to the confusing chatter of foreign languages. Great-Grandmother only speaks German even though she has lived in Canada more than fifty years. In those early days Oma, Abby’s grandmother would interact with the elderly lady and try to translate for the rest of the family. But since Oma had died there was no one in the family to talk to or with Great-Grandmother and visits had become awkward. With a sigh she tried fortified herself for the hour long visit. That would be enough time to be polite and her mother and brother Nathan should be here soon to ease the awkward silence.

    The tiny, floral-printed, nursing home room was dark and stuffy from heavy curtains drawn shut. Only a small shaft of natural light and a small table lamp illuminated the space that smelt of peppermints and Vic’s vapor rub. Abby smiled and waved at the tiny woman sitting on the bed in her pink floral blouse and long tan skirt. Great-Grandmother returned the greeting with a smile and extended two frail shaking hands indicating she wanted a hug. Abby leaned down and loosely hugged the ancient woman who smelt like rose-scented shampoo and age.

    After their embrace, Great-Grandmother reached for a small table calendar on the night stand. She held it for Abby to see; her birthday was circle in red ink, June 21 the Summer Solace. Then she reached for the nightstand drawer. Abby tried to help wanting to help the fragile woman but was shooed off. Out came a small silver wrapped package with a shimmering gold ribbon. Great-Grandmother handed the gift to Abby humming bars of “Happy Birthday.” There wasn’t much talking; it was how the family tried to manage the language differences. Once and awhile Great-Grandmother would get excited and seemed to forget that no one understood her. She would animatedly ramble on oblivious to the confusion on everyone else’s face.

    As Abby held the beautiful package the room door opened and the rest of her family joined them. Once Nathan and her mother were seated she ripped into the silver paper revealing a jewelry box. Inside was the most delicate of family heirlooms, a gold oval amulet on a thin gold chain. The boarder was a twisting Celtic knot with displaying six gems a ruby, sapphire, emerald, onyx, amethyst, and diamond. The center was a unicorn’s side profile. Nathan helped her put on the necklace.

    “What do you think Dear One?”

    Abby stared in disbelief at her great grandmother. She couldn’t believe hear ears. Had her German immigrant matriarch learned English after decades of living in Canada? It was beyond strange. But there was listening to Great Grandmother talk and Abby was comprehending what was being said. It was the only logical conclusion.

    Then she caught her Mother’s and Nathan’s look, it was the normal dazed and vaccaint look that gave Great Grandmother while she rambled on in German as while they all pretend to care and understand. This was strange. What was going on? Abby looked back at Great Grandmother.

    “Stop looking at me like that like that child,” there it was again in clear English. “Try not to look like you understand when those two can’t.”

    “Pardon?” Abby said.

    “We didn’t say anything Dear, and you know Great-Gran only speaks German? Are you taking German at school?” her mother replied. What did this mean, she could understand German but no one else did. She thought up a quick lie.

    “Yes Mum, only basics. Great Grandmother talks to much, but I thought I she said “Happy Birthday” I was hoping the classes would help us communicated.”

    “That’s sweet of you”

    Then Great Grandmother cut in, again in German but Abby understood, “Good lie, Child, not good to lie but it will help cover the magic. You must keep it a secret.” Abby was really shocked. First, Great Grandmother could understand her English and second, the woman was crazy and talking about magic.

    “I’m not crazy Dear One. And don’t try to pretend that’s not what you’re thinking. I can read your face. I’ve waited years to pass on this Elven amulet to you. It is your birthright and destiny. You are no mere human girl. You have elf-blood running in your veins and your birthday sets you apart even more. You will find that that amulet does more than just cause you to be fluent in any language. Truly Child, the real adventure is just beginning. “

    The End

    For more "fluent" inspired writings visit Sunday Scribblings.

    Thursday, March 04, 2010

    Missing TV Night

    No Survivor for me tonight…my TV date was canceled due to sickness. I’ll check it on later this week. Is anyone else following the Heroes vs. Villains sage?

    As teams go I am rooting for the heroes. Overall I like them the most. I feel bad when they don’t work together and want them to succeed and win all challenges till the merger. Over all favourites are Amanda, James, Cirie, Colby, and Rupert. If they are safe I don’t really care who goes home. The next time the Heroes go tribal council I think Tom will be voted out.

    On the villains tribe I am cheering on Boston Rob. I’m also starting to cheer for Jerri. The first season she was on she was just annoying but she makes fun comments. I like her. I still don’t get the team dynamics so I am unsure whose working together. If the team was smart they would vote out Russell and Parvati, but they won’t. I could see Tyson, Danielle or Courtney being voted out the next tribal council.

    This Weeks's Predictions:
    Heroes win challenges.
    Villains vote out Tyson.

    If Heroes go to tribal council they’ll vote out Tom

    Monday, March 01, 2010

    The Simple Woman's Daybook 7

    FOR TODAY: March 1, 2010
    You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

    Outside my window...the blinds are closed so...nothing?
    I am thinking...deadlines are stressful especially when they are missed. And missed deadlines in life aren't like college when the consequence was simple a bad grade.
    I am thankful for...meals with friends. Cooking for others is a simple joy.
    From the kitchen...having a friend over for supper tonight. I might make yakisoba (Japanese noddle dish) or soup.
    I am wearing...clogs, jeans, yellow tee, green hoddie, and pink vest. I've very colourful.
    I am creating...each week I say what I am creating and it's the one project that doesn't get worked on. Is stating a project jinxing my creativity? Or am I just a procrastinator? I want to knit the slippers and have a two page summary of my story by next Monday.
    I am shopping.
    I am reading...Nova Scotia Guide to Frugal Living.
    I am hang a lamp and go see a movie.
    I am hearing...a running computer.
    Around the house...gathering all the paper work for my income tax and hang a lamp.
    One of my favorite things...playing board games.
    A few plans for the rest of the week: write, knit, and beat Zelda Wind Waker.
    Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

    This is last nights potato soup.
    It was so-so. Next time it will be better.