Thursday, March 11, 2010

I "Heart" Blindsides

Last week was so good. Both tribes were given clues to immunity idols making things very interesting on both sides of the island. The heroes lost the challenge and went to tribal council. .I didn't see the blindside coming...neither did Cirie. I think this week things are going to be crazy as the heroes scramble to deal with the alliance loss.

This Weeks's Predictions:
Heroes win challenges (I say that every's got to be true some time).

If Villains go to tribal they'll vote out Russell.
If Heroes go to tribal council they’ll vote out....I have NO IDEA, but I am thinking Candice.

P.S. Question of the Day: How do you get blogger to accept "less than sign"3 or other heart signs/symbols "Y"in the title bar?


Glo said...

I must say i am impressed by your dedication to this show, and to blogging about it. other wise i wouldn't have a clue what was going on in the world of survivor. remember when every TV on Bethany was reserved for this show?

Elizabeth said...

I do remember the BBC survivor craze. My dedication to the show is mostly because it is part of my Thursday TV night @ the Morgan’s (a family in my church). We watch Survivor, Fringe or CSI when Fringe isn't on, and the Mentalist. I also like being able to say I was right….I wasn’t right last night. Things aren't looking good for Colby.